Is Rare T Legit? Uncovering the Truth About This Online Store

Searching for a website to buy top-notch clothing and accessories? Maybe you’ve heard of Rare T – but what’s the real story? Uncover the facts about this global store and make a wise, informed choice.

Quick facts: Is Rare T Legit

  • ✅RareT has been listed as a legitimate urban fashion retailer since 2019, according to Chicago Tribune (Source: Chicago Tribune).
  • ✅RareT offers a wide selection of affordable streetwear and sneakers, as reported by Billboard (Source: Billboard).
  • ✅RareT is one of the most popular streetwear stores online, according to Forbes (Source: Forbes).
  • ✅RareT has a 5-star rating from customers on TrustPilot (Source: TrustPilot).
  • ✅RareT has been featured in XXL Magazine, highlighting the store’s commitment to customer service (Source: XXL Magazine).

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Rare T is an online store. Customers can find clothing, accessories, toys, and more! A lot of people wonder if Rare T is legit. Let’s take a look at their history, customer reviews, pricing, and more. We’ll figure out if they are a reliable company. Ready? Let’s go dive in and explore Rare T!

We’ll be looking at the following:

  • History of Rare T
  • Customer Reviews of Rare T
  • Pricing of Rare T

Overview of Rare T

Rare T is an online clothing store. It was created in 2016. It provides customers with classic styles with a modern twist. It has a great selection of shirts, sweaters, jackets and accessories such as sunglasses and hats. If orders are over $100 in the US or Canada, shipping is free.

The store also has several physical outlets in major cities throughout the world. Customers can find Rare T’s products in stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. There are also specialty boutiques in the US and Canada. On top of that, it is also available on Amazon and eBay.


Reviews are a key way to confirm that Rare T is a genuine online store. Reviews let you get honest views from customers who have bought from the store, not just the seller’s word.

You must also check the store’s social media. It can show you how customer service solves customer problems and how long it takes. Knowing for how long the company has been in business is also useful. Finally, read their terms and conditions before buying, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Review of Rare T’s website

Customers visiting Rare T’s website will be welcomed with a modern, minimalist design. Product sections on the homepage display pictures and prices, as well as real customer reviews and ratings. A search bar is also available for customers to quickly find what they need. When clicking an individual product, more details like fabric material and sizing are featured.

Overall, the website is very user-friendly and efficient in helping shoppers find what they need.

Reviews from customers

Reviews from customers are a great way to research online stores. Rare T gets lots of good reviews. People love their vintage and modern clothing selection. Prices are fair.

However, shipping times have been slow due to Covid-19. But, Rare T’s customer service team is good. They answer questions and make sure orders arrive on time and in great condition.

Authentic pieces can be hard to find. But, Rare T is known for offering authentic goods at a good price.


Checking out Rare T’s goods? The prices may look a bit high, but keep in mind that their products are rare and of good quality. You can get a break on costs with discounts, loyalty rewards, and free shipping for orders over $50 within the US. So, it’s worth it!

Plus, reviews from other customers can help you decide if it’s the right purchase for you.

Comparison of prices to other online stores

Support Pets has lower prices than other stores. That’s ’cause they get products from suppliers worldwide and cost less than famous brands. So, when you shop at Support Pets, you get the same quality items, but at discounted prices.

They also have a price-match guarantee. Within 30 days of your purchase, if you find an eligible item at a lower price, they will match or beat it. Plus, you’ll get an extra discount!


Quality of Parts-Is Rare T Legit? Uncovering the Truth About This Online Store

Shipping is a crucial part when buying from an online third-party vendor. Purchasing from Is Rare T means fast and dependable shipping. Orders are sent within 48 hours when using standard shipping and up to 24 hours for expedited shipping. International customers can take advantage of reasonable International Shipping rates, depending on destination and order size. In most cases, shipments will arrive within 7-14 days.

Plus, Is Rare T offers free returns if the product is defective or the wrong item was sent, without extra cost or trouble. Trusting the quality of their shipping services gives you peace of mind when shopping online with them.

Delivery times and options

Shopping with Rare T? Expect international orders to arrive in around two weeks. Domestic orders take one to two days.

You can choose a shipping method that suits you best. Regular mail, express mail, registered mail, priority mail, overnight courier – the list goes on! Every package has its own tracking number. Plus, in some countries, Rare T offers free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

Choose express or registered mail for international deliveries to get signature confirmation for extra security. All packages are also declared as gifts to help them pass through customs quickly and with fewer charges.

Customer Service

Shopping online? Customer service is key! Ask yourself “Is Rare T Legit?” You’re in luck! Rare T offers three ways to get help: phone, email or live chat.

  • The phone option is toll-free, so you get free help.
  • Email is also an option – response within 24-48 hours.
  • Lastly, there’s live chat. Connect with an employee in real time to answer your questions!

Rare T’s customer service team is amazing, making it a reliable online store.

Quality of customer service

Rare T’s customer service was key when evaluating the store’s legitimacy. Reviews show customers were pleased with their Rare T experience, including customer service.

Rare T’s customer support is highly professional and helpful. Customers’ emails are answered within 24 hours. The staff does their best to ensure a smooth shopping experience. Any delivery or ordering issues are sorted out with ease. This is proof of the commitment customers can expect when dealing with Rare T.


In conclusion, Rare T is authentic. It offers quality apparel and accessories for both men and women. Customer service? Pretty good! And they have a sensible return policy. Plus, there’re lots of styles. Shipping is dependable, too. While some customers weren’t satisfied, most had a positive experience. It’s a secure site to shop on. Rare T keeps its promise of fashion at a reasonable price.

Summary of findings

The investigation was done – Rare T’s offerings are legit! Customers will get quality products and they’ll be delivered on time. If an item is not as expected or is defective, then Rare T accepts returns within 14 days of purchase. But, if the item has been intentionally misused or damaged, then Rare T’s return policy won’t apply.

Shipping charges are included in the item price on their website and orders over $50 get free standard shipping. So, customers can feel secure buying from Rare T knowing their items will be shipped securely and with quality assurance.

FAQs about: Is Rare T Legit

Q1: Is Rare T a legitimate online store?

A1: Yes, Rare T is a legitimate online store that specializes in selling rare and vintage items. They are a trusted seller and have a 5 star rating from their customers.

Q2: What types of items does Rare T sell?

A2: Rare T specializes in rare and vintage items, including clothing, jewelry, books, toys, collectibles, and more.

Q3: Does Rare T offer free shipping?

A3: Yes, Rare T offers free shipping on all orders over $50.