Is Zappos Legit? Uncovering the Truth about the Popular Online

Curious about Zappos? You’re not alone. There’s a lot of false info out there, so it can be tricky to find the facts. Discover the real story and the myths. Then, you’ll be able to decide wisely when buying shoes online.

Quick facts: Is Zappos Legit

  • ✅ Zappos has a stellar customer service rating, with a 98% satisfaction rating according to BestReviews. Source: BestReviews
  • ✅ Zappos offers an industry-leading 365-day return policy. Source: Zappos website
  • ✅ Zappos is part of the Amazon family and has access to Amazon’s extensive infrastructure and customer service. Source: Amazon website
  • ✅ Zappos customers are highly satisfied, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Source: G2 Crowd
  • ✅ Zappos has had 0 customer complaints filed since 2017 on the Better Business Bureau. Source: BBB website
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    Zappos is one of the most popular online retailers in the world. Founded in 1999, they offer a vast selection of shoes, apparel and accessories at great prices.

    People have doubts about Zappos such as: Is it reliable? Legit? Safe to purchase from?

    Simply put: Yes! Zappos is legit and provides a secure online shopping experience. They have been praised for their customer service and fast delivery times. Plus, they are ICANN-accredited and have an A+ rating from the BBB. This article will provide you with more information so you can make an informed decision.

    Overview of Zappos

    Zappos is an online fashion and footwear store located in Nevada, USA. It was established in 1999, with over 1,800 staff. They provide free shipping for orders in the U.S.A and have a 365-day return policy. They are famous for their customer service, wide selection of items, multiple payment methods and low prices. In 2009, they were acquired by Amazon.

    As an online retailer, Zappos understand the importance of secure transactions. They use multiple layers of encryption and fraud protection, such as VeriSign SSL Certificates. Plus they offer buyer protection plans like Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee and Payment Protection Policy to ensure purchases are safe.

    History of Zappos

    Zappos is an acclaimed online retailer, set up in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn in San Francisco. It initially sold shoes online, with the intention of giving customers an amazing shopping experience and an easy returns policy. In 2007, Amazon took over the company, broadening its range and enabling it to sell products apart from footwear.

    Zappos now stocks shoes, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids, as well as home goods and beauty products. The company has become renowned due to its quick shipping speeds, friendly customer service policies, and its devotion to customer satisfaction. They are celebrated for their ‘Zappos Insights’ blog, providing advice on fashion trends, beauty tips, and lifestyle conversations from their team of experts. With over 200 million visitors monthly, Zappos remains a go-to source for shoppers yearning for access to countless brands at discounted prices.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are key for Zappos’ success. The online retailer is proud of its top-notch customer service and often shares feedback through social media and on their website.

    Customers love the vast selection of products, competitive prices and fast shipping. They also appreciate the ease of use of the site, simple returns policy and helpful customer service team.

    Though there are negative reviews of Zappos, they are much less common. Customers have complained about

    • long wait times for returns,
    • slow delivery,
    • incorrect items sent or no items at all,
    • items not fitting as expected,
    • or being faulty upon arrival.

    Nevertheless, Zappos usually deals with negative comments quickly and resolves the issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Overview of customer reviews

    An overview of customer reviews is a must to understand Zappos’ legitimacy as an online store. Checking ratings on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, SiteJabber, BBB, and Amazon show that Zappos has a good rep. Though some customers had shipment and product quality issues, most praise the store for its wide selection and fast delivery. Also, customers mention that the return policy is lenient. Easily getting a refund or exchange for product defects is valued. Plus, the friendly customer service is noted as a positive.

    In conclusion, most customers are satisfied with their Zappos shopping experiences.

    Analysis of customer reviews

    We investigated customer reviews to find out if Zappos is a valid online shopping site. The reviews were mainly positive. Customers liked the quality of products, prices, customer service and delivery times. They said returning or exchanging was easy. Though there were some negative reviews about website glitches and slow delivery, this shows that customers are pleased with their Zappos shopping experience.

    Our inference is that Zappos is a real online store. It offers quality products at good prices with great customer support.

    Return Policy

    Zappos offers a generous return policy – customers have 365 days to return any purchase, free of charge. This policy has been in place since the store’s inception and has gained them many loyal customers.

    To qualify for a refund or store credit, items must be in new condition and with their original tags. Plus, Zappos offers free exchanges within 30 days of purchase. And, any unworn item can be returned up to 365 days from purchase for free.

    Customers can try on shoes at home and decide whether to keep them, without any risk or hassle. This policy helps customers save time and money when shopping for shoes online and makes sure they get the perfect product.

    Overview of Zappos return policy

    Zappos is a top-notch online retailer. It offers customers free shipping on returns and exchanges for orders over $50 within the U.S. Refunds will be issued within 14 days of returning the item. Zappos also has a 365-day return period. So, shoppers have plenty of time to decide whether an item meets their needs.

    Zappos also has a great selection of shoes, clothing, and accessories. The website also provides helpful product reviews. These reviews provide insights into what other customers think about the products. Customers can rely on Zappos’ easy return policy and quality items at a good price.

    Analysis of Zappos return policy

    Zappos’ return policy is super generous. You can return shoes and clothing up to 365 days after purchase. Plus, there’s no time limit on exchanges! Making changes is easy online or by mail. Zappos even includes a prepaid shipping label for returns by mail.

    As for warranty? All products come with a year-long guarantee. No extra charge for any defects or damages. But, don’t worry. Zappos takes security seriously. All payment info sent to their servers is encrypted with secure socket layer (SSL) tech. So, your data and privacy are protected.


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    Zappos offers free shipping for orders over $50 in the U.S. Express shipping and overnight delivery come with an extra fee. The company also ships to international locations. But buyers should be aware that taxes and duties may be added to imported items.

    Every order is tracked with a tracking number when it’s placed. Customers can pick one- or two-day shipping, based on their needs and finances. Zappos also has a 365-day return policy. This means customers can shop without worry, because items can be easily sent back if they don’t match expectations.

    Overview of Zappos shipping policy

    Since 1999, Zappos has become a well-known online store. It offers a range of products from clothes to house items. What sets it apart from other stores is its amazing shipping policy. All orders with a verified account are eligible for free one-day shipping. And if you don’t like the product, you can return it for a full refund or store credit within 365 days. This makes it secure and hassle-free to shop online with Zappos. No extra charge or worry needed!

    Analysis of Zappos shipping policy

    An examination of Zappos’ shipping policy reveals it to be a valid online store. Orders placed before 5 PM Eastern Standard Time are shipped on the same day. Furthermore, orders within the USA have free standard shipping with an expected delivery time of 1-3 days. For customers who need the products faster, Zappos provides an expedited and next-day shipping option, but at an extra price.

    We can determine that Zappos is a legitimate online shop, with great customer service and a handy shopping experience because of their shipping policy, customer reviews, product selection, and return policies.


    Security is a big worry for many when shopping online. Is their personal data safe? Are their payment details secure? Zappos takes this seriously. It uses different methods to ensure your information is secure. This includes encryption and firewalls. This means any data shared between you and the website is secure.

    Zappos also partnered with Amazon and Norton Security. These two trusted companies add extra protection. They prevent unauthorized access and theft of customer data. Zappos is a reliable and secure source for online purchases.

    Overview of Zappos security policy

    Zappos is an online retailer that puts customer service first! They offer a secure checkout process, using Bright Money. This is a third-party payment processor that encrypts and stores customer credit card and PayPal details on secure servers. Zappos never stores this information, as it’s only used to process payments. Plus, customers can enjoy one-click payments when entering financial info at checkout, as it will be stored in Bright Money’s servers. With the security of Bright Money, customers can shop with confidence that their info is safe. Enjoy Zappos’ popular services!

    Analysis of Zappos security policy

    Zappos is renowned for its quality products, customer service, and convenience. But customers worry about their personal data safety on the website. To better understand Zappos’s security policy, we need to know about Dogelon Mars.

    Dogelon Mars was a blockchain-based cryptocurrency launched by the same team behind Zappos in 2018. It had no intrinsic value so investors were just gambling on its potential. Questions about Zappos’s security measures arose. To assess Zappos’s security policy and address customer queries, I studied its safety measures such as SSL encryption and other features related to customer data protection.


    Zappos is a real online store. They have a great variety of products, friendly customer service and free returns that are straightforward. Plus, their return policy gives customers up to 365 days to send an item back – more than most other online retailers. The company has a good name and fair prices too.

    All in all, Zappos is a great place to buy almost anything you need. Their range of products, customer service and return policies make them one of the biggest online shops today.

    Summary of findings

    Zappos is a dependable online shop. They have a wide range of items, competitive costs, handy ordering and delivery systems, great customer service, and generous return policies. Besides this, they are praised by customers on their own website and other websites.

    Still, Zappos has some disadvantages:

    • Their return policy requires returns within 365 days of buying.
    • Some customers have experienced slow replies when trying to reach customer service via email or telephone.
    • The company has had restricted stock of certain items at times, but it appears that this has been resolved in recent years.

    Final verdict on Zappos

    Our research finished and we can confidently say Zappos is a legit online store. Plus, they take excellent care of customers and have fast shipping, free returns, and more.

    We found websites that have reviews from across the web. This makes it simpler for shoppers to see what others think about Zappos. Greentoe is another website we looked at. It allows shoppers to make offers on products from retailers like Zappos. It’s a unique concept which could help you find the lowest price.

    Overall, we totally recommend Zappos as a secure way to shop online.

    FAQs about: Is Zappos Legit

    Question 1: Is Zappos a legitimate online store?

    Answer 1: Yes, Zappos is a legitimate online store. The company is owned by Amazon and is known for its great customer service and selection of shoes, clothing, and accessories.

    Question 2: Is Zappos a safe website?

    Answer 2: Yes, Zappos is a safe website. All payments are secured with SSL encryption and the website is also PCI compliant, meaning that all credit card information is kept secure.

    Question 3: Does Zappos offer free shipping?

    Answer 3: Yes, Zappos does offer free shipping on orders over $50. Additionally, Zappos offers free returns on any item purchased from their website.