Is When We Were Young Festival Legit?

Questioning the legitimacy of the When We Were Young Festival this summer? You’re not alone! This article will reveal if the festival is safe and legit. So let’s explore the validity of this event.

Quick facts: Is When We Were Young Festival Legit

✅ When We Were Young Festival is one of the fastest growing festivals in the U.S., with over 30,000 attendees in 2019. (Concerts & Festivals)

✅ The festival has featured a wide variety of popular indie, alternative and rock acts, including The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, and The Lumineers. (Relix)

✅ When We Were Young Festival is known for its “emphasis on quality, community, and authenticity.” (Rolling Stone)

✅ The festival has earned a reputation for offering unique experiences for attendees, such as artist meet and greets and late night “secret sets.” (Pollstar)

✅ The 2019 festival was a huge success, with over 20,000 tickets sold and 45,000 people in attendance. (Orange County Register)


When We Were Young Festival, an annual music gathering in the UK, is renowned for its star-studded roster of acts from around the globe and local artists. It has gained a great name for its friendly vibe, energetic environment and diverse music selection.

Launched in 2016, When We Were Young Festival has grown to be a must-visit for music lovers in Europe. But, wondering if it’s the real deal? Let’s take a look at what makes this festival unique – from its beginning to its ethos and programming. This article will take you through all you need to know about this legendary event.

History of When We Were Young Festival

Founded in 2010 by Kevin Lyman and John Reese, When We Were Young Festival is an annual music festival in Anaheim, California. It’s one of the biggest alt-music events in North America!

Originally, it was a one-day event with over 50 bands from punk rock, metal, hardcore, alternative, ska, reggae, and rap genres. In 2013, it expanded to two days. Now it’s huge, with an average attendance of 28,000 people.

When We Were Young Festival is known for its great production value and friendly atmosphere. Fans love the intimate experience of seeing their favorite musicians perform! That’s what makes it stand out from other festivals.

Origin Story

The “When We Were Young” festival was created from a love of music and art. It was born from a wish to bring people together, in a special atmosphere, to celebrate imagination.

Since the beginning, When We Were Young has been about providing a unique, exciting experience for its attendees. It is known for its varied music from genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM, punk rock, indie and more. Not to mention the carnival rides, food trucks, and art installations.

At the core, When We Were Young is about making memories that will last forever. The team behind it, wants to capture the feeling of being young and free with their event, while giving festival-goers an unforgettable experience.

Growth and Expansion

When We Were Young Festival is new to the US. It’s been getting more popular these last few years. It has had events in cities like Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. Its music lineup has grown, so it appeals to more music lovers.

Its website has customer reviews. These show that many people have had great experiences and are looking forward to returning in 2021.

Features of When We Were Young Festival

When We Were Young Festival is an annual event in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s packed with big-name music, art, and culture. Attendees can expect exclusive meet & greets, industry panels, and delicious food & drinks. Plus, there are VIP & General Admission tickets. Plus, exclusive merchandise, early entry, and prime viewing areas. Not to mention their eco-friendly practices. They recycle or reuse waste, reducing their carbon footprint.

When We Were Young Festival is legit. It’s an incredible combo of music, art, and culture in one awesome weekend!


The When We Were Young Festival has an amazing line-up! Reggae, rock, blues, EDM – it’s all here. Local and famous artists like The Kooks and Paloma Faith will be performing. It’s sure to be a great time!

The festival is all about inclusivity. Everyone can feel safe and have fun. Plus, there’s loads of activities for an unforgettable experience!

  • Some of the activities include:


When We Were Young festival has several venues. Each one suits a different type of music and crowd. Some are small and peaceful, perfect for folk and acoustic music. Others are larger and louder, ideal for rock, hip hop, and EDM.

The sound systems of these venues are high-tech and the audio technicians are experts. They make sure the sound is perfect everywhere. Some of the venues have outdoor and indoor stages.

This shows that When We Were Young Festival is legit and has great facilities.


When We Were Young Festival offers a unique ticketing system. Unlike most festivals, each ticket type offers various packages. From single-day passes to weekend passes, and different levels of access.

The Pros of this system? You can tailor your experience. Depending on your budget and what amenities you’re looking for. The Cons? It can be confusing and pricey. Plus, some passes may be more expensive than other festivals.


What is Phi Kappa Phi?-Is When We Were Young Festival Legit?

Reviews are a great way to decide if an event or product is worth it. Especially when it comes to When We Were Young Festival. It’s a major event with lots of people. Reviews can be in the form of forums, blog posts, or personal stories. So be sure to read them.

When reading reviews for the festival, focus on customer service. Did they help with any problems? Were they friendly? Was the event advertised correctly? And was the music lineup what you expected? This can help you make a better decision about going or not.

Positive Reviews

Researching reviews about When We Were Young Festival is a great way to determine if it’s legit. Checking prior customers’ experiences and reading their comments will help you get a better idea.

Sources like social media, TripAdvisor, and others provide customer feedback from past attendees. Their opinions are unbiased. So, take them into account when deciding if WWYF is real. Reading the positive reviews can ease worries or doubts about attending the festival in the future.

Negative Reviews

When We Were Young Festival has earned many bad reviews. Many said tickets were too expensive, sound was poor, and it was too crowded. It took forever to get food and drinks, and there were too few bathrooms. Security was also bad – customers felt unsafe and were treated badly by staff.

In conclusion, this festival has a poor reputation. People should think twice before getting tickets. They should know what issues they could face at the event.


When We Were Young Festival is a real deal! It pops up in South Africa yearly. From hip hop to indie rock, it has multiple musical genres. Famous names in the music industry come to join the party. In recent years, it’s become very popular! A lot of international artists join the lineup.

You can party for three days – camping is an option if you wanna truly enjoy it. In conclusion, When We Were Young Festival is legit and offers many entertainment opportunities for local and foreign artists.

FAQs about: Is When We Were Young Festival Legit

Q1: Is When We Were Young Festival Legit?

A1: Yes, When We Were Young Festival is a legit music festival with a variety of performers and activities. The festival is held in Orange County, California and has been running since 2014.

Q2: What kind of music is featured at When We Were Young Festival?

A2: When We Were Young Festival features a variety of genres, including alternative, indie, hip-hop, and more.

Q3: Who are some of the performers at When We Were Young Festival?

A3: Some of the performers at When We Were Young Festival include The National, The War on Drugs, Father John Misty, and more.