Is Wanderu Legit? Uncovering the Truth about This Travel Booking

Are you wondering if Wanderu is legit for planning a trip? Here, we’ll tell you the truth. Is this travel booking platform reliable and secure? Discover the answer!

Quick facts: Is Wanderu Legit

  • ✅ Wanderu has facilitated over 15 million trips, with a 90% customer satisfaction rate (Wanderu).
  • ✅ Wanderu has a 4.8/5 rating on Trust Pilot, based on 7,000 reviews (Trust Pilot).
  • ✅ Wanderu is the #1 bus and train booking platform in the United States (Tech Crunch).
  • ✅ Wanderu has a network of over 500 bus and train companies across North America (Wanderu).
  • ✅ Wanderu has partnered with top businesses such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google (Wanderu).


Wanderu is an online travel metasearch engine for bus and train tickets in the US and Canada. It searches millions of fares from 800+ transportation companies to help travelers find the cheapest option. It stands out by comparing multiple modes of transport.

Founded in 2014, Wanderu has become a go-to for affordable, stress-free travel. Its user-friendly platform and comprehensive search make it one of the most popular booking sites. This article looks at three points to discover if Wanderu is worth your time and money:

What is Wanderu?

Wanderu is an online travel platform to book bus and train trips. It joins up a range of transportation providers, making it easy to check prices and get the best deals. Wanderu also works for trips abroad.

At the heart of it, Wanderu is a search engine for tickets for buses and trains. On the Wanderu website or app, enter the place you’re leaving from and your destination to view available trips, costs, and departure times. Once you’ve selected the trip, you can book it without ever leaving the Wanderu interface. Many people like this as they don’t need to visit multiple sites or apps when they plan their travels.

How Does Wanderu Work?

Wanderu is an online travel booking site. It helps you find and book trains, buses and flights quickly. Just enter where you want to go, and Wanderu will show you all the options available. Prices are clear, so you know what you’re paying for. Payments are secure and multiple payment options are accepted. Plus, Wanderu has a customer service team to help with any queries or problems you have. Booking couldn’t be easier!

What Services Does Wanderu Offer?

Wanderu is the spot for travelers! They make finding tickets for buses, trains, and flights simple. Even shared rides are available. With Wanderu, customers can search different transportation options and compare prices. Plus, they can save searches, buy seat upgrades, and view route maps. For extra help, there’s 24/7 customer service.

Travelers can find the perfect trip at the best price with Wanderu!

Is Wanderu Legit?

Is Wanderu legit? Yes! It is.

Wanderu is a legitimate online travel booking service. It has been around since 2012. It allows people to search and book trips on buses and trains in North America. It is a great way for people to save money when travelling.

Wanderu acts as an intermediary between different bus and train companies. It compares prices and offers the most affordable tickets. It is easy to use and has good customer service. Plus, it is free to sign up and you only need to pay when you actually book a trip.

So, if you are looking for budget-friendly transportation options in North America, Wanderu is a reliable option.

Customer Reviews

Researching alternatives to Snaptravel? Customer reviews are key. Understanding user satisfaction is essential. When researching Wanderu, users reported a positive experience. Simple to use, excellent customer service when booking tickets. Often cheaper tickets on Wanderu than other platforms.

Reading customer reviews an integral part of researching any service. Make a well-informed decision about travel needs.

Security and Privacy

Wanderu is a secure website for users when it comes to privacy and security. All info gathered is encrypted to protect customers’ personal data from unauthorized access. Wanderu abides by GDPR standards, meaning all users have the right to know what info is collected about them.

Further, credit card info is secured by Norton Security, a leading cybersecurity firm. Also, customers can securely store payment methods on their accounts, so they don’t have to enter them each time they book tickets.

Refund Policy

At Wanderu, customers can get full refunds if they make changes or cancellations prior to the date of travel. If there is an unavoidable event, like bad weather, a refund may be issued. Refunds usually take 3-7 business days and customers are responsible for any fees. Customers may also have to pay cancellation fees, depending on when they cancel. If customers do not show up for their trips, there is no refund.

Customers should review Wanderu’s policies before booking.

Alternatives to Wanderu

History & Background-Is Wanderu Legit? Uncovering the Truth about This Travel Booking

Searching for travel online? Wanderu is one option, but there are others, such as Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity. These sites offer flights and hotels in one spot, and often discounts on package deals.

Every site has its good and bad points. E.g. Expedia makes comparing different airlines easy, Travelocity gives rewards for frequent travelers.

Pick the platform that fits you and your budget best. Before booking, look over the terms and conditions carefully.


Skyscanner is a UK-based travel booking site. It lets users compare prices from hundreds of airlines, saving time and money. It offers competitive rates and extras like flight insurance, car rental quotes, and hotel bookings. Travellers around the world trust Skyscanner for its low cost fares and top-notch customer service.

The company has features to make travelling easier and safer, like price drop alerts, refund protection plans, and 24/7 customer support. Frequent flyers rely on Skyscanner for its dependable services.


Expedia is a major global travel site and a part of the Expedia Group, one of the world’s biggest full-service travel businesses. To give travelers the lowest rates, they offer services and items such as flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, activities and vacation packages.

Expedia cooperates with over 500 airlines and 500,000 properties across the globe. As part of their customer service promise, Expedia provides 24/7 support through their online help center. Live chat and phone support are also available to those needing help with booking or managing reservations. And, they guarantee the best price when you book directly with them. is an amazing travel booking site! It is part of the Priceline Group, which also owns Kayak and OpenTable. You can get flight, hotel, car rental, and vacation package reservations. Payments are handled securely with state-of-the-art encryption methods. Plus, customers love the prompt and friendly customer service. This makes a great addition to Wanderu–which already has more than 1 million customers using its services!


Wanderu is legit. They’re a trusted booking platform for travelers who need ground transport. Their search engine is user-friendly. Also, they have a wide selection of bus, train, and ride-share options. This makes finding and booking the right trip fast and easy. Plus, they have discounts. This helps customers save cash on travel arrangements.

It’s no wonder why people rate their customer satisfaction highly. All in all, Wanderu is the perfect choice for anyone hunting for a secure and dependable way to book ground transport.

FAQs about: Is Wanderu Legit

Q1: Is Wanderu a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Wanderu is a legitimate transportation search engine for buses, trains, and flights. It is the fastest growing ground travel search platform in North America.

Q2: Does Wanderu guarantee a safe and reliable experience?

A2: Yes, Wanderu provides access to reliable transportation options from pre-screened and trusted partners. Wanderu also provides a full customer service team to help with any issue you may have while booking or travelling.

Q3: Is Wanderu secure?

A3: Yes, Wanderu is a secure platform. Wanderu uses SSL encryption technology to ensure personal information is kept secure.