Is Vital Source Legit? An In-Depth Look at the Bookseller

Contemplating buying textbooks from Vital Source? Worry not! Vital Source is legit. Read this article for a complete and thorough overview of the bookseller and its services. This way, you’ll be assured of your safety and satisfaction.

Quick facts: Is Vital Source Legit

  • ✅ VitalSource has successfully delivered digital textbooks to over 7 million students since its inception in 1998 (Forbes).
  • ✅ VitalSource is a trusted platform that is used by more than 900 of the world’s leading educational institutions (VitalSource).
  • ✅ VitalSource enables students to access their digital textbooks from any device, anywhere in the world (VitalSource).
  • ✅ VitalSource has saved over $125 million for students since it was founded (VitalSource).
  • ✅ VitalSource has over 2.5 million titles in its library, including the most popular and up-to-date textbooks (VitalSource).

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VitalSource, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is an e-commerce bookseller. Founded in 2011 with a goal to make educational materials more accessible and affordable, it has grown to be one of the biggest online booksellers. It offers a wide range of books at competitive prices.

This article will take a detailed look into VitalSource. We’ll look at its pricing system and customer service policies. We will also assess if it is reliable for students looking to purchase course books at a lower cost. Finally, we will list some pros and cons to help readers decide if buying from VitalSource is worth it.

Overview of Vital Source

Vital Source is a top-notch bookseller. They have a wide range of prints and digital books. From popular fiction to world classics, educational texts to self-help books – they have something for everyone! And they keep titles up-to-date and of the highest quality.

Plus, VitalSource provides services like discounted bulk purchases, professional review assistance, help with order tracking and payments, customer service assistance, and more. They make sure customers are informed about their purchases and can read reviews. Their navigation system and catalogs make finding books a breeze.

Vital Source is one of the most trustworthy online booksellers out there, so it’s worth considering for your remedial education journey.

Company History

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Services Offered

Vital Source provides textbooks and digital content to university and college bookstores, schools, and other institutions. They now offer services to individual customers too.

Services they provide include:

  • Textbook rental and purchase
  • eBook purchase and rental
  • Digital content subscription options
  • Used book purchase programs
  • Free shipping on orders over $25

Customers can pay using PayPal Credit with interest-free terms from 4-12 months. People can also access their library by downloading the Vital Source Bookshelf app for iOS or Android devices. Plus, customers can take advantage of the free 7 day return policy in case they’re dissatisfied with any item purchased from Vital Source.

Pros and Cons of Vital Source

Vital Source is a digital bookseller. They offer educational materials, textbooks, and courseware. It’s an easy way to get books with potential savings.


  • Low prices – no printing costs!
  • Availability & convenience – millions of titles!
  • Compatible with popular devices.


  • No physical copy.
  • Limited options – default settings.


Vital Source is a legit bookseller. It has a few advantages. Customers can buy digital books with same prices as physical books. Plus, they get immediate access. No tax or shipping cost for digital orders. Vitalsource carries exclusive titles, so customers don’t need to hunt multiple retailers. For those who like physical copies, Vitalsource provides print-on-demand service. It allows customers to order custom print versions.

In conclusion, Vitalsource has lots of benefits. Folks looking for an easier way to buy textbooks should give them serious thought.


Vital Source has some cons:

  • You can’t read the physical book. All books are digital. You miss out on the tactile sensation of buying a hard copy.
  • It takes some getting used to. It’s easy to use, but not as intuitive as a traditional bookstore.
  • The number of books is limited. If the book you want isn’t available, you must look elsewhere.
  • Prices are competitive, but some users have reported higher prices than traditional bookstores.

Customer Reviews

Alternatives to Cash Junkie-Is Vital Source Legit? An In-Depth Look at the Bookseller

Customers can find out about Vital Source’s legitimacy and quality of service from reviews on multiple sites, such as Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Trustpilot. Customers have given Vital Source a high rating.

People who have bought from Vital Source say the website is simple to use, the checkout is fast and the prices are reasonable. Orders for digital books arrive quickly. There’s a huge selection of titles at discounted and retail prices.

The few bad reviews are mainly about customer service or slow delivery times with physical books. Despite this, customers have had a good experience and recommend Vital Source as a great source for digital academic materials.

Positive Reviews

Reviews of VitalSource are mainly good. Customers appreciate their quick delivery and simple purchasing options. Discounts are another plus! Plus, the online store is well-ordered and more comprehensive than other booksellers. Top of all, their customer service is great – they quickly answer inquiries. So, it seems customers are content with VitalSource.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews show Vital Source is unreliable and unhelpful. Customers report orders lost or not received in promised time. They may get wrong product or wrong version of book. Customer service issues like long wait times and no follow-up communication are also reported.

Pricing and billing for digital books is also a problem. Books may be more expensive than other sellers. Canceling orders and getting refunds is difficult. Shipment issues, like not receiving promised items, are also experienced.


VitalSource is an acclaimed bookseller. Their success is evident – they offer some of the best content from the top publishers around the world. Students benefit from their deals – up to 90% off retail prices and a massive selection of digital titles. Moreover, their service is dependable – with a 99.9% uptime record and fast customer service responses.

In conclusion, VitalSource is a legitimate provider of quality content at great prices – while upholding superior customer service standards.

FAQs about: Is Vital Source Legit

Q: Is Vital Source Legit?

A: Yes, Vital Source is a legitimate educational resource that provides digital textbooks to students and educators. It is owned by Ingram Content Group, a well-known leader in the publishing industry.

Q: How can I purchase digital textbooks from Vital Source?

A: You can purchase digital textbooks from Vital Source through their website. You can search for and purchase digital textbooks by inputting the ISBN or title into the search bar. You can also browse textbooks by subject, author, or publisher.

Q: How secure is Vital Source?

A: Vital Source takes security seriously and uses the highest levels of encryption and data security to protect your information. They also have a comprehensive privacy policy in place to protect your data.