Is Viagogo Legit? The Definitive Answer.

Pondering buying tickets from Viagogo? Get the scoop on this renowned ticket marketplace. Discover if Viagogo is a reliable and secure platform before you buy your tickets. You deserve to know the truth. Make an informed decision!

Quick facts: Is Viagogo Legit

✅ Viagogo has over 18 million customers worldwide (Viagogo Official Website)
✅ Viagogo has sold over 20 million tickets worldwide (Viagogo Official Website)
✅ Viagogo has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
✅ Viagogo has a 4.5/5 star rating from customers on Trustpilot (Trustpilot)
✅ Viagogo has raised $270.5M in total funding (Crunchbase)

Overview of Viagogo

Viagogo is a global ticketing platform. It allows users to buy and sell tickets for live events. Founded in 2006, it’s now in over 80 countries. It’s user-friendly, secure, and focused on customers.

It offers exclusive offers, best-price guarantees, discounts, and pre-release tickets. The verification process allows buyers to check if they’re buying from an authorised seller. Plus, buyer protection policies mean you can purchase with confidence. You’ll get your tickets or your money back if something goes wrong.

What is Viagogo?

Viagogo is an online ticket marketplace. It lets users search and buy tickets for concerts, sports events, theater shows, and other entertainment. Founded in 2006 in London, UK, it has become one of the largest ticket platforms worldwide. It’s in more than 50 countries.

Viagogo stands apart from other companies by offering only verified tickets for events around the world. Customers are sure that their tickets will be genuine and valid. They get support 24/7 with a live chat facility to answer questions.

How does it work?

Viagogo is an online ticket marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers from everywhere. Sellers choose their own prices, and buyers can make an offer. If the seller accepts, buyers can buy safely via the website.

Viagogo has strict rules. All listings are verified. Credit cards are accepted for safe payments. And buyers are protected from fraud. Buyers and sellers feel secure with Viagogo.

Pros and Cons of Viagogo

Using Viagogo for your ticketing needs has its ups and downs.

One of the biggest pros is that it’s very convenient. With a few clicks, you get a list of tickets from various sellers. You can compare prices to get the best deal.

Viagogo also offers ‘FanProtect’ guarantee for legitimate tickets.

However, hidden charges in some ticket prices can be an issue. Prices can suddenly increase due to booking fees, VAT charges, and so on. Plus, Viagogo can sometimes take longer to deliver tickets due to extra verification processes.


Viagogo is an online ticket market. It lets users buy and sell tickets for concerts, sports, theatre, and other live entertainment. You can purchase tickets from anywhere in the world.

Here are the pros of using Viagogo:

  1. Guarantee – Viagogo covers all ticket purchases with their guarantee. Meaning your purchase is protected.
  2. Choice & Convenience – Sellers list tickets at different prices. So you can find the best ticket for any event.
  3. Variety – You can buy tickets to concerts, sports, and also art exhibitions and family attractions.
  4. Customer Service – Viagogo’s customer service team is available 24/7. If you need help or have a question, they’re there for you.


The major problem with Viagogo is their customer service. Lots of customers have complained about their lack of response to queries and complaints. Prices on the website can be very high, and delivery costs and fees sometimes hidden. Tickets bought can be invalid at venues due to counterfeiting. No proper refund policy makes customers unhappy. Some customers may get a refund, but there is no official system for it.

Is Viagogo Legit?

Is Viagogo Legit? Many wonder this when considering buying tickets from them. The answer is yes! Viagogo has been in business for over 15 years. It’s a global market for tickets to entertainment events like theatre, sports and music.

Viagogo is transparent and accountable. Buyer protection policies are compulsory and customers can pay securely via PayPal or credit card. Plus, they provide customer service by phone and email.

In conclusion, Viagogo is legit and offers an easy-to-use platform for competitive prices. Customers should double-check their ticket purchases before payment, but can trust their transactions are secure with Viagogo.

The Good

Viagogo is a trusted and legit source for tickets. They have some amazing deals and the customer service team is great. The website is easy to use and they have a wide selection of event tickets. Part of CTS Eventim, they have experience in the industry since 2006. Their security measures are of industry standards, so you can be sure your money and personal info are safe.

“FanProtect” promises protection for your purchase, no matter what occurs after.

The Bad

Unfortunately, Viagogo reviews have a few bad points.

  • Firstly, many fraudulent tickets are sold on the platform. People have paid for tickets that don’t exist. This leaves them with no ticket and no money.
  • Additionally, high fees are charged. These can be twice or three times more than the original advertised price.
  • Slow customer service and long refund times are also common complaints.

The Ugly

The harsh reality about Viagogo is that some sellers are selling fake tickets. Viagogo might not have full control of their sales process. That means buyers could be tricked into buying fake tickets. These tickets will not arrive or be taken away at the event. This will leave buyers without any money.

Viagogo does have a money-back guarantee but it can be slow to process and issue refunds. People have also reported receiving tickets in the wrong name or with the wrong seat numbers, making it impossible for them to attend.

Alternatives to Viagogo

Conclusion-Is Viagogo Legit? The Definitive Answer.

Viagogo is a popular ticket broker for live events, like concerts, shows, and sports games. But there are other good options out there.

  • Ticketmaster is a global ticketing platform with top events. Their website and app are user-friendly and customer service is reliable.
  • SeatGeek has great prices and a 180% price match guarantee. Plus, you can use interactive seating maps to get just the right seat.
  • StubHub offers 100% buyer protection and is a safe, fair place to buy or sell tickets.
  • AXS is great for iconic venues and premium shows, so you don’t have to worry about scams.


Ticketmaster is a top-notch ticket platform for events worldwide. It’s a direct-to-consumer platform, so fans can buy tickets for concerts, sports games and theater performances from the official team or venue.

Ticketmaster is better than other secondary ticket marketplaces like Viagogo. Ticketmaster has exclusive access to the most sought-after seat locations. These options are not available on third party sellers. This offers buyers assurance and legitimacy. Viagogo often offers counterfeit or stolen tickets that lead to denied entry and disappointment.


StubHub is a beloved ticket sales platform, owned by eBay. It offers tickets to lots of events, such as concerts, sports, and theatre. It’s famous for its simple website, customer service, and secure payments.

Plus, it has a verified seller program, to ensure tickets are legit. They guarantee delivery of tickets before the event and offer a money-back guarantee if it’s canceled or moved 3 days before.


SeatGeek is a real ticket-selling firm, established in 2009 in NYC. It gives access to tickets for sports, concerts, theater shows, and other events both in the USA and abroad. The company employs various advanced tech solutions to give customers unobstructed access to tickets at competitive costs.

SeatGeek is connected to renowned music and sports spots such as Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, O2 Arena, and Wembley Stadium. It also has a long-standing relationship with top sports orgs like the NFL and NBA. Thanks to its partnership with Ugandhi’s legal team, SeatGeek has the authority to provide customers with reliable access to tickets without any legal problems.


To wrap up, Viagogo is an official ticket re-selling website. Bear in mind, however, that there are some risks. Prices could be too high and there is no assurance that your tickets will be valid. Moreover, some sellers on the platform may not deliver your tickets at all or in a timely manner.

So, before purchasing tickets, do your research about the seller. Also, read customer reviews and check out your local laws for more info about ticket reselling policies.

Is Viagogo Legit?

Yes, Viagogo is a legitimate site. It was established in 2006 and has grown quickly since then, with millions of tickets being bought and sold every month.

However, there have been reports of scams and unethical sellers on the platform. Viagogo’s secure payment system keeps customers’ money safe. They also have a customer service team to help with queries or worries. Plus, they comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, so customers are treated fairly when buying or selling tickets through Viagogo.

Their strong customer protection policies ensure that buying or selling via Viagogo is a secure process.

Final Thoughts

When thinking of an alternative to Textbroker, it’s good to research the company. Viagogo is usually seen as secure and genuine. But, there have been reports of issues. Therefore, read the terms & conditions of Viagogo before buying something. Check customer reviews and feedback from other users to make an informed decision.

All in all, if you consider these things, you should have a successful online shopping experience.

FAQs about: Is Viagogo Legit

Q1: Is Viagogo a legitimate website?

A1: Yes, Viagogo is a legitimate website and a secure marketplace for buying and selling tickets.

Q2: Are tickets bought on Viagogo valid?

A2: All tickets bought on Viagogo are valid, so you can be sure that the tickets you purchase are genuine.

Q3: Does Viagogo guarantee the tickets I buy?

A3: Yes, Viagogo guarantees that the tickets you buy are valid and authentic.