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Wondering if User Interviews is a trustworthy platform for user research? We got you covered! Check our comprehensive review of User Interviews and find out how reliable it is. We promise to give you an honest opinion and all the facts. You can trust us!

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Overview of User Interviews

User interviews are essential in the product development process. They collect data to learn about a user’s needs, motivations, and behaviors so businesses can meet their expectations. User interviews spot user problems and opportunities and help steer design decisions.

Often, user interviews follow a semi-structured format. This means the interviewer has a few main questions, but they may ask other ones based on the participant’s answers. This allows for an organic chat which might uncover new topics or insights regarding the user’s experience. After the interview, the interviewer should double-check with the participant to be certain the details are accurate.

To guarantee good results from user interviews, businesses must be careful when:

  • Selecting participants
  • Forming questions that are straightforward and brief

Writing down the main points from each interview helps stakeholders agree quickly on design choices. Ultimately, taking your time to conduct quality user interviews allows you to make informed product development decisions that will benefit your customers!

What is User Interviews?

User Interviews is a market research platform. It connects businesses with people who want to be in UX, product, and market research studies. These people get rewarded with money or gift cards for participating. It’s convenient, so businesses don’t have to recruit and schedule interviews themselves.

User Interviews has a wide audience, so businesses can get information quickly. It’s trusted by companies around the world. Plus, there are plenty of reviews from users that show how valuable it is.

Who Uses User Interviews?

User Interviews is an online platform used by thousands globally. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook use Stickr for their customer research. User Interviews collects feedback for product launches, website design testing, etc.

Smaller teams can benefit from fast-moving projects like concept validation and customer segmentation.

User Interviews connects companies with professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience, in exchange for financial reward. Companies can get insights without paying money upfront.

Benefits of User Interviews

User interviews are essential for product or service designers. They can give insight into user needs, how users interact, their opinions and preferences, and help anticipate problems. It can also provide customer feedback for CRM. Plus, with user interviews, businesses can gain understanding of target audiences and market segments.

Through conversations with users from different target audiences, businesses can gain a clear understanding of their customers and how they use their products or services.


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High Quality Respondents

User Interviews provide a wide selection of top-notch respondents. They verify all applicants to guarantee they are who they claim to be. Plus, they have a team who reviews every user before they join the platform. This reduces the chance of getting bad data or untrustworthy results. Plus, since each user is carefully checked, researchers can be certain the data is true and reliable.

Fast Turnaround Time

User Interviews offer a key advantage—fast turnaround time. Their pool of participants is wide, and interviews are guaranteed in 6-7 days—which would take multiple weeks with other services. This fast process is due to their matching process. It quickly matches participants to projects, based on criteria. Plus, they offer exclusive access to high-quality respondents who have completed past interviews. Researchers know who they are interviewing before starting a project. This enables fast research studies, and quick decisions on product design and marketing.

How to Use User Interviews

User Interviews are a must for creating better products and services. Ask users questions, analyze their answers, and get key insights. This is user experience (UX) research and design.

Questions must be targeted. Honest feedback is essential. An experienced interviewer can guide the conversation. This will help identify pain points and areas for improvement. Create a product tailored to users’ needs.

Create a Project

Creating a project on Aliexpress? Get ready! You must provide your unique needs, budget, and other details. This allows potential suppliers to give you their quotes. These quotes come from individual suppliers. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that what they offer is legit.

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Find and Recruit Respondents

Giftexpress is a user interviews platform that lets you recruit, interview and collect survey results. It’s perfect for market research, customer feedback and product feedback. Before joining the platform, Giftexpress screens potential respondents to guarantee quality and relevance.

The platform also has an extensive reporting system that helps you understand data points from the user interviews program. This is helpful for spotting trends and making smarter decisions about your product or company. Plus, Giftexpress provides services such as incentive fulfillment and transcription aid for free. With its great repute, Giftexpress is the go-to resource for collecting user interviews data promptly and dependably.

Conduct Interviews

User Interviews is a platform for conducting market research surveys. They help companies acquire info about customer experiences, choices, and beliefs. Their platform enables companies to easily launch campaigns, screen survey takers, manage logistics and payments, and collect feedback from customers.

They offer remote surveys via their digital platform. Plus, they provide in-person interviews. These can be done in the company’s office or at a panel provider’s facility. This is great for large scale research projects.

They also offer services for custom market research studies such as concept testing and customer segmentation studies. Customer requirements like age range, job title/industry/role, demography/geography are considered to get access to hundreds of qualified respondent profiles.

User Interviews Reviews

What is Cash Junkie?-Is User Interviews Legit? Get the Facts Here!

User Interviews is a platform for companies to do consumer research. Companies post tasks and invite people to take part in surveys and focus groups. Participants get paid for their feedback about the product or service. It’s now one of the top resources for market researchers seeking consumer opinions.

User Interviews reviews are on each user’s profile page. Reviews are written by people who have used them before. This gives an accurate view of what it’s like to work with that user. The reviews also tell how efficient, reliable and friendly they are. It helps decide if you want to pick that researcher’s project. Lastly, reviews check for any fraudulent behaviour.

Positive Reviews

User Interviews is an online platform that links businesses with real users and experts in the industry. They provide anonymous feedback for products and services. Companies can post research studies directly to the platform, or hire a research partner to help manage the project.

Positive reviews often praise how convenient and user-friendly it is. The recruitment process is simple, streamlined and intuitive. Companies can quickly create studies, post them on social media or invite pre-screened participants. Customer service gets praised for quick turnaround and detailed examination of questions. Plus, the quality of the respondents is high. This includes real developers, CEOs and product managers from leading companies. This results in even more reliable feedback from survey participants.

Negative Reviews

User Interviews has earned negative reviews from users who’ve had technical issues while conducting interviews. Audio quality and video lagging are common complaints. There’s no direct customer service contact – just an online form.

Payment is slow and limited to few methods. Some have waited weeks or months for their money.

Plus, the company isn’t doing enough to keep participants’ data safe and secure. Personal information could be exposed during interviews.


User Interviews is legit! Real people, real interviews. It’s easy to use and reliable. The customer service team is ready to answer your questions. Interviewers get paid for their hard work!

It’s a great platform to learn more about customers and improve products/services. Payments are secure and results are speedy. Fair compensation for interviewers too. Worth checking out if you want quality user interviews and consumer insights.

Is User Interviews Legit?

User Interviews is an online platform that helps companies and organizations get feedback from their users. They can easily reach qualified customers without much effort. The platform is available 24/7 and can identify relevant customers for each project. It also makes it easy for customers to take part in user research studies. They can choose from surveys and get incentives like gift cards.

User Interviews has security protocols in place to protect personal information. It follows global standards such as GDPR, COPPA, and PIPEDA, so it is a legitimate source for conducting customer research.

Final Thoughts

User Interviews is a legit market research platform! It links businesses with real people who are happy to take surveys, answer questions, and give feedback. The reviews show that many customers had great experiences. They found it easy and fast to access a big pool of surveyed people. Also, User Interviews provides lots of customer service. Through their website and email, they offer FAQs.

In conclusion, User Interviews is an outstanding resource for businesses seeking quality insights from real people quickly.

FAQs about: Is User Interviews Legit


Q: Is user interviewing a legitimate way to collect feedback?

A: Yes, user interviews are a legitimate way to collect feedback from customers. User interviews provide an opportunity to gain insights into customer needs, motivations, and behaviors directly from the source. By conducting user interviews, businesses can learn more about their customers and use that knowledge to improve their products and services.

Q: What are the advantages of user interviewing?

A: User interviewing has several advantages. It can provide valuable insights into customer needs and behaviors, provide the opportunity to build relationships with customers, and give businesses the opportunity to test and refine product ideas. Additionally, user interviewing can be done quickly and cost-effectively.

Q: What are the best practices for conducting user interviews?

A: There are several best practices for conducting user interviews. It is important to create an interview guide that outlines the purpose of the interview, the questions you will be asking, and the type of information you are looking for. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the interviewer is prepared and that the environment is comfortable for the participant. Finally, it is important to take detailed notes during the interview and to thank the participant for their time.