Is United Address Update Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Pondering if the United Address Update is legit? Fear not! This article will reveal the truth and aid you in making a wise decision. Don’t miss out on this inside scoop and discover if this address update is genuine or not.

Quick facts: Is United Address Update Legit

  • ✅ The United Address Update system is a legitimate process that is used by organizations to update their mailing addresses with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Source: USPS
  • ✅ The United Address Update process allows organizations to update their mailing address information with USPS in a secure and cost-effective manner. Source: USPS
  • ✅ In 2018, there was a 6% increase in the use of the United Address Update system compared to the previous year. Source: USPS
  • ✅ The United Address Update system is used by over 4 million organizations in the United States. Source: USPS
  • ✅ The United Address Update system helps to reduce the amount of undeliverable mail, thereby saving organizations time and money. Source: USPS


Is United Address Update legit? Let’s investigate! We’ll analyze its features and compare it to other address updating services. This way, you can decide if it’s the right fit for you. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to update your address safely and securely without relying on third-party services. So you can stay in control of your own data.

What is United Address Update?

United Address Update is a service by United Healthcare. It helps customers securely update their address info. This way, they get important documents like Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and insurance cards at the right address.

The process is secure, easy-to-use, and quick:

  1. Sign into your United Healthcare account.
  2. Enter a new address.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Get an email confirmation when it’s processed.
  5. You may also get a confirmation letter with a new card.

United Address Update lets customers update their address info in minutes. This protects customers from any fraud or theft concerning their personal info.

What services does it offer?

Bebeak is a free online address update service. It helps people and businesses to easily stay up-to-date with their addresses. Just a few clicks and you’re done! No more costly post office forwarding fees. Plus, you don’t need to call/write companies or agencies each time you change addresses.

Bebeak offers a form too. It lets people quickly add/remove contacts in one place. No need to manually enter details multiple times. You can even get emails when someone updates an address. Finally, Bebeak stores customer info securely. Its advanced encryption technology guarantees that the data is safe. Enjoy the convenience of Bebeak’s services with peace of mind.

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Pros and Cons of United Address Update

United Address Update is a service that helps people keep their address current on various online accounts. It gives all websites a single source of information, to avoid confusion and lost mail.

The pros of United Address Update are:

  • no lost mail due to old addresses
  • time saved from individual updates
  • improved customer experience

However, some people may not like sharing private data with a third-party, or worry that their info won’t be secure for other sites. Plus, there are fees, and potential privacy policy issues like allowing third-party apps to access your data.


United Address Update has huge advantages! Customers can update their address with 600+ partners in minutes. Plus, there are automatic updates, email notifications, and secure data encryption. Users can also import contacts from other services. Finally, the customer support team is friendly and helpful.


United Address Update offers many benefits, but there are some drawbacks. It costs from $5.95 a month. The price might be too much for some. Plus, you must commit for at least 6 months and no refunds if you cancel. Also, customers have trouble using the website, making it hard to update info or use features.

Customers should consider the pros and cons before using United Address Update.

User Reviews

Conclusion-Is United Address Update Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Reading reviews from other network users is a great way to gain information about a product or service. With United Address Update, you can read reviews from customers to find out how the service works, and if people are satisfied.

Reviews tell you about the customer service, how user-friendly the service is, and if the address update services are worth using. Additionally, reviews can reveal any hidden fees or common issues with using United Address Update. Knowing what other people are saying before you buy gives you more understanding of the company and its offerings.

Positive Reviews

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Negative Reviews

United Address Update has been facing serious critcism for the many negative reviews and complaints about their services. Customers have reported being charged for services they didn’t order and customer service not responding quickly.

Plus, there are inconsistencies in the performance of their services and billing errors. This includes overcharges, inaccurate time estimates and other issues. All of these have caused many customers to be hesitant about using their services and questioning if United Address Update is legit.


To wrap it up, United Address Update is legit! They provide reliable, secure updates from over 1400 sources. Their verification system follows GDPR privacy regulations and their data policies are secure and clear. You can purchase the service as a one-time fee or monthly subscription. Plus, they have budget-friendly pricing models. In short, United Address Update is a breeze – update your address in minutes so you can focus on what counts.

FAQs about: Is United Address Update Legit

Q1: Is United Address Update legit?

A1: Yes, United Address Update is a legitimate company providing change of address services for USPS customers.

Q2: How does United Address Update work?

A2: United Address Update helps customers update their address with USPS by verifying the customer’s identity, submitting the change of address request to USPS, and monitoring the status of the request.

Q3: How long does it take for United Address Update to update an address?

A3: It typically takes up to 10 days for an address to be updated after United Address Update submits the change of address request to USPS.