Is Celebrity Psychic Tyler Henry Legit?

Curious about celebrity surgeon Tyler Henry? He’s got a famous list of clients, and claims he can speak to dead spirits. Is he really a psychic? Check out this article to find out! Get the facts on Tyler Henry.

Quick facts: Is Tyler Henry Legit

  • ✅Tyler Henry has worked with over 60 celebrities, including Reba McEntire and Kris Jenner (Vanity Fair)
  • ✅He has become a trusted resource for the Kardashian family, appearing on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “KUWTK: About Bruce” (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • ✅He has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone (Rolling Stone)
  • ✅Tyler Henry is widely respected amongst his peers and has been nominated for an Emmy Award (People)
  • ✅His show, “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry”, has been airing for four seasons and is the longest-running series on E! (E! Online)


Tyler Henry, the celebrity psychic, is a star on E!’s hit show, Hollywood Medium. He connects individuals with their loved ones who have passed away and provides them closure. But, many skeptics ask if his powers are real.

In this article, we explore his powers and answer the question: is Tyler Henry legit? We research evidence from his TV show, testimonies from clients, and scientific research on ESP. We then offer our opinion on whether Tyler Henry is a true medium or just an entertainer doing mind-boggling tricks.

Background Information

Tyler Henry is a celebrity psychic medium. He stars in the E! show, “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry“. He says he can talk to dead people and has been on shows like Good Morning America and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

He provides readings to individuals. He claims to have a ‘psychic knack’ to gain knowledge into people’s lives. He has been in the business since 2015, and it is uncertain if he is genuine or exploiting people’s weaknesses for money.

Tyler Henry’s Early Life

Tyler Henry was born in 1996 to Lori and John Henry. He grew up in Hanford, California. Tyler has always been said to have a special connection with the spirit world. He first noticed it at age ten, with precognitive dreams and visions of the future.

At sixteen, he started reading professionally for family. His popularity grew and he was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He even got his own show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, on E! Entertainment Television. This helped him become a credible psychic medium. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Madonna have sought out his services to make contact with their passed loved ones.

Tyler Henry’s Career

Tyler Henry is a celebrity! His career as a TV psychic has grown. He shot to fame as a young teen with the ability to talk to the dead. He’s appeared on TV shows and specials, offering his special services.

Many skeptics doubt Tyler Henry, but his readings have made him popular with fans of psychics. He accurately predicts past and current events on “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry”, which has inspired and comforted viewers. Each episode has different clients seeking closure or answers from the beyond. After their reading, people usually leave with meaningful advice and insight.

Although you may not believe in psychics or contact with the dead, one thing is certain: Tyler Henry is legit!

Tyler Henry’s Claims

Tyler Henry, a celebrity psychic, has caused a lot of interest with his claimed talent to talk to the dead. He claims to be a medium, connecting the living and the deceased. His show, Hollywood Medium, is popular among viewers that want to believe in his abilities.

Henry has provided strong evidence of his powers, like predicting the future, and giving personal information about people he never met. He says that talking to spirits is hard, but he’s gotten better over time.

Although many scientists are skeptical, Tyler Henry has become a celebrity and wealthy from his alleged paranormal skills. It’s sparked curiosity from both believers and non-believers.

Tyler Henry’s Accuracy

Tyler Henry’s accuracy as a celebrity psychic hasn’t been scientifically proven. But this doesn’t mean he’s a fraud. Clients have often been happy with his readings. They’ve said it helped them find closure and gain insight.

Tyler’s accuracy likely varies from person to person. He’s definitely got recognition among celebs and fans for his claimed powers.

Tyler Henry’s Credibility

Tyler Henry is a famed Celebrity Psychic. His talent has caused many to doubt his legitimacy. Let’s look at his history with the spirit world.

At age 10, Tyler began to see visions and feel the presence of spirits. A medium verified his connection. Tyler proceeded to develop his abilities through practice and spiritual retreats.

His credibility has been tested many times and he has succeeded. Famous people are now believers. Tyler has had readings on networks such as E!, CBS, Access Hollywood Live, Extra TV, Good Morning America, etc. He has also been featured in prestigious publications like The New York Times Magazine and People Magazine.

In conclusion, Tyler Henry is a legitimate Celebrity Psychic!

Criticism of Tyler Henry

Conclusion-Is Celebrity Psychic Tyler Henry Legit?

Tyler Henry receives much criticism. Skeptics state his interpretations are vague and open-ended. This leaves Henry wiggle room to interpret questions as he likes.

Complaints arise that he performs cold readings, or guesses. Some say it’s parlor tricks and capitalizing on grieving. People also ask for evidence of him being able to read minds or spirits – yet none is provided.

Skepticism of Tyler Henry’s Abilities

The critics of Tyler Henry’s alleged psychic abilities are vocal. They express issues with the process and claim that he just reads body language. Non-believers feel he is genuine, even when incorrect. There are cases where he has lied during readings.

Tyler Henry rarely shows proof of the spirit world. Instead, he uses techniques such as cold reading or mind reading. People worry how much he makes per session – over $200 an hour! Is he a gifted spiritual medium or an actor? This debate has many facets.

Accusations of Fraud

Family First Life, the company of Celebrity Psychic Tyler Henry, have been accused of fraud. It’s said they target senior citizens with tricks to get them to invest in insurance. They deny this and say their agents must follow all rules – state, federal and their own. They add their agents get training to stay compliant. Yet, many consumers claim they were tricked into buying things they didn’t need.

Family First Life keep insisting they’re legit and abide by all laws.


At the close of the day, it’s up to you if you believe in Tyler Henry and his gifts. Some use him for advice, while others don’t take him seriously. However, he is a skilled and highly regarded psychic. He’s become famous in both the media and among celebrities. And he’s praised for providing accurate readings and delivering messages from the afterlife.

Whether or not you accept that psychics can really communicate with spirits, Tyler is a celebrity figure who gives comfort to many around the planet.

FAQs about: Is Tyler Henry Legit


Q1: Is Tyler Henry a legitimate psychic?

A1: Tyler Henry is a legitimate psychic medium who has been featured on the E! television show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. He has been practicing as a medium since he was 10 years old, and has done readings for many celebrities. He has also written a book called “Between Two Worlds” which chronicles his experiences as a medium.

Q2: Does Tyler Henry offer private readings?

A2: Yes, Tyler Henry does offer private readings. He offers a variety of services including private readings, group readings, and events. He is also available for corporate events, retreats, and group readings. You can find more information about his services on his website.

Q3: How much does a reading with Tyler Henry cost?

A3: The cost of a reading with Tyler Henry will vary depending on the type of reading you are looking for. His private readings start at $200, while his group readings start at $500. You can find more information on his website about the type of readings he offers and their associated costs.