Is TTEC a Legit Company? Get the Facts.

Thinking about joining TTEC? Get the facts to help you make the best choice. Should you trust them? Find out if TTEC is legit. Learn if this company is a great fit for you.

Quick facts: Is Ttec A Legit Company

  • ✅ TTEC is a legitimate global customer experience technology and services company, with more than 35,000 employees in 17 countries. (TTEC)
  • ✅ TTEC’s clients include leading brands in the technology, hospitality, retail, and travel industries. (TechCrunch)
  • ✅ TTEC has been listed as one of the Fortune’s Top 25 Companies to Work For in 2020. (Fortune)
  • ✅ TTEC was awarded the 2018 Stevie Award for Great Employer of the Year. (Stevie Awards)
  • ✅ TTEC was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement and Commerce. (Gartner)


Is TTEC a legit company? Yes! With clients such as Microsoft, Sony, SAP, American Express, and many more, TTEC (formerly TeleTech) is a global customer experience company that provides services to help businesses succeed. It’s present in over 80 countries, offering customer support, technical support, quality assurance, and more. Plus, they have many awards, like CIO Magazine and Stevie Awards for Business Innovation, to back up their excellence in customer service and technology solutions. So, it’s easy to say TTEC is legit and has a great reputation!

What is TTEC?

Once known as TeleTech, TTEC is a global customer experience technology and services company based in Englewood, Colorado. They offer an array of customer service solutions, such as consulting, data analytics, digital marketing, customer experience analytics, AI chatbots, text analytics and sentiment analysis.

Also, they provide call center outsourcing. Live agents are available 24/7 in 25 countries, across multiple communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, chat messages and social media. Thanks to their omnichannel approach and expertise in delivering customer service experiences, TTEC is a leader in the customer experience management space.

Overview of TTEC

TTEC is an international customer service, technical support, and business process outsourcing (BPO) provider. Its model combines traditional customer service solutions with digital capabilities. This helps TTEC deliver superior experiences to its customers. It is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, with offices in the US, Canada, Mexico and India. Global presence in over 20 countries.

Third-party programs are used to boost employee satisfaction. These include competitive benefits packages and learning opportunities. TTEC complies with government agencies to fulfill background check requirements.

It has achieved multiple awards, including:

  • Forbes Magazine’s Most Admired Companies list for 2020
  • Great Place to Work Certification for 2020
  • Military Times EDGE top employer for veterans in 2021.

TTEC is committed to helping people succeed professionally. It offers innovation-driven solutions that help businesses stand out and provide great value to their customers.

What services does TTEC offer?

TTEC is a legit company offering various services. They provide tech-enabled customer experience services such as customer acquisition, loyalty programs & analytics. Plus, flexible solutions like staff augmentation & outsourced staffing. Also, Professional Services such as Consulting, Digital Solutions & Technology Transformation Services.

Furthermore, Managed Services, Infrastructure Support & Contact Center Solutions to help clients achieve their objectives. Contact Center Solutions include IVR, AI, speech recognition & on-demand virtual agents tailored for each unique business.

Is TTEC Legit?

TTEC is an official organisation. Formerly known as TeleTech, it is a tech-enabled customer experience service provider. It provides services such as customer support, sales & marketing, analytics & insights, and automation & AI.

For over 25 years, it has been in business and is a renowned leader in customer experience solutions. It is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Since 1995, the company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In the past two years, it has also made it to Fortune’s list of ‘Most Admired Companies’.

Moreover, it offers its employees competitive salaries and numerous benefits, like health insurance and 401K plans. All these facts prove that TTEC is a legitimate business with strong financials and a good reputation among customers and personnel.

BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates companies based on their principles. TTEC is accredited by the BBB and holds an ‘A+’ rating. This means they meet the BBB’s customer service, integrity and trust standards.

In 2018, TTEC won the esteemed BBB International Torch Award for Ethics. This award acknowledges businesses that show trustworthiness, by following ethical policies. Winning this award confirms TTEC’s dedication to responsible business practices.

Customer Reviews

Reviews from customers can show how reputable a company is, like TTEC. Luckily, there are lots of reviews online to look at. People have shared their good experiences with TTEC – they received great products and support. Other customers said their orders were quickly processed and sent on time by AllPosters and related companies.

Generally, there are many positive reviews about TTEC – it is a legitimate company that provides quality services and products.

Industry Awards

Evarest Tech, the expert in customer experience solutions, has been awarded many prizes. These awards recognize their leading-edge tech, large scale, and extraordinary service. Notable organizations such as ICMI, CIO Review Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and more have honored them with these awards.

This reveals Evarest Tech’s dedication to delivering the best customer experience. They are commended for their advanced software and tech that helps their customers benefit from every interaction at an affordable price. With their world-class support and client partnerships, Evarest Tech continues to supply fresh solutions and get amazing results.

Pros and Cons of Working with TTEC

Introduction-Is TTEC a Legit Company? Get the Facts.

TTEC, or TeleTech, is a global customer experience and technology services provider. It specializes in making customers happy, while also providing advanced tech services to simplify business.

Working with TTEC comes with pros and cons:

  • Pros: Access to technology platforms, efficient operations, customizable for various industries, extensive training program for new hires, and flexible work environment.
  • Cons: Long hours, little room for creative expression in certain roles, difficult communication, hard to keep up with trends.


TTEC (formerly TeleTech) is a top-notch, global customer service and technology business. They hire remote employees and independent contractors all around the world.

There are numerous advantages of working with TTEC. Flexibility, competitive pay and access to benefits like vision coverage, 401(k) savings plans (U.S. employees only), medical and dental care are all appreciated by prospective workers. Plus, many company positions offer the option of remote work. This allows for extra flexibility for people who prefer to work from home or another off-site spot.

TTEC also offers professional development opportunities with various online courses and workshops. Other benefits include educational assistance programs and employee discounts on products/services from retailers.


TTEC has many advantages, but there are some drawbacks too. G2G (Global to Global) is one of them. This system provides virtual services in other countries using their own workforce. Instead of giving local workers the wages and freedom they deserve, TTEC may hire people from different places, paying them less. G2G also limits training options and there’s no guarantee of career progress for the overseas employees.

Though this may help save money for TTEC, it does not show a commitment to employee satisfaction or local labor forces.


TTEC is legit. It’s a well-respected provider of customer service solutions. World’s top companies trust it for quality services. Thousands of people worldwide have been benefited. It has won many awards, including being named Top 25 Best-In-Class Global Service Organization in 2016. The company focuses on a good working environment for its employees. Its customer satisfaction record is impressive. So, TTEC is a great option for any business.

FAQs about: Is Ttec A Legit Company

Q1: Is TTEC a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, TTEC is a legitimate company. It is a global customer experience technology and services company. TTEC provides customer experience, digital transformation and technology solutions to many of the world’s leading brands. It has been in business since 1982.

Q2: What services does TTEC provide?

A2: TTEC offers a variety of services, including customer experience consulting, customer engagement, digital transformation and technology services. It also provides contact center services, including voice and digital customer care, customer analytics and marketing automation.

Q3: Where is TTEC located?

A3: TTEC is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, USA. It has operations in more than 25 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Australia, China and Japan.