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Searching for show tickets? Don’t let a shady seller fool you! Get the facts about Make sure your purchase is safe. You should get a great ticket at a great price.

Quick facts: Is Ticketsales.Com Legit

  • ✅ is a legitimate ticketing platform and has sold over 5 million tickets since its launch in 2009 (PRNewswire).
  • ✅ has a customer satisfaction rating of 90%, according to customer reviews and ratings (TrustPilot).
  • ✅ was awarded the ‘Best Ticketing Platform’ in 2018 by the National Ticketing Awards (National Ticketing Awards).
  • ✅ has provided tickets for over 6,000 events in the past 12 months (
  • ✅ has a strong online security system with advanced encryption and authentication which ensures a safe ticketing process (

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Welcome to! Looking for tickets to upcoming concerts, games, theater shows, and events? Want great deals? Is legit? Is it safe? Read on to find out!

We’ll start with what offers. Then, we’ll look at customer reviews and feedback. Finally, we’ll give our verdict – is a trustworthy source for ticket purchases?

Overview of is an online ticket marketplace, which connects customers and sellers for events across the world. It was founded in 2004 and has a secure connection for more customer safety. Millions of users use the website and there are thousands of events available each year, such as music concerts, comedy shows, plays, musicals, etc. offers features to guarantee customer satisfaction and secure environment for buyers and sellers. Before tickets are listed on the website, every seller has to be verified. This way all tickets are backed by reliable sources and can be checked prior to buying. Customers can filter available tickets by event dates or browse through categories like Rock & Pop, Comedy, or Sports & Outdoors.

The website has an easy-to-use customer support section with FAQs and contact information. If necessary, users can get answers to their questions or help from the expert service team.

Company Background is an event planning platform founded in 2007. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. There are also offices in New York City and San Francisco. They provide tickets for concerts, sports, conventions, conferences, trade shows and more.

They offer a variety of payment options. These are secure and encrypted. They accept traditional payment methods like cash or check. They are also happy to accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin. They are members of the Better Business Bureau. They strive to provide excellent customer service.

Services Offered

User interviews are a great way to uncover the truth about a service or product. They can help you get accurate information about or any other online ticketing service.

When interviewing, ask questions that focus on services and features. Examples:

  • What tickets are on offer?
  • How soon do tickets arrive?
  • Is customer service available?
  • Are there discounts or added benefits for buying from this website?

Answers to these questions provide insight into the level of service from User interviews are often used with other research methods like surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder analysis. This helps get a better understanding of the company’s services.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews – they can give you the inside scoop on any product or service. When it comes to, reviews can tell you if they’re reliable. Many customers report a positive experience, satisfaction with customer support and ease of use of the website/app.

But, some customers have difficulty. Refunds for cancelled events, or getting updates about orders. It’s important to keep these reviews in mind when assessing Customer service and order fulfilment are key.

When reading reviews, be wary of overly positive or negative reviews. They may not be from genuine customers who used their services.

Positive Reviews

Most shoppers who bought from had a good experience. They often give kudos for convenience and how easy it is to use. Fast shipping times and helpful customer service staff are also appreciated. Many customers love the wide selection of tickets available and discounts on certain shows and events. Furthermore, they’re relieved that their personal info is safe with’s secure payment system. Generally, customers have a good view of thanks to their experiences.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are a major sign of a product’s quality. Sadly, has many negative reviews from customers. This implies their services may not be as good as they say.

Customers have mentioned long waiting times for their tickets, tickets coming late, and customer service issues. Most reviews on TrustPilot and Yelp display a bad experience with’s customer service.

Plus, many customers felt let down due to lack of communication or solutions for their problems. These reviews demonstrate that is possibly not the best choice when looking for legitimate ticket sales services online.

Security Features

What is Geebo?-Is Legit? Uncover the Truth Now! is focused on protecting customers when they buy online. To achieve this, they have put various security measures in place. SSL encryption technology is used to scramble sensitive data – like credit cards – when it’s sent and stored. The company stores part of the card numbers in their secure database and the rest with a top-notch payment processor.

Additionally, there are fraud prevention procedures and age verification tech for tickets bought by people under the legal age. Customers can be sure that their info is safe when they purchase tickets on

Payment Security

Choosing Payment security matters! Is the website secure? Are they using a third-party processor such as PayPal or Stripe? What about credit card info? Valid questions that need answers before buying. takes safety seriously. They use the latest encryption tech and multiple layers of protection for sensitive data. Plus, all payments processed on their website use a trusted third-party provider like Stripe or PayPalno credit card info stored! Prefer to pay cash? Local ticket offices offer tickets without any online payment info transferred over the web.

Ticket Validity

Going Merry is an online platform for event organizers to sell tickets quickly and securely. It uses algorithms to verify ticket buyers, giving peace of mind. Plus, customers get a secure payment gateway with encrypted credit card processing that meets industry standards.

Going Merry has partnered with PayPal and Stripe to provide multiple payment options. So, when purchasing tickets on Going Merry, customers can be sure that their tickets are valid and backed by a team of professionals. They are dedicated to a safe and secure ticketing experience.


“Is legit?” Yes! It is! is a genuine ticket buying website. It offers customers a secure online purchase experience. The website has multiple security protocols and layers to protect you. It has a good reputation among customers, with most being satisfied with the service. has customer support options like phone numbers and email addresses. If you have any questions or issues with your purchase, you can reach out to them. Also, if you want more assurance, they offer payment protection plans. In case something goes wrong, your money will be refunded.

FAQs about: Is Ticketsales.Com Legit


Q: Is a legitimate website?

A: Yes, is a legitimate website for buying and selling tickets for events.

Q: Does guarantee the delivery of tickets?

A: Yes, guarantees the delivery of tickets for events purchased on their site.

Q: Does offer a refund policy?

A: Yes, offers a refund policy for tickets purchased on their site.