Is Student Beans Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Think of signing up for Student Beans? Questions if its legit? Fear not! This article will uncover the truth and assist you in making a wise decision. Get all the facts you need before signing up – right here!

Quick facts: Is Student Beans Legit

  • ✅ Student Beans has been around since 2006 and is the UK’s largest student discounts site (Student Beans).
  • ✅ Student Beans has over 7 million registered student members in the UK alone (Student Beans).
  • ✅ Student Beans has partnered with over 2,000 leading student brands and retailers to offer exclusive discounts and offers (Student Beans).
  • ✅ Student Beans is backed by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms, such as Accel Partners and Octopus Ventures (TechCrunch).
  • ✅ Student Beans is the top student discount app in the Apple App Store, with over 1 million downloads (App Annie).


Is Student Beans legit? We’ll check it out! This UK-based online marketplace offers discounts to students. From fashion brands to restaurants and vacations, they offer an impressive selection. But is it safe? We’ll examine their policies, regulations, customer feedbacks and more. Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to find legit student discounts. That way, you can keep your financial info secure while still getting great deals.

What is Student Beans?

Student Beans is a discount program by It offers reduced prices on items, from fashion to electronics. To use it, customers must supply an email from an accredited university. The discounts change regularly, so it’s best to check the website often.

The Student Beans program started in 2019 and is a first of its kind in Europe. Young people love it due to low rates and hundreds of discounts. When customers use Student Beans, they get cashback rewards. They can use these to purchase items from Artfire or their partners.

What services does Student Beans offer?

Student Beans is an online platform for student discounts. They offer exclusive deals on food, clothing, beauty products, travel, and entertainment. Top retailers like Amazon, Apple, ASOS, and Topshop are available. Plus, cashback rewards for shopping at popular retailers.

They also give student-specific content, such as budgeting advice and money-saving tips. A comprehensive student guide helps you study smarter and live better. 10 million users across 190 countries use Student Beans. Get verified and enjoy discounted products both online and in store!

Legitimacy of Student Beans

Student Beans is legit. Founded in 2013, it offers students discounts when shopping online. Discounts vary, but usually range between 10-20% off the regular price. They also have an app that allows users to check their discounts in one place.

Student Beans is even more legit due to its partnerships with big retailers. To verify students, they need to submit valid documents, like a student ID. An independent third party checks these documents. Then, students can access the discounts. This process ensures only legit students get discounted prices.

Is Student Beans a scam?

Student Beans isn’t a scam – it’s a real platform for students to get discounts. It uses the GMA Grading system. GMA stands for “Grade Me Again“. It helps Student Beans check online stores and services. This makes sure they offer competitive prices.

GMA Grading has many benefits. For instance, it helps Student Beans find vendors that offer good products at a reasonable price. That way, customers don’t get taken advantage of. Plus, GMA Grading helps Student Beans vet vendors fast, so customers can get their discount right away. And lastly, it helps customers trust the vendors they shop with.

What are the reviews and ratings of Student Beans?

Student Beans is a legit business that has been around for a while. It provides discounts to students when they shop. The reviews of Student Beans differ, but generally they are good. People like the discount chances and how easy the website and mobile app are to use.

The reviews come from people who have used Student Beans for a long time and from those who are beginning. People say they are pleased with the discounts and how quickly their orders are processed. Plus, customer service is speedy, helpful, and polite when dealing with problems or queries. All in all, Student Beans’ reviews demonstrate that it is a reputable source of student discounts with great customer service ratings.

What security measures does Student Beans have in place?

Student Beans takes data safety seriously. They use encryption tech, vulnerability scans, and firewalls. All browsers visiting their website are checked for malware and viruses. Plus, two-factor authentication is enabled for users logging in. To protect against cyber attacks, they use HTTPS protocol and TLS encryption. They even use anti-phishing mechanisms on emails sent out.

Benefits of Using Student Beans

Student Beans is a website dedicated to helping students save money. It verifies student identity and is free to register. After registering, students gain access to exclusive discounts.

The website also offers coupon and promo codes. Plus, Student Beans has an app that notifies users of new deals in real time. Payments can be made with any major credit/debit card or PayPal. So, save money and take advantage of Student Beans!

What discounts does Student Beans offer?

Student Beans is an online platform that gives students discounts on various products. From food, lifestyle, travel, to entertainment. To access the deals, you must be a member and have a valid student ID number. Most stores offer 10-20% off in-store purchases.

Student Beans also partners with retailers to give exclusive discounts. For example, 15% off sunglasses from Helloice! Plus, Student Beans offers weekly competitions and giveaways. Members can join by taking surveys or using their student membership card. Prizes vary from shopping vouchers, discounts at stores, to tech gadgets like phones and laptops.

How does Student Beans help students save money?

Student Beans is an online student savings program. It helps students save on transportation, electronics, apparel, food, travel and entertainment. To get the discounts, present your valid Student ID at checkout or sign up online. The discounts range from 5-20% depending on the retailer.

Plus, there are freebies and incentives available to those who register with a valid Student ID. All members get exclusive deals like free delivery and access to special events. Student Beans provides students with numerous ways to save without compromising quality or service.


Shipping and Delivery-Is Student Beans Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Researching Student Beans made it evident: They are a legit, trustworthy company. Their dedication to offering the best college discounts to students is true. Plus, they give great customer support and a secure website for customers to purchase items safely. Student Beans is great for students seeking discounts on important items like food and clothes.

The review revealed the truth about them; Student Beans is unquestionably a legitimate company with great advantages for their customers. From special deals to a safe online shopping experience, Student Beans eases college life for students worldwide.

Is Student Beans legit?

Before deciding if a website is legitimate, you should take a few steps. Firstly, check the company’s website and see if the domain name seems right. Secondly, look at reviews from past customers. This can show if an item or service is worth it.

For, it has mostly good reviews. Plus, the domain name matches what the company claims. So, it can be concluded that is legit and a great way for students to save money on purchases.

What are the pros and cons of using Student Beans?

Student Beans is the perfect online platform for college students in the United States. It offers exclusive savings, access to special discounts, and tailored deals. Plus, free shipping and personalized customer support! For larger purchases, you get even bigger discounts.

But, there are some drawbacks. It’s only for US students. Some of the deals last briefly, and not all stores accept Student Beans. So, keep that in mind.

FAQs about: Is Student Beans Legit


Q: Is Student Beans a legitimate rewards program?

A: Yes, Student Beans is a legitimate rewards program that offers students discounts on a variety of products.

Q: How do I use Student Beans?

A: To use Student Beans, simply register for an account and verify your student status. Once verified, you’ll be able to access exclusive discounts from Student Beans’ partner brands.

Q: Can I use Student Beans outside the UK?

A: Yes, Student Beans is available in over 20 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.