Is Shoedazzle Legit? We Investigated to Find Out.

Feel lost in the online shoe store web? You’re not alone! Fear not, we’ve done the work for you. This article looks into Shoedazzle’s legitimacy. We want to make sure your shoe shopping is comfortable.

Quick facts: Is Shoedazzle Legit

✅ Shoedazzle is a legitimate company that offers stylish, quality shoes and accessories at an affordable price – Forbes (Source:

✅ Shoedazzle has an average customer satisfaction score of 8.3 out of 10 – TrustPilot (Source:

✅ Shoedazzle has been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Glamour, and Elle – (Source:

✅ Shoedazzle has a wide selection of shoes and accessories, ranging from casual to formal designs – US News & World Report (Source:

✅ Shoedazzle has a free VIP program that offers exclusive discounts and free shipping – (Source:


ShoeDazzle is a subscription-based online shopping service that started in 2009. It gives members personalized shoe, clothing, and accessory suggestions based on a stylist questionnaire. It runs a web-portal, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and stores.

This piece gives an in-depth review of ShoeDazzle’s services, customer service, customer reviews, products, and more. It will show the special features that make ShoeDazzle stand out from other online retailers. And it will also state some drawbacks when buying from them. Our research team did the research by checking out the website and contacting customer service.

What is Shoedazzle?

Shoedazzle is an amazing online personal stylist and shopping service. It makes finding the perfect shoes easier and more affordable. With Shoedazzle, you get your own personal stylist. They help you shop for shoes, based on your tastes, lifestyle, and budget. Also, you can receive recommendations from other Shoedazzle members!

Shoedazzle has a huge variety of styles. There are sandals, wedges, flats, boots, sneakers and dress shoes. Plus, accessories like jewelry, watches, sunglasses and handbags. Prices start from as low as $19.95 for basic flats. And, go up to over $100 for premium leather heeled booties. Also, Shoedazzle gives members access to exclusive deals on top brands like Steve Madden or Clarks Originals!

What kind of products does Shoedazzle offer?

Shoedazzle is a great site that provides fashionable and stylish women’s shoes at a good price. They have a range of styles – from flats to wedges, heels to sneakers. And you can find seasonal collections, classic staples, and limited-edition looks all year!

Plus, customers can be sure that their products are quality as Shoedazzle works with big brands such as adidas, Nike, Steve Madden, Timberland, Converse and Dr. Scholl’s. They also have an awesome customer service team who are always happy to answer any queries you may have. They’ll even help you pick the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion!

What are the prices like?

Shoedazzle’s prices vary. Most items are between $30 and $70. Occasionally, there are discounts. Stylish shoes and high-end materials cost more, up to $150. All orders come with free shipping. Returns within 30 days are possible, but international orders may incur extra charges.

VIP membership is free. It gives access to unique styles and exclusive discounts each month. No commitment or contracts required. Discounts can be as much as 50%. Sign up as a VIP member if you want deeper savings.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important for understanding what a business is like. We looked at reviews to check if Shoedazzle is real.

We found that Shoedazzle is genuine. Reviews were mostly good. One customer said, “I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time. The shoes are great, they ship fast and have great deals!

It looks like Shoedazzle is a reliable company. They deliver quality products on time.

What do customers say about the quality of the products?

Shoedazzle fans are some of the most faithful in the world of online shoe buying. Just take a look at customer ratings to see how much they love Shoedazzle’s items! Most reviews say that their shoes are just as great as those from Nine West, Coach, and Steve Madden. Plus, shoppers find that the sizes are accurate.

Customers also boast about Shoedazzle’s great customer service and return policy– they can get a refund within 21 days if they’re not 100% satisfied.

How do customers rate the customer service?

Our investigation into Shoedazzle’s customer service revealed a largely positive impression. Customers say the employees are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Plus, several customers reported that their questions were quickly answered with no red tape.

Overall, customers rate Shoedazzle 4-5 stars out of 5. They praise the team for their good service and would recommend them to others. It looks like Shoedazzle’s customer service is a standout!

Are there any negative reviews?

Cash Junkie has many positive reviews and stories of success. However, not all users have the same results. Some have experienced issues with customer service or high fees. There have also been reports of Cash Junkie charging fees before or after closing an account. It’s important to read reviews and be aware of fees when making a decision.

Most reviews say Cash Junkie is easy to use and has great rewards. But there are risks. Read reviews, explore rewards, and be informed of fees to help mitigate these risks.

Is Shoedazzle Legit?

Reviews-Is Shoedazzle Legit? We Investigated to Find Out.

Shoedazzle – legit? Absolutely! We take security and safety seriously. Our website has a secure connection (SSL), payment info is encrypted, and we have strict measures to protect your data. Plus, all orders are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can trust Shoedazzle for top-notch online security when you shop with us.

We offer the trendiest shoes, clothing, accessories, and more at affordable prices. With exclusive discounts for members, you can find something to fit your unique taste. Shop with confidence and get quality products each time.

Is Shoedazzle a safe place to shop?

Is Shoedazzle safe to shop at? We dig deep to find out!

Shoedazzle offers a wide range of styles, from sandals to dress shoes and sneakers. Plus, there’s free shipping on orders over a certain amount, as well as customer service and a hassle-free return policy.

For data security, Shoedazzle uses SSL encryption. This keeps your personal info safe when you buy something. Plus, they accept PayPal and Amazon Pay, giving extra fraud protection.

Shoedazzle reviews their policies regularly to make sure customers get the best and safest experience while shopping.

Is Shoedazzle a reliable company?

Shoedazzle is an online retailer. It specializes in designer footwear and accessories. It was founded in 2009 and is now one of the most popular shopping destinations for fashionable shoes and more.

It offers a wide selection of styles and sizes for men and women. Plus, it gives subscribers access to personal stylists. They can help customers find the perfect look for their taste.

Shoedazzle has a strong reputation. People often have positive experiences with customer service, delivery times, and products. The company has also partnered with celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner. That’s given it more attention over the years. Plus, it has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That’s because of its commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Does Shoedazzle offer secure payment methods?

Yes, Shoedazzle is legit! It provides secure payment options for customers. All payments go through a secured checkout system. Your personal info is encrypted too.

You can pay with credit cards (Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover), PayPal or Apple Pay. Plus, you get free domestic ground shipping if you order over $49 in the US. And free returns within 30 days of purchase!


Shoedazzle is legit. It’s been proven by data. They offer a huge variety of fashionable and stylish shoes. Their customer service is great. Their website is easy to use. And they are even backed by the BBB. So your money is secure.

Their shoes are very affordable. This makes them one of the best online shoe retailers. They have a lot of sizes and styles. This makes them perfect for anyone looking for shoes.

There are many advantages to shopping with Shoedazzle. That’s why they are one of the best online shoe stores. If you want quality shoes at an affordable price, then Shoedazzle is worth considering:

  • Huge variety of fashionable and stylish shoes.
  • Great customer service.
  • Easy to use website.
  • Backed by the BBB.
  • Very affordable.
  • A lot of sizes and styles.

FAQs about: Is Shoedazzle Legit

Q: Is ShoeDazzle a legitimate company?

A: Yes, ShoeDazzle is a legitimate company. The company has been in business since 2009 and is known for its wide selection of trendy shoes and accessories. Their products are designed by their team of fashion experts and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Is ShoeDazzle safe to use?

A: Yes, ShoeDazzle is safe to use. The company has a secure website that uses SSL encryption to protect customers’ personal and financial information. They also have a strict privacy policy that ensures all customer data is kept safe and secure.

Q: Does ShoeDazzle offer free shipping?

A: Yes, ShoeDazzle offers free standard shipping on all orders within the US. For orders outside the US, shipping rates and times may vary.