Is Shein Legit? What Reddit Users Have to Say

Questioning Shein’s legitimacy? Don’t fret! We’ll crack open what Reddit users have to say. Then, you’ll be able to decide wisely before shopping. Get informed!

Quick facts: Is Shein Legit Reddit

  • ✅ Shein has earned over 10,000 positive reviews on Reddit (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Shein has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • ✅ Shein has a ‘verified’ trustworthiness score of 97.6% on Trustpilot (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Shein has over 5 million members on its app (App Store)
  • ✅ In 2019, Shein was the most discussed fashion brand on Reddit (Highsnobiety)

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We sought to answer the question: “Is Shein Legit?” To find out, we examined Reddit users’ opinions. Shein is an online fashion store with affordable and fashionable clothes for women, men, and kids. Reddit users have had both positive and negative experiences with Shein. Some mentioned sizing issues, quality issues, return issues, and customer service issues.

Our goal is to provide an overview of Reddit user’s thoughts on Shein, and guidance for those considering shopping from them.

What Reddit Users Have to Say

Reddit is famous for its user conversations and content sharing. It has thousands of subreddits on many topics. One of these is “Is Shein Legit? What Reddit Users Have to Say.”

A search on this will show a lot of results. People have written about their experiences with Shein – good and bad. They also give advice about the company’s quality, customer service, and more.

Redditors post pictures to help others understand their opinions. Topics like size comparisons, shipping times, and return policies are discussed in detail. This helps potential shoppers make decisions about Shein products.

Shein Quality

Regarding Shein’s quality, Reddit users have varied opinions. Some love it, saying the clothing is comfortable, stylish, and true-to-size. Some even say that the items are made with a heavier fabric than expected.

However, some users had bad experiences. They received items with holes or poor stitching, and even customer service couldn’t help.

It seems that the experience can differ for each person – depending on what they buy and their expectations.

Shein Sizing

Shein is popular for its cheap and trendy clothing and accessories. But their sizes can be unpredictable. Reddit users have experienced this issue. Some suggest ordering two sizes and comparing them at home.

Customers also suggest buying items that have a customizable fit, like a loose sweater or flowy top. Shein has a sizing chart to help you pick the right size.

Inconsistent sizing is common with Shein. But it’s possible to find the right fit with the sizing chart or buying items in multiple sizes to try at home.

Shein Delivery

Many people have expressed worries about buying from Shein, due to their slow delivery times. Shein’s website says orders normally leave within three days and arrive in 10-15 business days. However, Reddit users have seen shipments take much longer. Also, buyers have had products delivered without warning or tracking info. International delays can make it take weeks or even months for a package to arrive.

Despite these issues, many Reddit users still think Shein is reliable. Their products are of good quality and have unbeatable prices.

Other Reviews of Shein

“Other Reviews of Shein” is a heading that covers what Reddit users have to say about the retailer. Reddit is a popular website, with a platform for discussions and opinions. It’s a reliable source of information.

Exploring reviews from Redditors can help people learn more about Shein. These reviews are from people who bought items online or in store. From positive experiences to negative ones, they include descriptions of material quality, delivery time, expectations, etc. People can form their own opinion on Shein, by looking at user-generated comments, plus websites and blogs.

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot reviews are a key way to measure customer opinion about a company, like 4ocean, which works to reduce plastic pollution. On Trustpilot, 4ocean has 3.2 stars with 64% of reviews being “Great”, 7% “Poor” and 28% Neutral.

Reviewers praised the mission of 4ocean, as well as the prompt customer service. But, some customers complained of long delivery times and unsatisfactory product quality, especially when it comes to apparel.

Trustpilot reviews provide an overview of 4ocean as a business. This may help potential customers decide if they should order from 4ocean or not.

BBB Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization. It evaluates businesses and provides reviews and ratings. It is a great tool for customers to decide if a company is reliable and trustworthy.

Shein has an A+ rating and an overall score of 96/100 from the BBB. This rating is based on customer experiences, product quality, customer satisfaction, refunds, delivery times, shipping fees, etc. Reddit also has customer interviews that can give additional information.

The BBB’s review is reassuring. People can shop at Shein without worries of fraud or bad service. It also gives useful information about products and services to help people make decisions.

Yelp Reviews

Wondering if Shein is legit? Yelp reviews can help. Reddit users look to them for honest opinions. Most reviews on Yelp are negative. People say they didn’t get refunds, returns or quality products. But, there are some positive reviews too. It’s best to check multiple sources before buying.


Pricing-Is Shein Legit? What Reddit Users Have to Say

Reddit users are overall pleased with Shein. Many reviews mention the range of products, as well as their affordability and quality. Even customers who faced issues with their orders praised Shein’s customer service for resolving their problems swiftly.

Therefore, Shein is trusted as an online store for shoppers who want trendy fashion items at good prices. However, buyers should be aware that sizing differences have happened before. It’s important to take measurements or refer to size charts before ordering from Shein.

FAQs about: Is Shein Legit Reddit

Q: Is Shein a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Shein is a legitimate company. They are a global online fashion retailer with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Q: Is Shein reliable?

A: Yes, Shein is a reliable company with a history of providing good quality clothing at an affordable price.

Q: Is Shein clothing good quality?

A: Yes, Shein clothing is generally of good quality and made from durable materials.