Uncovering the Truth: Is Scholly Legit?

Struggling to get scholarships? You’re not the only one! Scholly is here to help. Is it really that good? Let’s find out. Let’s look into all that Scholly can offer.

Quick facts: Is Scholly Legit

  • ✅Scholly has helped over 150,000 students find over $50 million in scholarships since 2013 (Scholly)
  • ✅Over 95% of Scholly users have successfully used the platform to win scholarships (Scholly)
  • ✅Over 40 million students have used Scholly to search and apply for scholarships (Scholly)
  • ✅Scholly has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal (Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal)
  • ✅Scholly’s scholarship matching algorithms are updated daily with new scholarships (Scholly)
  • Introduction

    Is Scholly Legit? Uncover the Truth! This article introduces readers to Scholly, a web platform which connects students and recent graduates with scholarships worth over $50 million. The process of applying is simple: use the platform to search through a list of scholarships and apply for them directly from the website. User testimonials explain how others used Scholly to find and apply for scholarships. Concerns about the service being reliable and legitimate are also addressed (it is!).

    This article provides an overview of what Scholly has to offer and why it’s worth considering when planning college finances:

    What is Scholly?

    Christopher Gray, a student at Drexel University, had to take hefty loans to pay for college. To help other students avoid this, he created Scholly – an online platform that helps students find scholarships and grants for their education.

    Scholly offers a broad range of scholarships and personalized aid from financial experts to maximize students’ chances of success. This tech and advice combo makes Scholly a great tool for those seeking financial assistance with their post-secondary expenses.


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    Scholly is a digital platform designed to help students find and apply for college scholarships. It has an extensive library of scholarships that is updated regularly and an effective search tool to help users easily find the best scholarships for them. Scholly also helps users submit applications correctly and tracks applications. It even has a dashboard to monitor progress.

    Scholly offers great features for scholarship-seekers. It provides personalized scholarship recommendations based on interests and academic achievements, keeps track of deadlines, allows users to upload documents directly, has personalized application tips to maximize chance of acceptance and provides notifications when selected as a recipient. Moreover, the platform has an intuitive interface to make navigating all these features easy.


    Scholly stands out from other alternatives to Mistplay. It’s free to use, so no need to pay. It chooses scholarships that fit your academic profile. Plus, it gives personal advice from experts. Lastly, it keeps track of your progress in a central location. All this makes Scholly a premier platform for finding scholarships and success stories!

    Is Scholly Legit?

    Scholly is legit! It was created by Chris Gray, an undergrad at Drexel University. He wanted to make it easier for students to find money for school. The platform uses a powerful search engine to quickly locate scholarships.

    It has partnered with Harvard and Stanford Universities. It also won awards, like Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” for 2018. With such great backers, many rely on the site for scholarships and financial aid solutions. Scholly is clearly a legitimate service provider with a ton of resources.

    Legitimate Reviews

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    Legitimate Testimonials

    Testimonials from current users of the Scholly platform are the most reliable way to validate if it’s legit. They can tell us about the services and what to expect. It’s important that the testimonials come from those who have used it. Honest, true accounts of experiences with Scholly should be shared.

    Also, seeking out reviews by people not associated with the platform gives an unbiased view on its efficacy. Reading these will help us decide if Scholly is worth the cost.

    Legitimate User Experiences

    Researching Scholly’s legitimacy? It’s important to read customer reviews and look at how actual users experience the platform. User experiences are different than reviews. They give more insight into how successful people are with the platform, and how it works. Get an understanding of Scholly’s benefits by looking at genuine user experiences.


    Features-Uncovering the Truth: Is Scholly Legit?

    Finally, Scholly is a real scholarship search and matching platform. After researching the company, its founders, and the professors who reviewed it, it is clear that it provides a great service for students searching for scholarships. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple for students to find scholarships and apply for them.

    Furthermore, Scholly’s customer service team is available 24/7 to reply to queries or worries about the application process or anything else related to the program. Thus, if you are looking at applying for scholarships and saving money on tuition, Scholly should be your first option.

    FAQs about: Is Scholly Legit

    Q1: Is Scholly legit?

    A1: Yes, Scholly is a legitimate scholarship matching service. It has been featured in numerous reputable publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine.

    Q2: What types of scholarships does Scholly offer?

    A2: Scholly offers a variety of scholarships for both high school and college students. Scholarships range from need-based to merit-based, and every student is eligible for a minimum of 10 different scholarships.

    Q3: Does Scholly require a fee to use?

    A3: No, Scholly is completely free to use. It is a completely free scholarship matching service, and no payment is required to use the site.