Is Sabres Capital Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Investment Platform

Thinking of investing with Sabres Capital? Uncover the reality behind the investing platform to decide with certainty. Get the facts to guarantee your funds are safe and your investments are yielding a profit.

Quick facts: Is Sabres Capital Legit

  • ✅ Sabres Capital is a registered broker-dealer that is regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) (Investopedia).
  • ✅ Sabres Capital has been in business since 2010 and has a strong reputation as a reliable and efficient financial services provider (Vault).
  • ✅ Sabres Capital offers a wide range of investment and trading services, including stock trading, options trading, and financial planning (Sabres Capital).
  • ✅ Sabres Capital is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • ✅ Sabres Capital has over $2 billion in assets under management (Investopedia).
  • Company Background

    Sabres Capital is a fresh online investment platform. It started in 2018 with the vision to offer an uncomplicated and user-friendly platform that enables its users to make smart investments without having expert financial understanding.

    It offers users fractional shares to start small and progress. Plus, access to US stocks, ETFs, and CFDs. Sabres Capital is based in St Vincent & The Grenadines and has offices in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Singapore.

    The company emphasizes on providing the highest security for customers’ funds and assets. It has incorporated encryption technologies and redundancy systems to secure all personal data from unauthorized access or misuse. Furthermore, it works directly with banks as custodians for customer assets. Thus, all funds are supervised at all times.

    History and founding

    Airycloth is a digital investment platform created in 2020 by Sabres Capital. It gives traders access to global markets for digital and traditional assets, such as stocks and index futures. Investors get real-time analytics and data insights to help with decisions. Airycloth wants to empower people by providing a user-friendly platform with low costs and high returns.

    Sabres Capital funded the company with $20 million. It now has 50 million users across the world, making it one of the most successful digital investment platforms.

    Business model

    Viagogo’s model is to join buyers and sellers for events. You can buy tickets on its website or app. A fee is added to the ticket price. Payments are processed with PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or bank transfers.

    The main advantage is customers can get tickets without waiting in line. Sellers can advertise tickets to buyers who wouldn’t find them. But there are risks from fraud, and high fees from Viagogo and payment processing.

    Regulatory oversight

    It is key to review whether Survey Club is a valid survey platform. Survey Club is part of Sabres Capital, LLC, which is registered as an Investment Adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This regulation gives investors confidence that the company complies with guidelines established by the SEC and other authorities.

    Plus, Sabres Capital is part of several self-regulatory organizations such as FINRA, SIPC, and CFA Institute. This membership guarantees that Survey Club has high ethical standards and trustworthiness when it comes to conducting activities in the financial markets.

    In addition, Survey Club also follows policies like taking care of customer data and safety protocols as mentioned in their Privacy Policy on their website. By following these regulations plus the parent company’s oversight, Survey Club can be viewed as a legitimate survey platform where users can feel secure while giving their input.

    Services Offered

    Sabres Capital offers a wide range of investing options. These include stocks, options, fixed income securities, mutual funds, and more. They provide portfolio management services to help investors succeed. Plus, they’ve partnered with major financial institutions to bring their clients up-to-date market news. Research tools are available to help investors assess potential investments.

    For people who need more direct guidance, Sabres Capital offer personal wealth and investment management services. This includes creating individualized investment plans and asset allocation models for diversified portfolios.

    Investment options

    Credova is an online investment platform. It enables users to buy and sell a variety of financial products, like shares, CFDs, ETFs, bonds and more. The dashboard is intuitive and helps people research before buying. It also has info on how each asset works.

    Credova also has risk management tools. These include portfolio filters and pricing alerts sent to emails or push notifications.

    Pros of Credova are access to global markets, low fees, and high leverage ratios. The dashboard is user-friendly too. It gives investors peace of mind, knowing their portfolios are safe from market fluctuations.

    Cons are limited customer support, no apps, and no advisory services. It all depends on the investor’s knowledge and confidence when trading, since it requires self-management.

    Trading platform

    Sabres Capital is a trading platform for both retail and institutional investors. It enables stock, bond, currency and other financial product trades across global markets. The platform is user-friendly and has various tools to assess investment risk.

    It provides access to live market data, powerful charting tools to explore trade opportunities, and integrated portfolio management. It also offers automated order execution and real-time quotes from over 100 exchanges worldwide for pro traders.

    Sabres Capital has educational resources like webinars, tutorials, and research materials to help new investors. Its comprehensive resources, secure trading environment, and strong technology infrastructure, are all geared towards helping investors maximize their profit potential.

    Investment strategies

    Investors should be aware of the various types of investments before they put money in an investment account. These include income investing, growth investing and speculation.

    Income investing is all about regular income through dividends or interest payments. Growth investing, on the other hand, involves buying stocks likely to increase in value. Speculation, on the other hand, involves higher risks such as dealing with currencies, commodities, options and derivatives.

    It’s essential to research each type of investment strategy before investing. It’s also wise to understand the potential risks and rewards associated with each. To do this, one should:

    • Educate themselves about the market
    • Assess the options
    • Make a decision

    Customer Reviews

    Considering an investment with Sabres Capital? Customer reviews are the way to go. Reviews provide insight into customer service, fees, and portfolios. Check out Trustpilot and Yelp for a peek at reliability. Don’t forget Reddit for people’s experiences. Review multiple sources to make an informed decision. Investing with Sabres Capital – is it best for you?

    Online reviews

    Reviews found online can be very helpful for investors that want to know more about Sabres Capital. Consumer review websites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber give a good breakdown of the customer experience. This includes the customer journey, response times, platform stability and usability, marketing practices, and more. It’s a smart way to understand the investment platform before investing.

    Social media reviews

    Social media reviews are essential for investors, when it comes to Sabres Capital investment platform. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms can help gauge people’s reactions. Researching these reviews can help potential investors learn more about personal experiences.

    Additionally, many review sites like Trustpilot and online forums have user-generated opinions on the company. These reviews from customers who have already dealt with the company are key. Social media is an excellent resource for this type of information.

    Fees and Charges

    Payment and Security-Is Sabres Capital Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Investment Platform

    Sabres Capital is a legit investment platform that offers clients a variety of financial products and services. When investing, you should know their fees and charges. These include:

    • Account maintenance fees
    • Trade commission fees
    • Currency conversion fees
    • Margin interest charges

    The fee structure depends on the product/service. Plus, you might pay extra for data/research subscriptions. Knowing all of Sabres Capital’s fees and charges helps you make wise investments.

    Trading fees

    Sabres Capital charges a flat rate of 0.1% for all trades. There’s no minimum fee, making trading more affordable. This rate is lower than Robinhood and E-Trade at 0.3%. It’s a great choice for those who want to save on costs.

    Plus, there are no extra charges like inactivity fees or account management fees. This makes it attractive for those who don’t trade often or don’t want to pay monthly fees.

    Account fees

    Sabres Capital is an online investment platform. It offers a secure and easy way to manage money. Multiple account types exist. Fees related to them vary. These could be:

    • annual/monthly maintenance fees
    • transaction fees
    • electronic ACH transfer fees
    • payment orders execution fees
    • trading platform usage costs

    Some accounts may require a fee upon opening/closing. There’s an automated trading platform too. It requires a fee for each trade executed.

    Withdrawal fees

    Paxful is an online peer-to-peer exchange for digital currencies. They charge fees for withdrawals and deposits. The withdrawal fee is 1% of the total currency in a user’s wallet, not including trade fees. So if you withdraw $100 worth of Bitcoin, you’ll get $99 minus the fee. Additional fees may apply depending on the payment method and country.


    Security is essential when it comes to investing with Sabres Capital. They employ SSL encryption to safeguard transactions, have secure firewalls, and strict membership policies. Plus, they are audited by KPMG, a professional accounting firm. The platform also has advanced anti-fraud tech and multi-factor authentication for access control. These precautions protect against online fraud and keep your personal info secure.

    On top of that, the company provides deposit insurance. This restores capital if there are unforeseen events or fraud. With these security measures in place, you can feel confident that your investments with Sabres Capital are secure.

    Data encryption

    Data encryption is a security measure taken by Zzounds to protect user data. Advanced coding techniques convert sensitive info into unreadable code, making it impossible to access without the correct decryption key. Zzounds provides clients with a secure way to store data and conduct transactions without worries of interception.

    Plus, Zzounds takes extra steps to keep the platform secure. These include regular system checks and audits of the server infrastructure. This ensures financial data processed within the platform is kept secure, through modern cryptography and security protocols. Clients can have peace of mind investing with Sabres Capital, through Zzounds.

    Account protection

    Sabres Capital takes the protection of their customers’ accounts seriously. They use multiple mechanisms to ensure security.

    • Client funds are held with an independent third-party custodian in segregated accounts.
    • 128-bit SSL encryption is used to secure information passing between clients and the servers.
    • KYC policies are in place to adhere to AML regulations and combat financial crime.
    • Two-factor authentication and biometric security measures give customers assurance of account security.

    Third-party verification

    Researching an investment platform like Sabres Capital? Third-party verification is a must. It confirms the accuracy and reliability of info presented on the company’s website or other materials. Without third-party verification, there’s no guarantee. This is serious when investing – investors need to trust the data.

    Therefore, potential investors must check if the platforms they’re considering have had independent third-party verification. This process provides assurance and peace of mind for investors when it’s time to invest.

    FAQs about: Is Sabres Capital Legit

    Q1: Is Sabres Capital a legitimate company?

    A1: Yes, Sabres Capital is a legitimate company. They are a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and are regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

    Q2: What services does Sabres Capital offer?

    A2: Sabres Capital provides a wide range of financial services, including portfolio management, wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning.

    Q3: Who can use Sabres Capital’s services?

    A3: Sabres Capital offers services for individuals, businesses, and institutions. They work with a wide range of clients, from those just starting out to experienced investors.