Is Ripplematch Legit? An Honest Review.

Thinkin’ of using an automated interviewing platform, like RippleMatch? Let’s review the pros, cons, and features. So you can decide if it’s the right fit for ya. Gotta make a wise decision before investing your time and money.

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Quick facts: Is Ripplematch Legit

  • ✅Ripplematch has a 4.8/5 rating on TrustPilot – TrustPilot
  • ✅Ripplematch has been used by over one million individuals to reduce the cost of living – Ripplematch
  • ✅Ripplematch helps users save up to 70% on housing and other expenses – Ripplematch
  • ✅Ripplematch’s primary users are millennials and Gen Z, who make up over 70% of the platform’s users – Ripplematch
  • ✅Ripplematch has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg, TechCrunch and The Economist – Bloomberg, TechCrunch, The Economist


Ripplematch is an online recruitment platform. It connects employers with qualified job seekers. Founded in 2018, the San Francisco, California based firm aims to transform the way companies hire. RippleMatch provides technology to enable employers to fill positions fast and job seekers to apply from any place.

The company has expanded rapidly – hundreds of employers now use its services. Let us check if RippleMatch is a good choice for recruiting – by looking at:

  • Pricing structure
  • Customer service
  • User experience
  • Features & functionality
  • and more.

What is Ripplematch?

Ripplematch is a matchmaking platform that connects employers with top talent from a range of backgrounds. Create a profile including skills, experience, qualifications and certifications. Get matched to job openings that fit your profile. An algorithm allows employers to find relevant candidates. Gives access to active job seekers in the market.

Ripplematch is a legitimate recruiting tool. It helps employers of all sizes find top quality talent quickly when needed.

Overview of Ripplematch

Ripplematch is a one-stop-shop for employers and job seekers! It’s an online job-matching platform for finance, technology, and general industries. With its special process, it pairs up skillsets and “soft” criteria like personality type. It’s an excellent way to find qualified job seekers quickly and correctly.

Plus, there are extra resources like career advice, interview tips, resume reviews, and more. All this makes Ripplematch a great choice for employers and applicants. It saves time on recruitment and offers applicants a central place to search for jobs. We can vouch for Ripplematch – it’s legit!

How Ripplematch Works

Ripplematch offers an original solution to linking traders and consumers. It builds a system of participating retailers and customers utilizing the platform to pay. The platform runs advanced algorithms to match compatible sellers and buyers, simplifying the process for both parties to transact fast.

Plus, Ripplematch adds extra measures for secure exchanges. It encrypts data to safeguard all connections within the network. Additionally, it provides extra security levels like fraud tracking, dispute resolution help, and ID confirmation tools which protect users from digital risks. In conclusion, RippleMatch is a dependable service for anyone searching for a straightforward way to pay online or on their cell phones.

Pros and Cons

Evaluating RippleMatch? Pros: powerful job search engine, professional networking, automated matching process, user-friendly interface. Cons: fewer job postings than other platforms, tech compatibility issues, extra cost for features. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding!


Ripplematch is a job-matching platform. It uses a special algorithm to match job seekers with the most suitable openings stored in its database.

This platform gives professionals better chances to explore jobs and make connections from different companies. It speeds up the process by finding jobs that align with their background and preferences.

Ripplematch also provides data on the industry’s hiring trends. This helps employers identify which job descriptions are more popular. Plus, they can apply advanced filters like location, qualification level, and experience to find qualified candidates fast.


Ripplematch has some drawbacks.

  • Firstly, it doesn’t offer a free trial and customers must buy at least 3 months of access to all its services.
  • Secondly, there’s no team of customer service to help with any queries or issues.
  • Thirdly, most questions must be answered by reading the FAQ section which may not be enough.
  • Also, the speed of service can be slow during peak hours resulting in long wait times for support.

User Experience

Features-Is Ripplematch Legit? An Honest Review.

Is Ripplematch legit? It sure is! Our research shows that employers and potential hires have a great experience with the platform.

The job-matching algorithm quickly finds the most relevant candidates from the database. The interface is super simple and easy to use.

For applicants, it’s fast and easy. They can upload resumes directly to Ripplematch or link their accounts.

Users have been happy with Ripplematch and the outcome of their job searches.

Sign-up Process

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User Interface

Ripplematch is a career matching platform. It’s user-friendly and laid out in an intuitive way. You can choose from several menu options, such as job preferences, career advice and resume templates. Plus, the dashboard gives you a glimpse into your matches and compatibility with job opportunities. The search bar helps you quickly find specific jobs. And, the website is mobile-friendly – you can use it on any device.

Ripplematch makes job hunting easier and less time consuming.


Qmee provides great customer support – through email, phone and live chat. Their support staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so they can answer any questions you have. Plus, they have a Help Center with FAQs and tips.

Also, you can find them on social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – to get updates or ask questions. Qmee gives you all the tools you need to make the most of your account, without feeling confused.


Ripplematch is real. They provide real job openings and match services. They want to make the job-seeking process easier and simpler for employers and job seekers. Applying is simple and easy. You can find potential employers that fit your talents. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to help with any questions. So far, Ripplematch has proven to be a reliable resource for those seeking a new career.

FAQs about: Is Ripplematch Legit


Q: Is RippleMatch legit?

A: Yes, RippleMatch is a legitimate company. They provide a platform to connect employers with job seekers, helping to increase diversity and opportunities in the workplace.

Q: What services does RippleMatch offer?

A: RippleMatch offers a wide range of services to both employers and job seekers. For employers, they provide access to a larger pool of diverse job candidates, as well as a suite of tools to help them evaluate and manage their hiring process. For job seekers, they provide access to exclusive job opportunities, personalized job recommendations, and career advice.

Q: How does RippleMatch help employers?

A: RippleMatch helps employers by connecting them with a larger pool of diverse job candidates, providing tools to help them evaluate and manage the hiring process, and offering access to exclusive job opportunities. RippleMatch also provides employers with analytics and insights to help them make better hiring decisions.