Is Rently Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind Rentals.

Thinkin’ of using Rently’s online rental market? Want to know if it’s legit? Let’s find the facts about their rentability and you can make a smart decision. Uncovering the truth here!

Quick facts: Is Rently Legit

  • ✅ Rently had 8,500 professionals using its platform in 2020, according to Multihousing News.
  • ✅ Rently had a customer base of more than 50,000 properties in 2020, according to Multifamily Executive.
  • ✅ Rently’s virtual leasing platform has enabled more than 100,000 self-guided tours in 2020, according to Multifamily Executive.
  • ✅ Rently’s virtual platform is increasingly becoming the new normal for online property tours, according to Globe Newswire.
  • ✅ Rently’s platform is highly secure, as evidenced by its adoption by major real estate firms such as Zillow, according to HousingWire.

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Rently is an American rental platform connecting tenants with landlords. It works for long-term, short-term and vacation rentals. On the surface, it looks like a great choice. But what’s true about Rently? Is it reliable? This article will uncover the facts! We’ll look at how it works, features, security and more – so you can decide if it’s right for you.

We’ll look at:

  • How it works
  • Features
  • Security
  • And more

What is Rently?

Rently is a rental property tech and services business. It helps make the rental process simpler and safer. Rently offers services like self-tours, digital leasing, contactless move-ins, automated rent payments and electronic applications. Tenants can go through the entire rental process online. From searching for a property to signing their lease, it’s all done digitally.

Landlords can use Rently’s platform to search for tenants, manage verifications and background checks, and take payment.

Rently’s platform makes it easy for tenants and landlords to manage rentals. Even first-time landlords who aren’t familiar with the process can get started right away. Rently’s services are secure, so everyone involved can be sure their data is safe.

What Services Does Rently Offer?

Rently is an online platform designed to make renting easier. It offers services that benefit both landlords and tenants.

Landlords gain access to potential tenants, as well as tools to help manage their properties. This streamlines the rental process and allows landlords to find tenants quickly. Plus, they get tools to adjust rents and payments to match market trends.

Tenants can search for properties with detailed listings, photos and floor plans. They can also apply electronically, using a secure system with fraud detection features. Plus, they can access tenant screening reports and information about renting in their area.

Is Rently Legit?

Types of Home Exercise Programs-Is Rently Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind Rentals.

Rently is a useful online service that links renters and property owners. With it, you can look up available rentals and apply for them online. It also gives landlords an easier way to pick the right tenants.

Generally, people have good things to say about Rently on Trustpilot and Google Reviews. Some people did mention fees and cancellation policies. However, this doesn’t mean the company is untrustworthy. In the end, Rently is a legitimate rental service that helps both tenants and landlords.

Security and Safety

IDGod is the go-to for rental and purchase security and safety. They use advanced technology to guarantee legit renters. Payments are secure, including through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Plus, they have identity protection programs in place. IDGod offers the highest security around. People choose them for all their real estate transactions. No worry of money loss due to scams or fraud.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to find out if a service is trustworthy. Rently has received plenty of good reviews. For the app and the service it provides, reviews have been really positive since it started. People are pleased with the quality of customer service. They also like how easy the app is to use and how fast they can rent a property. Rently’s 7-day money back guarantee is another sign that their service is legitimate and secure.

All in all, customer reviews show that Rently is reliable and can be trusted.


Rently is a very competitive company when it comes to rental prices. The monthly rent is fixed and all-inclusive, with no hidden fees or charges. It offers savings compared to other rental companies. Multi-year leases and longer rental periods have discounted rates. Customers can save more with its loyalty program, offering discounts and rewards for frequent rentals.

Scheduling flexibility, competitive pricing, and quality service are what customers can expect from Rently. With its clear policies, transparent communication style, and easy-to-use platform, it’s no surprise that many people opt to rent through this company.

Alternatives to Rently

If you’re searchin’ for a Rently replacement, there are many to pick from. Airbnb‘s a famous one. Rently offers rentals from property owners and rent-to-own possibilities, while Airbnb links hosts and guests for short stays. VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is another well-known alternative. They provide nightly, weekly, and monthly/long-term rentals. also offers nightly, weekly, and monthly rental choices based on your needs. RentHop is a rental marketplace where landlords can list their own properties – no middleman like Rently required. Lastly, Roomster is an online platform where tenants can post profiles to find roommates or subletters for their rental properties.


Airbnb is a popular rental choice. It was one of the first peer-to-peer services in the industry. It’s great for experiencing local culture. But, there can be availability issues. Prices may be higher than with Rently. But, they vary due to location and availability.


HomeAway is a part of Step Banking which helps renters keep track of rent payments. It offers an exclusive bank account for rent payments. Automated rent payment is made simple with HomeAway. Renters can also look at payment history, make changes to future payments, and store important lease documents. Plus, view discounts from landlords for early payments.

HomeAway is an excellent tool for tracking and paying monthly rent!


VRBO stands for Vacation Rental By Owner. It’s one of the most popular rental websites out there! It offers properties from around the world, including private homes, villas, and condos. You can search for available properties by location.

Plus, you can get great deals on rentals. Security and privacy are top priorities for VRBO. They’re legally obligated to protect your personal information. They use encryption, firewalls, and strong passwords. Payments are always processed securely, like with PayPal and Stripe. VRBO also has a detailed privacy policy that explains how your information is collected and stored.


Is Rently legit? It sure looks like it! They’ve been around for 10+ years, and have raised $60 million in funding from top venture capitalists. Plus, their app has 4+ stars from users. They focus on safety, security, and customer satisfaction. So, if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to rent a home without agents or long-term leases, Rently is a good option!

FAQs about: Is Rently Legit


Q: Is Rently Legit?

A: Yes, Rently is a legitimate company. We are licensed and bonded in the states we operate in and have been in business since 2012.

Q: How does Rently work?

A: Rently makes it easy to secure a rental home without having to visit in person. You can apply online and view homes virtually through our 3D tours.

Q: Does Rently offer self-guided tours?

A: Yes, Rently offers self-guided tours. You can use our 3D tours to view properties from the comfort of your own home, or you can schedule a time to view the home in person.