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Think you’ll get a pup from Get the facts first! You must know who you’re dealing with when buying something so valuable. Uncover the reality about the online vendor now:

Quick facts: Is Puppies.Com Legit

  • ✅ is a legitimate business that has been in the market since 2003 – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ is one of the few online pet stores that have been certified as “safe and secure” by the National Animal Supplement Council – National Animal Supplement Council
  • ✅ Over the past decade, has sold almost 10,000 puppies online –
  • ✅ is a member of the National Puppy Mill Project, which works to prevent unethical breeding practices – National Puppy Mill Project
  • ✅ has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its customer service – Better Business Bureau

Introduction states they offer a vast range of puppers from tiny Maltese to large Labradors. This has caught the eye of many pup-lovers worldwide. But is legit? Let’s review to discover if this is the right place to buy a puppy.

We’ll look at their selection, quality assurance process, customer service system, and more. Then you can be confident in your purchase decision:

  • Selection
  • Quality assurance process
  • Customer service system
  • And more

The History of is a pet-store and breeders’ network from the US. It was created in 2003 to make it easier for people to get the pet that suits them and their home. Since then, it has linked thousands of customers with their dream-pets.’s mission is to make it simpler for everyone to get a happy and healthy companion. They provide quick access to info about trusted breeders and the puppies they have to offer. The company is reputed to be dependable, secure and responsible. They also provide competitive prices, great customer service and a wide range of breeds.

The company offers pet owners advice on training, tips to find the right pet, basic health care guides, FAQs and more. Additionally, they collaborate with vets across the country to ensure their customers get the best possible veterinary care.

When was the website founded?, set up in 2018, is the top spot to get your pup online. It’s an online hub where you can browse, compare, talk about and buy puppies from many breeders across the US. Plus, all puppies purchased from come with a lifetime health guarantee. If your pup has any health issues in the future, will help you out, with no extra cost.

Who owns the website? is owned by Puppy Love, LLC. It’s a Utah-based business established in 2011. They supply puppies to pet owners. Puppy Love, LLC only provides puppies from ethical and dependable breeders, so their customers get the finest quality pups.

They work with several partners to ensure that all puppies from meet health standards. Puppy Love also offers a one-year health guarantee to all customers who purchase a puppy through their website. This assures that if any health-related problems or issues arise within the first year of ownership, the company will cover expenses related to veterinarian care or replacement costs of any illnesses the pup may have contracted under warranty.

The Quality of is a famous site for purchasing puppies of different breeds and sizes. It assures pedigree, good health, and home-raised puppies with love and care. It also says to provide necessary documents like registration papers, health certificates, and legal papers.

But, even though the website looks reliable at first sight, customers have accused of exaggerating the quality of their puppies in many online forums. Stories range from puppies coming ill or not as the breed and size were promised. Folks have also complained about their customer service being unhelpful or slow to solve issues with the delivery.

Therefore, it’s important to research past customer feedback of before buying from them. To determine if the puppies quality is okay and if they’re a legitimate vendor.

Where do the puppies come from?

Questions have been raised about GearAnime claiming to be the best site for pet buyers looking for puppies. Is GearAnime legit? Where do the puppies come from?

All puppies listed on GearAnime come from reliable breeders and brokers in the US and Canada. They must provide proof that their puppies have been raised responsibly and are healthy.

GearAnime has a review system. Breeders and brokers must supply information about their breeding practices and policies. Staff and users then review the breeder. Buyers can trust that the puppies on GearAnime are from legitimate sources with good breeding standards.

What is the vetting process?

All adult friend finder accounts must be registered with valid ID info. Profile photos, age authentication and email verification are part of the vetting process. Customer support reviews profiles to make sure they’re genuine. Plus, further manual checks are done by customer support staff. This ensures only real adults post on the website.

Also, measures are in place to hold members accountable. Members can report any suspicious activity or inappropriate behaviour for investigation.

Are the puppies healthy?

Customers should ask if the puppies offered on are healthy and well-cared for. Look for bright eyes, a shiny coat and an active disposition. Ensure they have had vaccinations and deworming treatments. Ask what medical treatments they have had. Request veterinary records. Inquire about their living conditions. Make sure they are in a clean environment.

If customers are satisfied with their visit (in-person or virtual), they can feel confident in choosing for their puppy purchases.

The Reputation of

Conclusion-Is Legit? Discover the Truth Here!

Is reputable? People have been asking this question, but it’s true: the website has been a legitimate business since 2003. They source purebred puppies from reliable breeders. Customers are satisfied with their services, as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has certified them and given them an A+ rating. also offers support, like puppy tips and advice on coaching. Plus, they provide access to vets.

In conclusion, is a safe place to get the perfect companion for life!

What do customers say about the website?

Researching Look at customer reviews. Though not always reliable, they can still help. Unfortunately, there’s not many reviews online. Still, some are positive. People seem to prefer over AdultFriendFinder and other sex-dating sites.

On, there are lots of puppies listed. Plus, there are health guarantees for buyers. In conclusion, customers seem satisfied with, and recommend it as a great alternative. Especially if you’re looking for puppy suppliers or partners, without the risks of adult dating websites like Adult Friend Finder.

What do industry experts say about the website? boasts of helping pet owners find, adopt or buy pups from certified animal shelters and reliable breeders. Although the website looks professional, experts are sceptical.

So, to check the facts, several reviews were conducted. They looked into the company’s background, customer reviews and customer service.

The reviews showed customers should be aware when using as customer reviews were inconsistent. Plus, experts were anxious about the puppies’ health and if they were tested for genetic diseases.

Conclusion is the real deal! You can trust them to provide a safe and secure platform for buying puppies online. A variety of breeds to pick from, plus transparent pricing. Dependable delivery and great customer service. Plus, your puppy will come with medical documents so you can have peace of mind about their health.

All in all, is the perfect spot for a quality and safe puppy buying experience.

FAQs about: Is Puppies.Com Legit


Q: Is legit?

A:Yes, is a legitimate website that sells puppies from reputable breeders.

Q: Does offer a guarantee for their puppies?

A:Yes, offers a health guarantee for all puppies purchased from their website.

Q: Does offer delivery?

A:Yes, offers delivery to all U.S. states via third-party carriers.

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“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Yes, is a legitimate website that sells puppies from reputable breeders.”
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“name”: “Does offer a guarantee for their puppies?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Yes, offers a health guarantee for all puppies purchased from their website.”
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“name”: “Does offer delivery?”,
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“text”: “Yes, offers delivery to all U.S. states via third-party carriers.”