Is Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Think of investing with Find out if it’s legit! Uncover the truth by looking at the risks, rewards and legality. Make a smart decision with all the facts.

Quick facts: Is Public.Com Legit

  • ✅ is a registered broker dealer with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). (FINRA)
  • ✅ has over 4 million users and is the fastest growing investing app in the U.S. (TechCrunch)
  • ✅ has raised over $117 million in venture funding. (Crunchbase)
  • ✅ has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ has a 4.9/5 star customer rating with over 1,000 reviews. (Trustpilot)

Introduction is a new stock trading platform that’s making waves in the financial world. Many are asking if it’s legitimate or a scam. To help you decide, this article will take a deep dive into We’ll explore their services, fees and features. Plus, we’ll look at the pros and cons and compare it to other options. Afterwards, you should have all the info needed to decide if is legit.

What is is a publicly-traded company. It allows anyone to invest and trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies without high fees. The firm was founded in 2019. Its mission is to make the financial markets more accessible. provides services like fractional shares. These enable investors to buy a fraction of a share (down to $1) instead of full shares. It also offers pooled investing accounts, and social investing. This lets users share market insights with each other.

Moreover, the company offers educational resources. These include webinars, articles, videos, and quizzes. These help new investors to navigate markets successfully.

Ultimately, is devoted to helping those without access to become more informed about their investments.

Features is a stock trading platform with no hidden fees or high minimums. It’s simple, fun, and social. It has a strong focus on social media, like updates on stocks you own, and following other traders. The “Stock Lists” feature allows you to make lists of stocks, like a watchlist.

Other features include real-time quotes, personalized watchlists, market news, and fractional shares. Public makes investing easy, convenient, and transparent for new investors, and has useful features for experienced traders.

Overview of is an investment platform for private companies – no broker needed! It stands out with fractional stock shares and the top 50 US stocks in a portfolio.

The platform offers mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and more. Plus, no minimum balance or deposit is required. Fees are lower than traditional brokers, so it’s ideal for new investors who want to get started without too much risk. Note: margin accounts and leverage aren’t available. Perfect for those who want an easy and safe investing experience.

Investment options

Investing in the stock market offers many options. Software cascade is one option, but there are others. For example, It allows users to buy fractional shares with just $10. It also provides educational materials like tutorials and webinars. It’s up to the investor to choose the best option for their goals and risk levels.

Fees is a free investment platform with no commission fees and no minimum account requirements. But, it does charge a few fees. For instance, deposits of less than $500 cost $5. Additionally, transferring assets out of your Public account costs $50. And, if your account has been inactive for twelve months, you’re charged $50. Plus, there is a $2/month subscription fee if you opt into the social feature.

Compared to other brokerages, is inexpensive. This makes it an ideal option for new investors who want to explore strategies with minimal risk. The lack of commissions, low account minimums, and no transfer-out fee make it budget-friendly.


Belk takes pride in protecting customers. It has multiple layers of security. Data is encrypted with 256-bit SSL tech, making it impossible for hackers to access. Two-factor authentication is also in place, with a password and one-time code sent via email or text. Transactions are PCI compliant and monitored 24/7.

Belk also maintains physical security, limiting server access and working with vendors who have similar standards. Customers can purchase without worrying about privacy or safety.

Pros and Cons


  1. provides free investing in the stock market.
  2. You can access the platform from anywhere with a browser or mobile app.
  3. The user community is interactive and engaging.
  4. Educational resources help new investors learn.
  5. Use the Stock Screener to filter stocks and make informed decisions.


  • Inactivity and custodial fees if you don’t meet minimum requirements.
  • The mobile app may not be suitable for experienced investors – limited options for setting up alerts and managing complex trades.

Advantages of is an online investing platform that offers commission-free stocks and ETFs. It stands out with its unique investing tools, like The Feed, which is based on a social network. also allows users to purchase fractional shares. Up to $10,000 in trades are free.

It has been backed by several venture capital firms and featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Forbes. This gives investors confidence in Public’s longevity.

Making investing more accessible, Public’s user experience and mobile app are intuitive. Newbie investors can get started quickly.

Disadvantages of is a stock trading app with many users drawn to its wide selection of stock options and user-friendly platform. But, there are some drawbacks to consider before signing up for the app.

  • High fees come with each trade, both buying and selling orders. This reduces profit margins. When investing in fractional shares, an extra fee is added.
  • Low minimum deposits limits the amount of money you can invest, and increases the risk of losing all your money in one go.

Weigh the pros and cons before deciding if is right for you.


Introduction-Is Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Reviews are a great way to learn the truth about any product, service, or platform. Especially when it comes to So, read honest reviews carefully. They can tell you about user experience, customer support responsiveness, and feature offerings.

But not all reviews are equal. Fake reviews offer nothing of value. They just try to sway public opinion from the truth. Read with an open mind. What works for one may not be suitable for another. Consider both positive and negative feedback before making your decision. reviews from customers customers leave reviews – a great way to check out the website. Reviews can help understand customer service, shipping methods, and speed of delivery. Read them and you’ll know if orders were as expected and if any issues were encountered. With this info in hand, shoppers can make a wise decision when choosing Reviews help shoppers feel confident about their shopping choice. reviews from experts

Experts always review to see if it’s a good fit. Many have shared their thoughts, rating the platform. Generally, they praised the features and intuitive design. They also liked the reasonable fees and easy integration with third-party services like PayPal and Stripe.

Some even said it helped them create an online presence quickly and efficiently, without spending too much money. All in all, expert reviews suggest that Public is a reliable provider for building an online presence.

Conclusion is a legit platform for investments. It offers users lots of options, such as stocks, ETFs, and fractional shares. No commissions or fees when trading stocks and ETFs. The design of the platform is intuitive and helps users learn about investing quickly.

  • Users can start investing without any cost and without commission fees.
  • The design makes it easier for users to make informed decisions.
  • Low barriers to entry and free trades for eligible accounts. may be worth considering for your financial goals.

Is legit?

Absolutely! is legit. The platform is simple to use and allows you to buy fractional shares of stocks and ETFs with no minimum balance or commission fees. Plus, it offers up to $500,000 in account protection. You can also take advantage of portfolio allocations, custom alerts, and their points reward system.

All in all, is a great option for those who want to get into investing without having to spend a lot of money or pay fees.

FAQs about: Is Public.Com Legit

Q1: Is a legitimate website?

A1: Yes, is a legitimate website. It is a financial services platform that provides people with the tools to manage their money, invest, and save.

Q2: Is safe to use?

A2: Yes, is a secure website. All data is securely stored and encrypted, and the website is protected by industry-leading security protocols.

Q3: Does charge any fees?

A3: No, does not charge any fees. They offer free financial services and tools that are accessible to everyone.