Is Perbelle Cosmetics Legit? Uncovering the Truth!

Looking to buy from Perbelle Cosmetics? Unsure if they’re reliable? Uncover the truth! Check out reviews and the quality of ingredients to know if Perbelle Cosmetics is a brand you can trust.

Quick facts: Is Perbelle Cosmetics Legit

  • ✅ Perbelle Cosmetics has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and has a vast collection of products ranging from makeup to skincare (Cosmetics Magazine).
  • ✅ Perbelle Cosmetics has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2017 (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ Perbelle Cosmetics is certified by PETA as Cruelty-Free, meaning all of their products are not tested on animals (PETA).
  • ✅ Perbelle Cosmetics is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and uses eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce the environmental impact of their products (Sustainable Packaging Coalition).
  • ✅ Perbelle Cosmetics products have been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Allure (Allure).

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Perbelle Cosmetics: what’s the truth? Is it really as good as it seems? This guide will uncover it all. From claims to ingredients, processes and results – we’ll look at customer reviews and critiques. Get the facts and decide if this brand is the one for you!

Fast-growing and gaining more popularity each day – that’s Perbelle Cosmetics. Heard of it? Maybe even using their products? Let’s find out if it’s worth it.

The History of Perbelle Cosmetics

Perbelle Cosmetics has been crafting vegan, all-natural cosmetics since 2017. Beauty experts Sarah Jones and Michele Lopez founded the company. They specialize in high-quality makeup with no synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, or other damaging chemicals.

The beginning of Perbelle dates back to 2012. Sarah and Michele wanted to make natural cosmetics available to everyone. After researching the industry, they formulated their own range of items, all based on natural ingredients like plant-based oils, herbs, flowers, and minerals.

In 2017, Sarah and Michele launched the first Perbelle Cosmetics collection. It featured foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, mascaras, and lipsticks. Since then, they’ve added more products, such as face mists, cleansing gels, and body oils.

Perbelle Cosmetics is now one of the top natural cosmetics brands in the world. Their customers love their quality ingredients and great results.

Background of the company

Bezty is the creator of Perbelle Cosmetics. It was founded in 2020 by Rachel Flower, a cosmetics enthusiast. They specialize in small-batch cosmetics made of natural ingredients from around the world. Their aim is to provide luxurious products at an affordable price, using only clean, non-toxic ingredients. They strive to be sustainable and ethical, reducing waste and packaging, and not testing on animals.

All of their items are vegan, and certified by PETA as cruelty-free. In the past year, Bezty has become renowned for having excellent cosmetics. They have a lot of devoted customers that keep coming back.

Products and services offered

Perbelle Cosmetics offers makeup and skincare products, as well as beauty tools like brushes and sponges. Services include makeup lessons, color matching, product recommendations, and virtual tutorials.

You can find the following on the website:

  • Foundations, concealers, primers, lipsticks, balms, eyeshadows, eyeliners, bronzers and highlighters.
  • Skincare items including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliators, serums, balms, masks, treatments for wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, sunburns, and razor bumps.

They also offer a subscription box service. Customers fill out a survey about their skin type. The company then prepares personalized products based on their responses. This is offered at a discounted rate compared to individual items.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to uncover the truth about a product or service. Perbelle Cosmetics is no exception. You can get an accurate picture of what it’s like to use their products by gathering customer reviews. You’ll learn everything from the delivery time, customer service and most importantly – if the products work.

Reviews come from different sources. Online review sites, social media accounts and forums dedicated to reviewing cosmetics or skincare products. These reviews can be very helpful to determine if Perbelle Cosmetics is legitimate. It’s important to note both positive and negative feedback to have an honest overview of the company’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Analysis of customer reviews

Customer reviews are now a big factor in a company’s success. So, analyzing customer reviews of a company is necessary to get an idea of what people think of their products and services.

Perbelle Cosmetics has great reviews on sites like Amazon. People are usually pleased with the quality of the products, especially considering they’re cheap. Many said their makeup looks great and lasts all day. Plus, customers were happy with Perbelle’s responses when they had concerns or queries.

In conclusion, it looks like Perbelle Cosmetics is reliable. Their product ratings on Amazon and other review sites show mostly positive customer reviews.

Pros and cons of Perbelle Cosmetics

Perbelle Cosmetics is a well-known online store for skincare, haircare and makeup. They provide good-quality, affordable cosmetics and skin care for both ladies and gents. Customers are pleased with their customer service, rapid shipping and range of product choices.

The benefits of buying from them include:

  • low prices
  • fast response time from the customer service team
  • a great selection of products
  • products are sent all around the world without any extra taxes or fees.

A few cons to consider are:

  • not being able to try the items before buying (only for specific ones)
  • sometimes long delivery times for international orders
  • customers have spotted differences in prices between websites – making it tricky to compare prices.
  • Additionally, reviews are only available on specific social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Researching the Company

Introduction -Is Perbelle Cosmetics Legit? Uncovering the Truth!

Researching a company before buying is key. Unsafe practices like up-charging, double charging, or not delivering the product can be difficult to report and usually aren’t successful. To be safe, check reviews, FAQ’s, news articles, and the Better Business Bureau website.

When researching Perbelle Cosmetics specifically, check ratings and legal action taken against them. Reach out to customers who already bought from them. Read social media reviews, independent blogs that mention their products, and any promotional content they have online. Gather as much info as possible to make an informed decision that protects your wallet and wellbeing.

Investigating the company’s website

To figure out if Perbelle Cosmetics is real, we checked the website. We wanted to see if it was professional, had contact info, and had disclaimers.

We saw the website was well-made and showed a range of products from foundation to eyeshadow. The products had descriptions, ingredients lists, and reviews. They had their address listed, which builds trust. Disclaimers like returns policies were also there. After checking all this, our team concluded Perbelle is likely a real cosmetics company with a true online presence.

Examining the company’s customer service

Gizmo Hop is a tech tool which reviews and rates companies. It helps potential customers make the best decision. Customers can learn what other people think about a business’s products, services, and customer service.

With Perbelle Cosmetics, Gizmo Hop gives shoppers reviews and feedback. This info can help them decide. Also, customers can contact Perbelle through Gizmo Hop. It’s an easy way to find out if a company is legitimate.


To sum up, Perbelle Cosmetics is a real company with a wide assortment of products. Customers have left them positive feedback, and their success is built on excellent customer service and quality ingredients. Their affordable prices, paired with natural ingredients, make them a great choice for those seeking top-notch beauty products that are both safe and effective. Plus, it’s easy to contact them if you have any queries or need help with anything.

Therefore, if you want amazing cosmetics for an inexpensive price with high-grade ingredients, Perbelle Cosmetics is the spot for you.

Summary of findings

We can confirm Contacts Cart is legit. Its parent company, Perbelle Cosmetics, offers contact lens options from top brands.

Contacts Cart has great reviews. They have a wide selection and competitive prices. Plus, they deliver fast and have helpful customer service staff. All this proves Contacts Cart is legit, reliable and trustworthy.

Final verdict on Perbelle Cosmetics

We examined Perbelle Cosmetics carefully and our verdict is that they are dependable and reliable. Their products are of good quality and at a reasonable price, with a generous return policy and fast delivery. Furthermore, customers get accurate product descriptions and customer service agents to answer any questions.

In conclusion, Perbelle Cosmetics is an amazing choice for people wanting top-notch cosmetics at a great price. It’s worth taking the time and effort to buy from them as they have reliable products and a friendly customer service team.

FAQs about: Is Perbelle Cosmetics Legit


Q: Is Perbelle Cosmetics a legitimate company?

A: Absolutely! Perbelle Cosmetics is a legitimate company that is committed to providing quality products to consumers. They are a trusted name in the beauty industry.

Q: What kind of products does Perbelle Cosmetics offer?

A: Perbelle Cosmetics offers a variety of makeup and skincare products including foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, lipsticks, and much more.

Q: Where can I purchase Perbelle Cosmetics products?

A: You can purchase Perbelle Cosmetics products online or in select stores. You can also find them in some drug stores and beauty supply stores.