Is PatPat Legit? Uncovering the Truth about the Shopping App

Do you want to shop without leaving the comfort of your home? PatPat is a popular app for this! In this article, we’ll discover the reality about PatPat. Is it a safe and legitimate way to shop? Read on to find out!

Quick facts: Is Patpat Legit

  • ✅ PatPat’s app has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide since its launch in 2014 – PatPat
  • ✅ Over 50 million products are sold through PatPat’s app every month – PatPat
  • ✅ PatPat has partnered with over 8,000 brands and retailers to provide customers with quality products – PatPat
  • ✅ PatPat offers free shipping on orders over $35 – PatPat
  • ✅ Satisfaction of PatPat customers is 96% – PatPat


PatPat is an app that was created in 2014. Its mission? To make it easier for parents to buy clothing for their children. It offers plenty of kids’ clothing by brands like Hanna Andersson, OshKosh B’Gosh and Polo Ralph Lauren. Plus, discounts of up to 70% off regular price. Is it too good to be true?

We’ll look at the legitimacy of PatPat, and figure out if its claims are true. We’ll examine the shopping experience, customer service practices and what other people are saying about it. Then, we’ll give our opinion if you should trust the app with your money.

Overview of PatPat

PatPat is a mobile shopping platform that helps its users find discounts on popular items from trusted brands. It offers a wide selection of products plus exclusive deals. You can shop for items at cheaper prices than elsewhere. PatPat also provides personalized recommendations and special sales events. Plus, its user friendly interface lets you quickly browse through categories. Refine your search by price, brand, size, and color. Get detailed product info, ratings, reviews and high quality images. PatPat’s secure payment system ensures your data is private. Your orders will be shipped right after purchase.

PatPat is great – it offers great deals on quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience.

What is PatPat?

PatPat is an app for shopping. It links customers to cheap fashion and home products. There are daily deals on many items, like clothes, accessories, furniture, art and decorations. Orders over $25 have free shipping. Customers can get points for buying and use them for later purchases.

However, there are some cons. The items may not be great quality because of their low prices. They are mass-produced to keep costs down. PatPat does not have an official return policy. You have to contact customer service by email to ask for a return or exchange. So, it is important to know the policies before you buy.


Reviews are key for judging a business, and PatPat shopping app is no exception. To know if it’s legit, look at reviews from other customers. Reviews can tell you about the reliability, customer service, product quality, delivery speed, and more.

Make sure to check reviews from both the App Store and third-party review sites, like Trustpilot. That way, you can get a complete idea of how customers feel and decide if the app suits your online shopping needs.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give important information about the shopping app PatPat. Looking at the reviews can help people decide if PatPat is good for them. Trustpilot and Sitejabber have reviews from customers. They are both positive and negative.

Most customers like PatPat because of the discounts and low prices. Other customers have issues with delivery and customer service. Positive reviews usually mention how simple the app was to use and how fast the delivery was. Negative reviews mention problems with delivery times and customer service.

People can use all the reviews to decide if PatPat is right for them.

Expert Reviews

Examining expert reviews is a must when exploring PatPat’s legitimacy. Industry Gurus give potential shoppers an understanding of the quality of items, customer service, and the business’s authenticity. Many reviews include pricing, delivery methods, and the app’s conditions. Furthermore, these assessments generally include personal accounts of the website’s convenience and how fast individuals obtain their orders.

With lots of choices, one must rely on experts to make educated decisions. Thus, if you’re wondering if PatPat is legit, quickly read their expert reviews before buying anything!

Pros and Cons

Barbizon is a global shopping app, becoming increasingly popular with shoppers. It has a wide variety of products, competitive prices and great customer service. However, there are pros and cons to shopping with Barbizon, and it’s important to consider both before making a decision.

The pros include:

  • A wide selection of products from different brands.
  • Prices that often beat competitors.
  • 24/7 customer service team for any questions or concerns.
  • Variety of payment options.

The cons include:

  • No product reviews or ratings system.
  • Slow delivery.
  • Expensive shipping costs worldwide.


PatPat offers a secure online shopping experience. Payments are collected by a third-party, rather than made directly to PatPat. This adds an extra layer of safety. All sensitive data like account numbers and passwords are encrypted with SSL technology and backed up often.

The website also uses high-level encryption to protect customer privacy. Plus, customers can create a unique login ID for each transaction. This way, if a hacker gets their login details, they won’t access any financial info.

Payment Security

When shopping online, payment security is key. We all want to know our confidential info and payment details are safe. PatPat, a booming shopping app, guarantees their customers that their payments are protected.

Transactions are secured with advanced encryption tech and fraud prevention systems. PatPat also uses industry-standard data encryption tech such as SSL. To verify card authenticity, 3D Secure technology is implemented. This requires customers to give extra authentication.

PatPat’s measures assure customers that their financial data is secure.

Data Security

Customers must be careful when they shop on PatPat. The app doesn’t have the strongest security, leaving users open to cyber attacks. During checkout, customers must enter sensitive info. This means that any data breaches, malicious acts, or cyber crimes could be linked to PatPat.

To protect against fraud, customers should read the product terms and confirm their order before hitting “buy”:

  • Read the product terms and conditions.
  • Confirm your order.
  • Hit “buy”.


Conclusion-Is PatPat Legit? Uncovering the Truth about the Shopping App

When making a purchase, quality should be the top priority. People often worry if PatPat is legit and if their products are good. To guarantee customer satisfaction, PatPat sells items from reliable brands, plus products from their China warehouse. The company tests everything thoroughly to make sure all products are up to the same standards.

All PatPat products undergo inspection before being shipped from the warehouse. Customers can be confident that customer safety is a priority and quality merchandise will arrive at their doorstep. They can also take advantage of the 30-day return policy and free exchanges if there are any issues with product quality.

Quality of Products

When shopping with PatPat, a key factor to consider is the quality of the product. PatPat offers items at a discounted price, but this may mean lower quality. Customer reviews and product descriptions can help you decide the quality of the item.

For clothing, look at the fabrics used and other details provided. Don’t just go for looks, as manufacturers may use cheaper materials to cut costs. Check sizing charts or compare measurements to local stores. Read customer reviews to know of potential problems before confirming the purchase.

Return and Refund Policy

PatPat has a customer-friendly return and refund policy. Within 60 calendar days of purchase, you can return items for a full refund or store credit. All items must be new and in their original packaging.

To initiate a return, use the app and follow the instructions.

Refunds will be issued within two weeks of PatPat receiving the item. Refunds are usually in the same form as the purchase. However, if you paid via PayPal, you may get the refund in PatPat credits. Unless an item was defective or sent in error, shipping fees won’t be refunded.


Is PatPat a legit shopping app? Yep! PatPat has been around since 2014 and has provided millions of people with items. The Better Business Bureau awards them an A+ rating and customers have given them good reviews. Plus, their products are often cheaper than the ones in regular stores, which is great for budget shoppers.

However, there have been some complaints about slow shipping and delivery issues. But PatPat has taken steps to fix these problems. In conclusion, PatPat is a secure and reliable online shopping app, offering lots of discounts.

Final Verdict

PatPat has definitely made a bang in the online shopping world! Their products range from clothing to household items and they’re all reasonably priced. Plus, their shipping is just as speedy as Poshmark’s, and the items are of great quality. In conclusion, if you’re looking for an alternative to Poshmark that offers quality products at reasonable prices, PatPat is the way to go!

It’s not hard to see why they’ve gained such popularity in such a short amount of time. With their reliability and affordability, you can’t go wrong with PatPat. So if you’re thinking about switching from Poshmark or any other online marketplace, give PatPat a try!

FAQs about: Is Patpat Legit

Q1: Is PatPat a legitimate website?
A1: Yes, PatPat is a legitimate online shopping site that offers great deals on baby and kids clothing.

Q2: How long has PatPat been in business?
A2: PatPat has been in business since 2014, and it has quickly become a popular destination for parents to shop for their kids.

Q3: Does PatPat offer free shipping?
A3: Yes, PatPat does offer free shipping on orders over $49.