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Searching for a trustworthy source for party supplies and decorations? Worry not – this blog will reveal if Oriental Trading is legit so you can shop without fear. Get ready to find out the answer to the question: “Is Oriental Trading legit?”

Quick facts: Is Oriental Trading Legit

  • ✅ Oriental Trading offers over 40,000 products and services related to occasion planning, fun and games, crafts and more. (Oriental Trading Company)
  • ✅ Oriental Trading Company has been around since 1932, making it one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers of party supplies. (Oriental Trading Company)
  • ✅ Oriental Trading has been named a Best Place to Work for the last ten consecutive years. (Fortune Magazine)
  • ✅ Oriental Trading has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ Oriental Trading has over 18,000 reviews on Trust Pilot with an average rating of 4.4. (Trust Pilot)

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Overview of Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading was founded in 1932 and specializes in novelties, party supplies and toys. Their headquarters are based in Omaha, Nebraska, with a main office in Florence, Kentucky. They offer their products online and through catalogs.

Oriental Trading is known for providing creative solutions for businesses like schools, daycares, churches and scout groups. You can also find craft supplies, decorations and costumes. Products are related to sports teams, holidays or special occasions – something for everyone!

Their mission is to provide quality merchandise at discount prices, so everyone can have joy and fun memories. Customer satisfaction is very important to Oriental Trading – they have something for all occasions from birthdays to Halloween decorations, school supplies or religious figurines. You can even order bulk orders of toys with great per unit pricing!

In conclusion, Oriental Trading is a trusted source with many years of experience – they offer quality products and services at reasonable prices.

History of the company

Oriental Trading – founded by Harry Watanabe, a Japanese immigrant and entrepreneur – is a century-old company. It started as a mail-order business. It sold Asian gift items from Omaha, Nebraska. Now, it is a leading online retailer for party favor supplies.

It offers over 40,000 products and services. These include toys and games, home décor, wedding and party supplies, craft supplies and more. Oriental Trading is highly rated for customer satisfaction. It is committed to quality products at competitive prices. Furthermore, it provides convenient shipping options. Friendly customer service representatives are based in Omaha.

What types of products they offer

Zapaka is an e-commerce store, an expert in oriental trading products. They offer a variety of items such as home decorations, business supplies, wedding and party accessories, toys, hobbies, games, craft supplies and more. This company has been around since 1995 and is based in NYC.

At Zapaka, you can discover the ideal product for any occasion. Whether it’s for a creative project or to add to your home decor. Zapaka has something for everyone! Festive holiday decorations, Halloween costumes, vibrant party favors, jewelry beads, themed tabletop sets with characters like Minnie Mouse… On their website, you can browse over 30 categories and find something for any taste and occasion.

Is Oriental Trading Legit?

Oriental Trading is a legit biz. It has been around since 1932 and provides quality stuff at wholesale prices. They source from various manufacturers around the world, giving customers varied options to pick from. Plus, their website is easy-to-use and has a fast checkout process. The BBB gave them an A+ rating. They also give customer service via phone, email, or chat.

Many are happy with their purchases and recommend them for party supplies, decorations, and crafts.

What are the most common customer complaints?

Oriental Trading has its fair share of customer complaints. Common grievances include:

  • slow delivery
  • order mix-ups
  • difficulty in returns
  • items not as advertised
  • quality issues
  • pricing confusion

Other problems include:

  • hard to contact customer service
  • higher than expected shipping charges
  • website design and usability problems
  • payment processing issues

Since the switch from Ticketmaster to Ticketweb, these types of issues have increased. Customers want a hassle-free experience when shopping with Oriental Trading. They want perfect items, fast and easy.

How do they compare to other online retailers?

Batchlet has a few advantages over other online retailers.

  • Firstly, they offer 350,000 items – nearly double the amount of other companies.
  • Furthermore, their prices are very competitive – sometimes up to 30% cheaper.
  • The website is easy to use and customers can purchase quickly.
  • Finally, customer service is exceptional. Their staff can answer any question and get you what you need quickly.

Batchlet provides an excellent online shopping experience and beats many of its competitors in selection, value and customer service.

What safety measures do they have in place?

Oriental Trading is a reliable online retailer offering products for home, party, and event needs. They ensure customer safety with frequent security updates, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance, and advanced encryption tech on website and mobile app. Customers may activate two-factor authentication and the company’s Fraud Protection Program.

Financial data stored on their website is secured with Norton Secured SSL Certificate and strong encryption tech to thwart hacking attempts.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are a helpful way to learn how good a company is. Oriental Trading offers customers reviews from other shoppers on the website. This helps them get an idea of their buying experience. The reviews show how good the quality of products, delivery speed, and customer service have been for people who ordered from this company.

Oriental Trading also offers a rating system for customers that have used their services. This helps others make informed decisions before buying from this business. Reading customer reviews will help you find out if Oriental Trading is legit. It also gives you an impression of the service they offer.

What do customers have to say about their experience?

Oriental Trading Company is highly praised by its customers. Reports of great customer service and top-notch products keep coming in! Most customers are content with the range of items, the prices, and the convenience of online shopping. Orders arrive correctly and on time – a bonus!

Consumers see Oriental Trading as reliable and authentic, with quality products at fair costs. Many reviews applaud their customer service team, conveying that they are dedicated to delivering excellent service to everyone. Oriental Trading seems to have an overwhelmingly positive reputation with its customers.

Are there any customer loyalty programs?

Masterworks has a loyalty program. It rewards loyal customers with points for every dollar spent. These points can be used on future purchases or promotions. Customers also get discounts and rewards. Plus, they can access special offers. There’s a Refer-A-Friend program too. Existing customers can refer new ones and both get rewards.

The main benefit of investing with Masterworks is the special discounts and rewards. A downside is that points expire after 30 days if not redeemed. So, customers must keep an eye on their balance and redeem points as soon as they have enough for a reward or offer.


Introduction-Is Oriental Trading Legit? Get the Answer Here!

Pricing is key when ordering from Oriental Trading. Products range from $0.01 tattoos and party favors to pricier personalized items and bulk decorations. Those seeking wholesale prices can join their trade program for discounts. Orders over $49 get free standard shipping in the US. Smaller orders have flat-rate shipping. Expedited and international shipping is extra.

Oriental Trading offers great value with its selection and pricing.

Are their prices competitive?

Oriental Trading is a well-known company with quality products at competitive prices. It has a wide range of party supplies, toys, crafts, and hobby items. Plus, they have novelties, outdoor decorations, and seasonal decorations. Compared to other retailers, customers can save money when they shop at Oriental Trading.

  • The company has sale items and bulk discounts for bigger orders.
  • It also offers free shipping on certain orders.
  • Oriental Trading has coupon codes for online and in-store purchases.

All these features make it an excellent choice for people who want quality goods without spending much.

What types of discounts do they offer?

Oriental Trading (OTC) offers different discounts, such as:

  • Free shipping for orders over $39.
  • Low prices on select items.
  • Bulk discounts for buying 10 or more items.
  • Recurring discounts for regular customers from their website.
  • Special sales where customers can get additional discounts.
  • Exclusive coupons for newsletter subscribers.
  • Promo codes at events like trade shows.

Customers should sign up to get notices about deals and discounts.


Oriental Trading is undeniably legit! They provide amazing products, competitive prices, and dependable service. It’s the perfect place to find what you need for any business or event, big or small. Why not check out their selection now?

It’s a top-notch business with plenty of options. For any type of occasion or event, Oriental Trading has it all. And with great products, competitive prices, and convenient shipping, there’s no better place!

Final verdict: Is Oriental Trading Legit?

Oriental Trading is 100% legit. It’s been around since 1932 and provides quality items at good prices. Plus, you get a full refund if you’re not happy with your order. On top of that, customers can read reviews to get an idea of what they’re ordering.

All in all, it’s clear that Oriental Trading is a legitimate and reliable source for wedding supplies and more!

FAQs about: Is Oriental Trading Legit

Q1: Is Oriental Trading a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Oriental Trading is a legitimate company that has been in business since 1932. They are an online retailer of party supplies, crafts, toys, and more.

Q2: Where is Oriental Trading located?

A2: Oriental Trading is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and they have multiple distribution centers throughout the United States.

Q3: Does Oriental Trading have a physical store?

A3: No, Oriental Trading does not have a physical store, they are an online retailer.