Is Ohmconnect Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Company

Pondering signing up with Ohmconnect? Uncertain if it’s legit? Uncover the truth in this article! Is Ohmconnect a legitimate company? Learn how to save money and energy, as well as do your part for the environment. Get the scoop now!

Quick facts: Is Ohmconnect Legit

  • ✅ Over 100,000 Californians have already joined OhmConnect and saved electricity together, according to OhmConnect (Source: OhmConnect)
  • ✅ OhmConnect has saved Californians over 280M kWh of electricity, helping to reduce the amount of emissions annually (Source: OhmConnect)
  • ✅ In 2017, OhmConnect was awarded the 2017 Energy Storage North America Innovation Award (Source: HowGreenIsMyValley)
  • ✅ OhmConnect has helped Californians save an average of $150 to $300 each year (Source: OhmConnect)
  • ✅ OhmConnect is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (Source: BBB)

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What is Ohmconnect?

Ohmconnect is a San Francisco, California based energy-efficiency and demand response service provider. It helps customers save on electricity bills and lower their carbon footprint. The app monitors and controls energy usage to help save money. Customers can turn on special energy-saving devices too.

Participants get points when they reduce electricity demand during peak times. Points can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. Ohmconnect partners with local utilities and is accredited by the CPUC as a DRSP.

Overview of the Company

OhmConnect is a California-based firm that helps people and businesses save money on their energy bills. They collaborate with utility companies to tell users when they’re consuming more electricity than needed. The website says OhmConnect is the only service of its kind in California and the only one that gives rewards for energy savings.

The company was established in 2014 by conservation engineer Matt Duesterberg and some tech entrepreneurs from the San Francisco Bay Area. It has grown rapidly, with more than 800 customers and a team of over 40 employees. They have offices in Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. OhmConnect also provides its service in the US and Canada.

Various news outlets such as NPR, Business Insider, Vice News, and USA Today have featured OhmConnect.

How Does Ohmconnect Work?

Ohmconnect is a service that rewards you for saving energy at peak times. Sign up and provide your zip code and utility provider. Ohmconnect will work out when and how much electricity to reduce in order to get the most rewards. To be eligible, customers need to cut back 10%.

Before peak times, Ohmconnect will email or text customers. To reach their goal and get rewards, customers can turn off lights, unplug electronics or adjust the thermostat. At the end of the month, customers can use Ohmconnect’s website to view and track money saved.

Is Ohmconnect Legit?

Is Ohmconnect legit? Let’s take a look at their four key aspects – customer service, registration process, rewards system, and security measures – to find out.

  • Customer service is top-notch. They’ve got a 24/7 phone line and email support to help customers with their accounts or the rewards program.
  • Registration requires users to enter personal information, but it’s all encrypted with industry-standard protocols. So, no risk of identity theft.
  • The rewards system is great. Customers can earn money by reducing electricity usage at peak times or by referring new users.
  • Security is taken care of with 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

So, yes. Ohmconnect is an honest energy-saving company that puts customer satisfaction first.

The Pros and Cons of Ohmconnect

Ohmconnect is a great way to save energy and money on your utility bills! It links customers with the grid and gives them rewards for using less energy when demand is high. It’s easy to use and manage, plus they have customer service if you need help.

The Pros: You can save money in the long run, it’s user-friendly and they have active customer service.

The Cons: You must have access to the grid, and sometimes sign-up bonuses and prices are not as high during peak hours, meaning you don’t get paid as much for reducing energy use.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a useful way to learn about a company or service. They can show us both the good and bad about a business, and customer experiences that the company may not know about.

Ohmconnect’s reviews tell us that their services are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. Also, their customer service is great. People say they get quick answers to questions and tips on how to use Ohmconnect’s products.

Plus, customers love their rewards system. Many people have seen rewards deposited in just two weeks after signing up.

Overall, customer reviews suggest that Ohmconnect is a dependable utility company with awesome customer service and rewarding features.

Alternatives to Ohmconnect

Ohmconnect is not the only choice! Alternatives exist such as Arcadia, Peaksaver Plus, GenerElected, and Efficiency United. All four offer customers ways to reduce their electricity bills.

  • Arcadia helps individuals and companies offset their carbon footprint with renewable energy projects.
  • Peaksaver Plus provides access to conservation programs in Ontario.
  • GenerElected allows customers to choose green energy providers and invest in renewable energy projects.
  • Efficiency United guides customers to switch from traditional electricity providers to more affordable renewable sources.

Each of these alternatives has different levels of service. So customers should research each one before making a decision.

Other Energy Saving Programs

Yoox is an Ohmconnect program offering energy efficiency and conservation. It helps residential customers cut electricity bills by tracking usage. Customers can set goals, get rewards, and get notified when unusual electricity usage is detected.

Additionally, Yoox offers energy-saving devices like smart plugs and lighting. These are connected wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To top it off, Yoox provides an online platform with real-time monitoring and management of energy use. Plus, tips to reduce costs, challenges with friends and family, local events related to energy efficiency, and educational resources about sustainability.

Other Ways to Save on your Energy Bill

You don’t need to be an Ohmconnect customer to save on your energy bill. Other methods can be more effective.

  • Update your appliances and lighting to more efficient models. Look for “Energy Star” rated models to help cut your costs. Try LED lights; they use up to 70% less electricity than incandescent bulbs.
  • Check with your utility company to see if you qualify for incentives, such as rebates.
  • Additionally, make sure to turn off electronics or lights when not in use. Unplugging devices when they won’t be used for extended periods can also help conserve energy.


Is Yoox Legit?-Is Ohmconnect Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Company

Is Ohmconnect legit? A clear yes! Operating for 5 years, they’ve earned a solid reputation. Lots of users are happy with their service. Plus, their customer support team is fast to answer questions. They use advanced security to protect your data and offer competitive prices. Plus, extended warranties & an affiliate program make them an excellent choice for those wanting to save money & help the environment.

Summary of Ohmconnect

Ohmconnect is a cloud-based platform. It rewards homeowners for reducing energy usage when the electric grid is most stressed. It offers cash rewards and other incentives. Participation in their demand response program is free. Users save money and reduce carbon emissions by cutting back on electricity use at peak times.

In addition to cash rewards, they can also earn points towards discounts on home energy products. Plus, there are monthly promotions.

Ohmconnect is a legitimate company. Since 2014, it has had an overwhelmingly positive customer experience. People make money and help reduce emissions. It’s a great choice for those looking to save cash and do good for the environment.

Final Thoughts on Ohmconnect

To sum up, Ohmconnect is a real business that strives to assist individuals in saving energy and money. Although, evidence of user reviews and statements is restricted, customers appear to have achieved success when making use of the service.

Their Energy Monitorz feature can help households and localities keep tabs on their utilization and detect areas to reduce their energy intake. Also, thanks to the extra rewards, users can gain extra cash by accomplishing tasks or preserving electricity during peak hours.

Thus, it looks like Ohmconnect is a sensible choice for those who want to save money on their energy bills while also encouraging renewable energy sources.

FAQs about: Is Ohmconnect Legit

Q: Is Ohmconnect Legit?

A: Yes, Ohmconnect is a legit energy management service. It helps customers reduce their electricity usage in order to save money on their energy bills. The service is available in some states in the US.

Q: How Does Ohmconnect Work?

A: Ohmconnect works by monitoring your energy usage and sending alerts when your energy consumption is about to exceed a certain threshold. You can then take action to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your energy bills.

Q: Is There a Cost to Use Ohmconnect?

A: No, there is no cost to use Ohmconnect. It is a free service that helps customers save money on their energy bills.