Is Keeps Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Hair Loss

Think about Keeps for hair loss? Loads of reviews and testimonies online. It’s tough to find the truth. Get the facts on Keeps. See if this is a real hair loss solution.

Quick facts: Is Keeps Legit

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Is Keeps legit? That’s the question. Keeps is a hair loss treatment with much talk in the beauty industry. Their mission is to give customers an affordable and effective way to fight hair loss. They have two products: a topical solution and an oral supplement. They promise to help with shedding, thinning, and breakage.

This article looks at the history, efficiency, customer reviews and more to answer this question. Is Keeps worth the money or not? Let’s find out:

Overview of Keeps

Keeps is a hair-loss service that helps customers reduce, stop, and even reverse male-pattern baldness. They offer products like shampoos, conditioners, supplements, topicals, prescription medications (for men), and laser combs. Plus, they give online consultations with board-certified doctors to diagnose hair loss and make recommendations. They are available 24/7 if you have queries about your hair health.

Reviews from real customers prove Keeps has great service and results, making it trustworthy for those with thinning hair.

What is Keeps?

Keeps is a popular online platform for those who want to tackle hair loss. It delivers medication to your doorstep and helps you manage your hair loss through preventive and active treatments. Established in 2018, it has become a reliable source of solutions.

Keeps offers generic medications such as finasteride and brand-name products like Rogaine at discounted prices. Plus, they organize consultations with registered physicians to answer any questions about treatment plans or concerns about the medication. Their mission is to make it easy to fight thinning hair without having to visit a doctor’s office.

Keeps’ Hair Loss Treatments

Keeps is a renowned solution for hair loss. Both prescription meds and natural ingredients are offered, for users to halt or reduce hair loss. Personalized plans are available for each user’s needs.

  • Prescription Treatments: FDA-approved meds like Minoxidil, Finasteride and Dutasteride.
  • Natural Treatments: Vitamins and minerals for scalp nourishment, plant extracts to help follicles and topical solutions to stop hair fall. Clinically proven to reduce hair loss, with minimal side effects.

Try Keeps for reliable hair loss relief. Combining prescription meds and natural treatments, you can see results in weeks or months.

Overview of Keeps’ Hair Loss Treatments

Keeps is an online subscription service that provides hair loss treatments to your home. Its products are tailored to your individual needs, depending on a questionnaire filled out when signing up. Keeps offers 3 hair loss treatments: Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Dutasteride.

  • Minoxidil is a topical solution or foam to help get thicker, fuller-looking hair. It increases blood flow to the scalp and reduces follicle shrinkage.
  • Finasteride is a daily pill to prevent testosterone from changing into DHT, which causes male pattern baldness.
  • Dutasteride does the same thing but with a stronger dose and has been proven more effective in trials.

Plus, Keeps gives you personalized advice from licensed medical professionals so you can choose the best treatment for you.

Keeps’ Finasteride Treatment

Keeps is a hair loss treatment service. It offers prescription meds to treat the cause of hair loss – DHT. Finasteride, a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, is one of Keeps’ active ingredients. It blocks DHT formation in the scalp. Minoxidil is another popular hair loss treatment included.

Keeps also provides personalized guidance and advice from doctors and pharmacists. Video chats and other interactive features help users consult professionals to treat their hair loss. This makes it easier for users to understand their condition and make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

Keeps’ Minoxidil Treatment

Keeps is a subscription service that helps men and women with thinning hair. They use a topical medication with 5% minoxidil to improve the look of thinning hair. This increases blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating new growth and strengthening existing hairs.

Keeps also offers personalized lifestyle advice for individual needs and goals. They have other services, too, such as consultations with trichologists, advice and support from a scalp specialist, and discounts on products. All-in-all, Keeps looks to be a reliable company providing safe, effective solutions for thinning hair or baldness.

Keeps’ Prices

Keeps’ prices depend on the therapy, number of bottles per month and if it’s for men or women.

Male customers can choose between two treatments: Finasteride (1mg) or Minoxidil (5%).

  • Finasteride (1mg) is $20/month for one bottle and $50/month for three.
  • Minoxidil (5%) is more costly, costing $30/month for one bottle and $80/month for three.

Women can only get Minoxidil (2%), which is $25/month for one bottle and $65/month for three.

Plus, Keeps offers a free subscription to its Growth Serum with 3-bottle orders of Finasteride or Minoxidil.

U.S orders over $35 get free shipping, making Keeps’ prices competitive.

All treatments come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure you get your money’s worth.

Overview of Keeps’ Prices

Keeps offer prices that are affordable in comparison to other hair loss treatments. For instance, their propecia-based medication is only $20 a month. The same medication can cost up to $75 from other providers. Also, they offer hair restoration kits for just $10 per month. This pricing model helps customers save money without sacrificing quality.

In addition, Keeps guarantees a refund for customers who aren’t satisfied with the results. This ensures customers that their money will be returned if treatment doesn’t work. Also, Keeps gives discounts for those who buy multiple months of treatment at once. All in all, Keeps provides great prices for those who want to treat hair loss without spending too much!

Finasteride Price

Finasteride is a great way to manage hair loss. But, some people worry about the cost. Keeps offers a subscription plan that makes it affordable. They offer 1mg and 5mg generic finasteride tablets at the same price. You can also change your subscription date and frequency to fit your needs. Plus, Keeps has an in-house medical team. They help make sure your treatment plan works for you.

Minoxidil Price

Minoxidil cost is an essential thought when using the treatment for hair loss. It’s available as topical or injectable. Brands like Rogaine and Kirkland are usually pricier than generic versions, despite being comparable. The strength of the solution will determine its price; stronger solutions usually come with a heftier tag. Usually, you can expect to pay $12 – $40 for a one-month supply. Foam canister or spray bottle versions might be more costly than standard bottles.

Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference and budget when choosing which Minoxidil version and dosage to use.

Keeps’ Reviews

Overview of Toywiz-Is Keeps Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Hair Loss

Keeps is an online provider of FDA-approved treatments and products to help fight hair loss. These include minoxidil, finasteride, and biotin supplements. You can conveniently order treatments straight to your home. Keeps also offers free and unlimited consultations with doctors who can help you decide which treatments are best.

Thousands have used the service and given reviews. These provide insight into the legitimacy of Keeps as a hair loss solution. Through reviews, you can understand how well Keeps works for hair loss and the customer support offered. You can also decide if the results are worth the cost.

Overview of Keeps’ Reviews

Checking out the legitimacy of Keeps? Important to know what customers say. Keeps is OK’d by the FDA and clinically tested to help keep and grow hair. It ensures privacy and discretion.

Reviews talk about how well the product works, as well as its commitment to privacy and safety. Customers like that orders come in anonymous boxes. Plus, reps guarantee complete confidentiality for all medical treatments discussed by phone or email. Credit card info is stored on a third-party server with bank level encryption for extra security when paying.

Overall, reviews are positive when it comes to security and privacy when ordering products and speaking with customer service reps.

Positive Reviews

When it comes to pricing and payment options, reviews for Keeps are overwhelmingly positive. Customers love the transparency regarding pricing. Plus, they can select a plan that works best with their budget.

Payment options include credit card or PayPal. Some customers may opt for automatic refills, especially if they are taking an ongoing medication like finasteride or minoxidil.

Furthermore, Keeps provides a 100% money back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied within 90 days of purchase. This is an added bonus that customers are sure to appreciate.

Negative Reviews

Keeps has mainly had good reviews, but there are some bad ones too. Some customers didn’t see any results after months of use, and others reported more hair loss. Also, the customer service is slow and the packages are expensive.

These negative reviews should be taken into account when deciding if Keeps is legit. Therefore, it looks like people should do their own research before investing in Keeps, as it may or may not be worth the cost and effort.

Keeps’ Legitimacy

Keeps provides telehealth services for hair loss. No physical office is needed, as they create personalized treatment plans for each user. Their medications are FDA-approved and proven to work for male and female pattern baldness.

They have been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Shape, and Allure. A double-blind clinical trial found that 83% of participants had less shedding and thicker hair after 6 months on their program.

Keeps has been certified by the Telemedicine Accreditation Commission (TAC). This follows strict clinical standards and protocols to guarantee excellent patient care and safety. Thus, Keeps’ treatments are reliable and effective for treating hair loss.

Overview of Keeps’ Legitimacy

Keeps is an online pharmacy that aids men in hair loss. It has FDA-approved medicines and tips. But, questions about its legitimacy and safety arise. So, it’s important to investigate further.

To check out Keeps, look at the company’s record, customer critiques, and online presence. Keeps is compliant with the FDA and its products are safe. Though, some customers had bad experiences. Complaints included difficulty getting refunds and wrong medications sent.

It is up to customers to research more into what Keeps provides, before signing up or buying anything.

Keeps’ Credibility

Costway is a business that supplies hair loss products and services to customers globally. Founded in 2018, it’s earned a great reputation. Customers have been pleased with the results they got from the items.

The website has useful information about hair loss, its causes, and treatments. The ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and the formulations are made in-house. Representatives are trained to handle queries and reply quickly. Plus, orders arrive within 24-48 hours of purchase.

Costway is legitimate – people praise them on their website and social media. They are open about their operations, provide great customer service, and offer fast shipping. So, it’s reliable for buying hair loss products online or subscribing to services.

Keeps’ Reputation

USANA is an American multi-level marketing company. It’s well-known for its dietary supplements. Founded in 1992, USANA has become a leader in creating nutritional, skincare, and weight-management products. They are made to be used with your own nutrition and exercise plan.

Keeps offers users a subscription service. They get packages of their chosen hair regrowth product every month. Keeps specialize in treating MPB with FDA-approved minoxidil foam and topical finasteride. They offer a satisfaction guarantee, free shipping, and product consultations with US-licensed dermatologists or medical experts.

Keeps has gotten positive reviews and has been featured in GQ Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. This has helped raise its profile among those dealing with hair loss.


Yes, Keeps is legit! They’ve been operational for over 10 years and have filled hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for men’s hair loss products. They collaborate with renowned hair loss pros to provide top-notch, effective products. Plus, they offer free consultations with hair specialists and money-back guarantees on all products. Customers can be sure they’re getting what they paid for.

In short, Keeps is a great resource for anyone wanting to tackle their male pattern baldness.

FAQs about: Is Keeps Legit

Q: Is Keeps Legit?

A: Yes, Keeps is a legitimate hair loss treatment company. They are the only FDA-approved, clinically-proven, doctor-led solution for men and women who are experiencing hair loss.

Q: What type of hair loss does Keeps treat?

A: Keeps treats male and female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is caused by genetic factors, and affects the hairline and crown.

Q: How does Keeps work?

A: Keeps works by blocking the hormone, DHT, which causes hair loss. Keeps offers two FDA-approved treatments: finasteride (a pill) and minoxidil (a topical solution). These treatments help to slow down and prevent further hair loss, and can help improve the appearance of thinning hair.