Is Joe’s New Balance Outlet Legit? Get the Facts Here.

Considering a new pair of shoes from Joe’s New Balance Outlet? Don’t make an expensive mistake! Get the details before you buy. You should know what you’re getting into. Make a wise choice when it comes to shoes.

Quick facts: Is Joes New Balance Outlet Legit

  • ✅ Joes New Balance Outlet has a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot (Source: Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Joes New Balance Outlet has been around since 2001 (Source: Joes New Balance Outlet)
  • ✅ Joes New Balance Outlet has over 25,000 customer reviews (Source: Joes New Balance Outlet)
  • ✅ Joes New Balance Outlet has been ranked as a top-tier online retailer (Source: Bizrate)
  • ✅ Joes New Balance Outlet offers free shipping on all orders over $99 (Source: Joes New Balance Outlet)


Welcome to Joe’s New Balance Outlet! Get genuine New Balance shoes and clothing at amazing prices. We have it all – running shoes, stylish sneakers, and the trendiest athletic apparel.

Is Joe’s New Balance Outlet legit? Yes! We are an authorized seller of only authentic New Balance products. Plus, orders ship fast and free with no minimum purchase. Payment is secure too.

You’ll also get speedy delivery and top-notch customer service when you shop with us. So don’t hesitate – shop now and experience all the great benefits!

About Joe’s New Balance Outlet

Joe’s New Balance Outlet is an online store that offers discounted footwear and apparel from the popular brand, New Balance. It has been up and running since 2019, based in Texas, USA. Joe’s New Balance Outlet provides a range of options for men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes and activewear. Customers can save up to 70%, with free shipping on orders over $50.

What sets Joe’s New Balance Outlet apart is its secure checkout system, ensuring customer confidence. All the items are 100% authentic, with superior quality and performance like any original store item from the manufacturer. It also offers shoppers a convenient experience, backed by excellent customer service – an edge over the competition.

Company History

Joe’s New Balance Outlet is a name-brand shoe store founded by Josef Caravella in the late 1990s. It is based in Brooklyn, NY and has since grown to 50 stores across the US and Puerto Rico – both online and in-person. Customers can purchase discounted men and women’s shoes from a variety of brands, plus Joe’s own line of athletic shoes.

Joe’s New Balance Outlet puts a big emphasis on customer service and product quality. They’ve won many awards for their commitment to excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable staff help customers find the perfect shoes for them. Plus, all purchases from Joe’s come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Product Range

StartEngine is a retail store that offers New Balance shoes and apparel. Its selection includes footwear and clothing for men, women, and kids. All items are 100% authentic as StartEngine is an authorized New Balance seller.

The store prides itself on offering great quality, selection, prices, and customer service. Sneakers range from size 4 to 20+. Plus, running shoes and casual wear are available in all sizes.

To ensure customers get the best value, free shipping is offered on orders over $50 plus taxes. Plus, free returns within 14 days of purchase or delivery. Customers can also redeem coupons on select items.


Costway Security is a reliable online store. They offer an awesome range of Nike and New Balance shoes. Prices are competitive and the quality is superior. For orders over $49, they provide complimentary shipping plus free returns in 30 days. Customers can use their coupons and discounts for extra savings. The checkout process is quick and easy. Shop with them for excellent products, competitive prices and great customer satisfaction.

Get your Nike or New Balance sneakers at budget-friendly prices from Costway Security!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important when researching Joe’s New Balance Outlet. Check reviews from multiple sources like their website, Yelp, Google, and Facebook. See how many reviews there are and what the ratings are. This helps get an idea of customer satisfaction.

Also look for consistent feedback on product quality, shipping times, and customer service. All these aspects determine if customers are happy with the business:

  • Product quality
  • Shipping times
  • Customer service

Positive Reviews

Joe’s New Balance Outlet has become a top internet shoe store due to the great reviews! Customers have applauded their collection, customer service, and prices. Some have even said Joe’s is the “go-to” for New Balance shoes.

The mission of the company is “high quality, fashionable and affordable footwear“. Many buyers have also noted how fast orders are shipped and customer support is helpful with returns or exchanges.

It seems Joe’s has earned a devoted customer base from their good selection and quality products. With all the great reviews, it is clear that Joe’s New Balance Outlet is a reliable online retailer with many satisfied customers.

Negative Reviews

Joe’s New Balance Outlet has had mixed reviews. Many customers are dissatisfied with shipping and return policies. Limits on shoe selections, long wait times, and difficulty returning items have been mentioned. Plus, it doesn’t offer free shipping, and shipping charges seem pricey. It’s hard for customers to trust Joe’s New Balance Outlet when buying online.

So, customers should read reviews before ordering, to make an informed decision.

Shipping and Returns

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At Joe’s New Balance Outlet, shipping and returns are easy! Orders are processed and shipped within two business days. Express shipping can be selected for an extra fee. Returns are accepted for 30 days, no questions asked. For a return, contact Joe’s New Balance Outlet for an RMA. All returns must be new or like-new, with tags, packaging and accessories intact.

Defective or damaged items get a full refund (including shipping charges).

Shipping Options

Joe’s New Balance Outlet offers shoppers a few different shipping options:

  • Standard shipping takes 2-8 business days.
  • Expedited shipping is 1-4 business days.
  • Express is the fastest at 1-2 business days.

Also, free returns are available within 30 days of delivery if the item is unworn and has tags. Customers can even provide their own return service with UPS or FedEx.

Knowing the shipping options adds an extra layer of assurance when shopping at Joe’s New Balance Outlet. That way you’ll receive your order fast and can return it easily if needed.

Returns Policy

Joe’s New Balance Outlet wants customers to shop with peace of mind. So, they have a generous returns policy. If the item is in original condition, and is unworn or unused, customers can return it within 60 days for a full refund. If the item is defective or incorrect, customers can return it within 30 days for an exchange or full refund. If the return is made outside this period, customers may still get an exchange or store credit.

All returns must be accompanied by proof of purchase – an order number, invoice number, or copy of receipt.


Joe’s New Balance Outlet is legit. Customers can count on good service, quality shoes and competitive prices. Plus, there’s a wide range of styles to pick from. Opinions differ on shipping and return policies. But Joe’s New Balance Outlet provides good customer service to handle any issues.

In conclusion, Joe’s New Balance Outlet looks reliable and trustworthy. Quality shoes at reasonable prices.

FAQs about: Is Joes New Balance Outlet Legit

Q: Is Joe’s New Balance Outlet legit?

A: Yes, Joe’s New Balance Outlet is a legitimate business. They are an officially authorized retailer for New Balance products and offer authentic merchandise.

Q: Where is Joe’s New Balance Outlet located?

A: Joe’s New Balance Outlet is located in the Eastgate Shopping Center at 400 Eastgate South Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45245.

Q: What products does Joe’s New Balance Outlet sell?

A: Joe’s New Balance Outlet sells a variety of New Balance footwear, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and children.