Is Instawork Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

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Quick facts: Is Instawork Legit

  • ✅ Instawork is a rapidly growing platform with over 500,000 users, according to Crunchbase. (Source: Crunchbase)
  • ✅ Over 7,000 businesses have used Instawork to hire hourly workers, according to Instawork’s website. (Source: Instawork)
  • ✅ Instawork has a satisfaction rating of 4.6/5 stars from over 800 reviews on the App Store. (Source: App Store)
  • ✅ Instawork has received over $34 million in investments from venture capital firms and angel investors, according to Pitchbook. (Source: Pitchbook)
  • ✅ Instawork has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, TechCrunch, and Forbes. (Source: The New York Times, TechCrunch, Forbes)

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Instawork is well-known for its generous pay rates and flexible hours. Sadly, with its rise in popularity, there have been reports of scams and mistreatment of employees. To help you decide if this job platform is right for you or your business, we’ve made this guide.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of Instawork. Plus, we’ll give tips on how to be aware of scams when hiring or being hired. After reading this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect from Instawork.

What is Instawork?

Instawork is an online job platform that pairs businesses and local gig workers for short-term work. The platform gives businesses the opportunity to post jobs and find qualified applicants in minutes. This flexibility is great for Instaworkers! They can use the site on a part-time basis for short term jobs, or full time with various hours and tasks. Plus, resources like resume building and job search tools are available.

Instawork pays out weekly via direct deposit, so workers get their cash quickly. With its user-friendly set up, Instawork is a legit way to make money in many industries and get paid directly into your bank account.

Overview of Instawork

Instawork is a job platform that links employers to dependable workers in multiple sectors. It provides short and long-term contracts, so users can find jobs without making a full-time commitment. The platform also makes payment simpler, so employers don’t have to track invoices or do extra payroll work.

Instawork appears to be a genuine job platform. It offers many opportunities and jobs for different industries and abilities. In addition, it has an organized payment structure, so employers and workers can have their money fast and easily.

How Instawork Works

Instawork is a labor marketplace that connects employers to local workers. It’s convenient for employers ’cause they can find the right people fast and easy.

  • When employers post a job, they get pre-vetted workers instead of sifting through resumes manually. Also, they can chat with workers before hiring.
  • Workers search for job postings that fit their skills and interests. They can apply to them directly or save them.
  • Instawork also makes it easier for workers to manage shifts – view upcoming shifts, change availability, invite someone to cover them, and get notifications about changes made by employers.

Is Instawork Legit?

Yes, Instawork is legit. It’s been helping businesses find workers since 2017. They take security and safety seriously. They have safeguards to protect users. Plus, all workers are screened before they can join. Customer support is available if any problems happen.

Overall, it’s a safe and reliable way to find workers for your business needs. There may be some risks, but Instawork is trustworthy.

Pros of Instawork

Instawork is an online job platform and staffing agency. It makes it easy for businesses to find reliable workers and hire them quickly. Convenience is a big advantage. Employers can post job listings anytime, anywhere. Job seekers can find work with just a few clicks. It’s also a more efficient way to communicate with potential employees. Viewing profiles helps employers make well-informed decisions.

Instawork is economical because no upfront costs or long contracts are needed. Millions of qualified professionals are available. Employers can find the right fit without searching through resumes. Plus, customers get real-time support from staff members if they need help.

Cons of Instawork

Instawork is a platform that joins businesses and on-demand job seekers. It may sound like a great deal for both, yet there are some disadvantages to think of before joining.

  • Firstly, usually employers pay a fee to Instawork to access their database. This fee is usually high in comparison to other methods, like word-of-mouth or job boards.
  • Second, employers have a limited control over who they hire from Instawork. People keep getting added and removed from the database, thus employers need to always search for new candidates. Furthermore, it’s hard to guarantee the accuracy of a worker’s profile info due to the absence of background checks and professional references.
  • Finally, Instawork’s pay rate is non-negotiable and not competitive with other industries. Hence, highly qualified hopefuls may not use Instawork due to low wages or shift length restrictions. These factors make it difficult for employers to get suitable workers through Instawork.

Alternatives to Instawork

Instawork connects job seekers and employers in hospitality, retail and warehousing. While it helps find work quickly, there have been complaints about pay scale and stability. Therefore, many are looking for alternatives.

Jobr is one choice. It’s a free app with job postings from top employers. It suggests jobs tailored to you using info from your social media and industry trends.

Upwork is another option. It has freelance and contract opportunities across many categories. Freelancers can find projects that fit their skills and set their own rates and hours.

Helpling is an on-demand platform too. Users can find cleaners at competitive prices, fitting their availability and budget.

When considering alternatives to Instawork, it’s best to consider the pros and cons before making a selection.


Pros and cons of Instawork show it’s mostly legit. It’s great for those seeking quick local gigs. Plus, payments come fast. You can find many job options too. Yet, some employers don’t treat workers well. If you want flexible hours and reliable jobs, Instawork is worth a try. Before taking any job, read reviews. Make sure the pay is what was promised.

FAQs about: Is Instawork Legit

Q:Is Instawork Legit?

A:Yes, Instawork is a legitimate platform that connects businesses with qualified workers. It has been featured in outlets like Forbes and Business Insider, and has been used by thousands of businesses and workers since its launch.

Q: How does Instawork work?

A: Instawork helps businesses find and book reliable and qualified workers for short-term jobs. Businesses can post jobs, review profiles of qualified workers, and book shifts with qualified workers. Workers can find short-term jobs, apply for shifts, and get paid quickly.

Q: Is Instawork free to use?

A: Yes, Instawork is free for businesses and workers to join and use. There are no hidden fees or commissions charged by Instawork.