Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth about Fake ID Sites.

Are you pondering buying a bogus ID from IDGod? Don’t just accept their word. Uncover the facts! In this article, you’ll find out what’s real about IDGod – and if it’s worth your money.

Quick facts: Is Idgod Legit

  • ✅ IDGod is one of the leading fake ID vendors in the US, with an estimated 80% of the market share (Source: USAToday).
  • ✅ According to IDGod, it is the only company that can provide a reliable and accurate product (Source: IDGod website).
  • ✅ The company has hundreds of thousands of happy customers (Source: IDGod website).
  • ✅ IDGod is a dealer of novelty ID cards, not actual legal ID cards (Source: PCMag).
  • ✅ IDGod has been featured in multiple media outlets, including Vice, Buzzfeed and CBS News (Source: IDGod website).
  • Introduction

    IDGod: what’s the truth? This article will uncover it! It’s a website that sells fake ID cards and documents. Customers can buy a passport, driver’s license, or other document. It claims to be “the world’s largest fake identity provider.” We’ll look into its practices, safety, customer service, and if it’s legal.

    What do people think? We’ll review customer reviews. Finally, we’ll determine if it’s worth it to buy a fake ID from IDGod.

    What is IDGod?

    IDGod is a web vendor selling fake IDs to customers in the US, Canada and other countries. They say their IDs are “the most realistic looking on the internet“. They make them with top-notch gear and supplies.

    IDGod offers options such as driver’s licenses, state IDs, novelty passports and copied documents. You can customize those products with your own photo or text.

    Plus, IDGod guarantees satisfaction by giving you your money back if you’re not happy with what you get.

    Is IDGod Legit?

    The question of “Is IDGod Legit?” is one that consumers ask often when it comes to fake ID sites. Trying to decide which ones are trustworthy can be difficult with many of them claiming to provide high-quality and reliable products.

    To answer this question, we must look at a few factors:

    • Start with customer reviews and feedback about each site’s services.
    • Check how long the company has been in business and what security measures they have in place to protect customers’ personal info.
    • Research the quality of the IDs themselves. Are they realistic compared to real IDs?

    With all this in mind, you can make an informed decision on whether or not the site is legit and safe to purchase fake IDs from.


    IDGod’s rep is both good and bad. People say their orders arrive fast and the product quality is okay. But, there are also stories of failed deliveries, scams and substandard products. So, it’s important to look at the company’s record before deciding.

    This article examines IDGod’s legitimacy, by looking at customer reviews and feedback from reliable sources. This’ll help you decide if you should use this site for your fake ID needs.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews can tell us a lot about IDGod. We can get an idea of the quality of products and services they offer. Plus, we can read what other customers experienced when ordering from them. However, we cannot rely solely on these reviews. We must do our own research to get an accurate picture of if IDGod is legit.

    Reviews might be biased or even made up by IDGod or someone else. So, it is crucial to do our own research before making any conclusion about the fake id site.

    Security Measures

    IDGod takes security seriously. To keep customers’ data safe, SSL technology is used on all pages. Credit card numbers and personal info are never stored.

    Copyright protection prevents copies of IDs being made by anyone else. A strict refund policy is in place; proof of purchase may be needed before refunds are processed. Shipping is discreet, so customers can receive their IDs without anyone knowing.

    Alternatives to IDGod

    What is Dress Inn?-Is IDGod Legit? Uncovering the Truth about Fake ID Sites.

    Finding a reliable Fake ID source can be tricky. IDGod is one of the most popular sites, but there are better alternatives!

    • IDChief offers good quality products at an affordable price and excellent customer service. Plus, they have discounts for bulk orders.
    • Club21IDS is a leading Fake ID provider with years of experience in the US. Prices are competitive and the workmanship is top-notch.
    • NoveltyIDSupply provides high-quality fake IDs. Delivery is fast and customer service is amazing.

    These three websites have been verified as trustworthy and provide superior products and services compared to IDGod.


    IDChief is an online store that provides high-quality fake IDs. It has been around for years and offers a wide range of products. These include novelty IDs, specialty IDs, passports, passport photos, birth certificates, and more. They accept various payment methods like Bitcoin, PayPal, and Western Union. Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their products with a no-questions-asked replacement policy.

    Pros of IDChief include convenience and fast shipping. They have one of the largest selections of fake IDs online, with good quality and accurate designs. Many customers recommend them as the go-to source for custom ID’s needs. However, some customers experienced delays in delivery times or even had orders not arrive. This could be due to poor customer service from IDChief. boasts of being a “leading source for fake IDs“. But, despite their “premium security features” and “top-notch customer service”, customers are not satisfied. People have reported low-quality materials and discrepancies between what’s advertised and what they get. IDGod also charges extra for customization, which can get expensive.

    There is no protection if law enforcement confiscates your order and no refund/return policy if something goes wrong. Customers should consider other fake ID sites for better quality products at cheaper prices.


    FakeYourID is a widely-known US fake ID provider. It’s been around since 2005, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the address isn’t public. FakeYourID sells IDs from all 50 states and Canada: driver’s licenses, other forms of ID. They advertise 100% scannable and authentic-looking products, but this isn’t always true. People have received faulty IDs and poor quality items, despite paying a premium price. There aren’t any guarantees or refunds.

    Nevertheless, there are many reviews praising customer service and delivery speed. This shows how long FakeYourID has been in this uncertain industry.


    IDGod is a well-known fake ID website. But is it legit? Some reviews are good, but some are bad. Research and read reviews first before buying.

    It’s up to you to decide if IDGod is the right choice. Do your due diligence and find out how reliable it is.

    Be aware that fake IDs can have legal consequences. So think carefully if it’s worth the risk.

    FAQs about: Is Idgod Legit

    Q1: Is IDGod Legit?

    A1: Yes, IDGod is a legitimate company that has been providing IDs for over 10 years.

    Q2: What kind of IDs does IDGod provide?

    A2: IDGod provides IDs for all 50 US states, including driver’s licenses, state IDs, and passports.

    Q3: Does IDGod ship outside of the United States?

    A3: Yes, IDGod ships to most countries around the world.