Is Gift Rocket Legit? Unpacking the Pros and Cons.

Searching for a dependable and convenient gifting option? Look no more! Gift Rocket might be the one you need. Check out its fantastic features and advantages. Is Gift Rocket legit? Is it the best gifting solution for you? Learn now!

Quick facts: Is Gift Rocket Legit

  • ✅Gift Rocket’s ratings on Trustpilot are consistently high, with an overall score of 8.6 out of 10 (Trustpilot).
  • ✅Gift Rocket is a secure way to send money, as it utilizes bank-level security protocols (Gift Rocket).
  • ✅Gift Rocket has facilitated over 6 million gifts since its launch in 2012 (Gift Rocket).
  • ✅Gift Rocket has been featured in major media outlets such as The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and The New York Times (Gift Rocket).
  • ✅Over 30,000 businesses have used Gift Rocket to send and receive rewards (Gift Rocket).


Gift Rocket is an online gifting service, founded in 2015. It lets you buy and send digital or physical presents to friends and family. Wanting a special gift? Or just want to surprise someone? Gift Rocket can help!

This article will go over the pros and cons of using Gift Rocket. We’ll cover their user-friendly platform, ease of use for buyers and recipients, convenience, fraud protection and customer support.

We’ll also discuss the downsides – limited gift selection, restrictions on sending and receiving gifts, plus fees for sending presents. So you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Gift Rocket?

Gift Rocket is an online gifting platform found in the US, UK, and Canada. It allows users to send or receive virtual gift cards from a range of retailers, such as Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora and more. Customize your gift card with your own message or choose from pre-defined messages. Gift Rockets are sent via email and available within 24 hours of purchase.

The company was founded in 2013. It quickly grew in popularity and is now backed by investors, such as Y Combinator, Venrock, TRLabs Ventures, and over $20 million in venture capital debt financing. All transactions are encrypted for consumer privacy and security.

How does Gift Rocket work?

Gift Rocket is an online platform that helps you send gift cards. They have Visa and Mastercard gift cards. When buying a Gift Rocket, you enter the recipient’s name, email or phone number. You also enter the amount of money and add a personal message. The recipient will get an email with their gift card code. They can redeem it online or at some shops.

GiftRocket has a “Secure Delivery” to prevent forwarding or printing without permission. All GiftRocket purchases come with their Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. That’s so recipients know the service is good.


Gift Rocket is an amazing and secure way to send gifts. Their customer service is top-notch! Navigating their website is a breeze. Payment is easy with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

Choose from gift cards for restaurants, retail stores, and even travel experiences. You can customize your message with each card. Recipients can redeem the gift online or in person at participating stores. Gift Rocket even offers promotional discounts for multiple purchases and bulk orders.

All in all, Gift Rocket is a great way to give meaningful gifts!


Airycloth is super convenient! On the site, you can purchase gift cards and pay with PayPal, credit, or debit. You can also choose mail or email delivery, plus customize the gift card with your own message. Perfect for giving someone exactly what they want. Plus, orders over $50 get free shipping!

All in all, Airycloth is a great option for gifting.

Variety of gift cards

Gift Rocket is an instant gaming service. It offers gift cards from popular stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more. They are great for last-minute shopping, or when you need to give something fast.

Keep in mind, some amounts may be limited. Also, not all retailers accept cards from all providers. Make sure to check with your store before buying.

Easy to use

Gift Rocket is an awesome online gift card service! Just pay for the card and you’re done! It sends the recipient an email or text message with a link. When they open it, they have cash rewards or can choose to shop retailers.

It’s so easy to use! No setup or wait time. Just a few clicks and it’s done. Great for last-minute gifts. Plus, more customization options than many other services. Gift Rocket is the gift-giving solution!


Gift Rocket offers gift card delivery. It’s a nice idea, but it has some downsides. Gift Rocket charges $4 plus 2-3% of the purchase cost. That can get expensive if you buy multiple cards or big orders. If the recipient is far away, shipping may cost double digits. Also, GiftRocket rarely has discounts, making it more costly than other companies.

Limited availability

Gift Rocket is only available to customers in the US. It can’t be used to send digital gift cards to other countries. Plus, the people who receive these cards must live in the US. Therefore, you cannot use Gift Rocket to send a digital gift card to someone in another country.

Additionally, some businesses may not accept Gift Rocket as payment due to its limited acceptance.


Gift Rocket charges fees to both the gift giver and receiver. The gift giver pays 2.9% plus $0.30, and the receiver pays 4.9% plus $0.30 when cashing out. For example, a $100 Gift Rocket would cost the sender $3.20 in fees and the receiver $4.90.

High fees? Yes, but it’s still less than other payment services, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Plus, they require personal info from both parties – something many people don’t want to provide when sending or receiving money online or via phones.


GiftRocket takes security seriously. All transactions are encrypted with industry-leading tech. Payments are stored using official banking institutions. Private customer data is collected in line with GDPR regulations. Plus, it’s never sold or shared with 3rd parties.

GiftRocket also monitors for fraud – keeping customers safe from stolen info or abuse. Therefore, GiftRocket is a secure service for online gifting.


Introduction-Is Gift Rocket Legit? Unpacking the Pros and Cons.

Gift Rocket‘s pros and cons are worth a look. It’s a reliable service for sending gifts. Though, 5% is charged for each transaction. You can get discounts with promotional codes. So, Gift Rocket is a great way to send a gift without the fuss of finding a physical present or waiting for it to arrive on time. The choice is yours if you think it’s worth your effort and money.

Final thoughts

Gift Rocket is secure and offers PayPal or credit card payment options. A PIN code system makes it difficult for thieves to steal your money. Plus, there are lots of merchants available, giving you lots of gift options. However, some stores require a minimum purchase and not all stores accept Gift Rocket. You can get rewards points when you buy cards, which can be redeemed later.

On the whole, GiftRocket is useful if you want to give digital cash, especially if the recipient shops online and their stores accept the card.

FAQs about: Is Gift Rocket Legit

Q: Is Gift Rocket Legit?

A: Yes, Gift Rocket is 100% legitimate. Gift Rocket is a legitimate e-gift card and money transfer company with a user base of millions.

Q: Is my money safe with Gift Rocket?

A: Yes, Gift Rocket is a secure platform for transferring money and purchasing gift cards. Gift Rocket uses industry-standard encryption technology to protect your financial information.

Q: Are there any fees associated with using Gift Rocket?

A: Yes, there are fees associated with using Gift Rocket. Depending on the type of transaction you are making, you may be charged a service fee. For more information on fees, please visit the Gift Rocket website.