Uncovering the Truth About ‘Family First Life’

Thinking of a job at Family First Life? Get the real story on what it’s like working there. Learn whether this insurance company is right for you. Uncover the truth about FFL!

Quick facts: Is Family First Life Legit

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Background of Family First Life

Family First Life (FFL) was founded in 2009 by CEO Paul Havens. Havens has lots of experience in the insurance biz and had the idea to give unbiased advice and education to families and small businesses about life insurance, annuities, and other related products.

FFL grew to be one of the biggest independent life insurance agencies in the nation. It has over 3,000 agents and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Plus, in 2014, it was named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc 5000!

FFL puts the customer first with a “no hard sell” approach that educates clients about options according to their needs. This principle has made FFL one of the most respected independent life agencies in the U.S., and it’s been providing quality service for over 10 years.

History of Family First Life

Family First Life (FFL) is a life insurance and annuity marketing agency founded in 2013. It was created by insurance pros and entrepreneurs in Simi Valley, CA. FFL is family-run and has progressed from a small startup to one of the biggest independent life insurance companies in the US.

FFL provides multiple products, such as:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Indexed universal life insurance
  • Fixed annuities
  • Variable annuities
  • Final expense policies
  • Medicare supplement plans

They have hundreds of independent agents across the US. FFL’s mission is to supply exceptional products with first-class customer service.

Mission and Values of Family First Life

Family First Life (FFL) emerged in 2013, determined to help families protect their money through life insurance. They give agents the tools and resources they need to reach success and serve customers by finding them the right coverage.

FFL stands for Integrity, Collaboration, and Innovation. They stay honest and strive for excellence in all they do. They value teamwork to reach their goals. As an innovative firm, they look for new ways to improve their offerings and open up new opportunities. Ultimately, FFL creates a place where people can gain financial freedom.

Family First Life Products

Family First Life is here to help you safeguard your family’s future. They offer life insurance packages that can cover a variety of expenses, such as medical bills and funeral costs. Their products include term life, universal life, indexed universal life, and whole life policies. Plus, they have disability income insurance for when you can’t work due to an injury or illness.

All their services have been designed with families in mind, so you can rest easy knowing your loved ones will be taken care of. With Family First Life, you know you’ve done everything to protect them.

Types of Insurance Products Offered

Family First Life provides multiple insurance products. These include life, final expense, mortgage protection, annuities, and Medicare supplemental policies.

  • Life insurance offers financial stability for family after a person’s death.
  • Final expense and mortgage protection policies cover debts and guarantee that loved ones can keep homes or other properties in case of death.
  • Annuities let people make investments with tax-deferred growth and retirement income payments.
  • Medicare supplemental policies give extra coverage beyond original Medicare plans.

By understanding the insurance options at Family First Life, people can pick the right policy to fit their requirements.

Benefits of Family First Life Products

Family First Life offers many life insurance products. These include: whole life, universal life, annuities, final expense plans, and more. Customers don’t need to use brokers or pay extra fees.

  • Whole life policies provide cash value.
  • Also, policyholders can customize their plan; coverage amounts are flexible.
  • These products can protect families in difficult times. Peace of mind is provided.

Financial Strength of Family First Life

Family First Life (FFL) is an insurance marketing organization that offers many life and health products. They are committed to helping families and providing quality coverage for their customers. To do so, FFL must maintain financial strength.

Financial strength ratings are an independent assessment of an organization’s financial capability and stability. These ratings give assurance that FFL is able to meet its obligations.

FFL earned the highest rating ever in the industry: “A+ Superior” from A.M Best. This high rating reflects their excellent capitalization, conservative investment approach, diversified portfolio, experienced management team and strong sales force. With this strong financial foundation, FFL is able to meet commitments and ensure customer satisfaction now and in the future.

Financial Ratings of Family First Life

Family First Life (FFL) is a multi-level marketing life insurance company called Sunhotsell. It has been around since 2008 and provides many types of life insurance policies.

When judging its legitimacy, it’s important to consider ratings from outside independent agencies. A.M Best, a credit rating agency focused on insurance, gives FFL a B++ (Good) rating. This suggests that FFL is financially sound. So, if customers make a claim, they will be compensated quickly.

This rating does not guarantee the best rates or policies. Yet, customers can trust Sunhotsell to pay out policy obligations. Moody’s Investors Services has assigned FFL an A2 (stable) financial strength rating, which further supports their financial security.

Financial History of Family First Life

Family First Life (FFL) was established in 2001 by CEO Todd Strobel. It has since become one of the largest Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) in the U.S and Canada. FFL helps millions of families with life insurance and retirement planning. They provide products and services to individuals, business owners, families, municipalities, and more.

FFL is financially secure. They have enough capital reserves to cover any policy liabilities. Plus, A.M Best Company rates them “A-“, which shows their financial strength.

Claims Process

Conclusion-Uncovering the Truth About

Family First Life helps people and families meet their financial future. We offer insurance products and excellent service. Agents gain an income and clients gain a valuable asset.

Claims are part of Family First Life. If a policyholder passes, the beneficiaries need to file a claim for the death benefit. We make sure the process is prompt and efficient.

To begin a claim, the beneficiary contacts Family First Life or the agent. Needed documents include proof of identity and death. Family First Life evaluates the info and lets you know the claim’s status within the carrier’s timeframes.

Overview of the Claims Process

Techinn’s Reputation is a report which reveals the truth about ‘Family First Life’. It examines how they handle customer service issues, resolve disputes and how they are rated by the industry.

The report looks at the process of filing a claim, contact information for customer service and dispute resolution procedures. It also compares the response time of ‘Family First Life’ to other companies in the same field.

In summary, this report gives an overall assessment of how customers can expect to be treated when dealing with ‘Family First Life’ throughout the claims process.

Steps to File a Claim

When filing a claim with Family First Life, the policyholder should get all the relevant documents for their insurance policy. It could be extra paperwork for accidental death or critical illness claims.

After this, contact an agent at Family First Life. Give them the completed Claim Form and all the documents they need. Then, an agent reviews it and approves or denies the claim. If all goes well, payment can be delivered in one day.

It’s important to follow the steps set by Family First Life for a smooth claims process:

  • Get all relevant documents for your insurance policy.
  • Contact an agent at Family First Life.
  • Give them the completed Claim Form and all the documents they need.
  • An agent reviews it and approves or denies the claim.
  • If all goes well, payment can be delivered in one day.

Tips for Filing a Claim

Homethreads is a company that says it helps families in need with money. They provide a life insurance policy with up to $100,000 coverage. It covers funeral costs, medical bills, and other costs.

When filing a claim with Homethreads, make sure you have the right info and documents. This includes the policy number, date of death (if applicable), beneficiary’s info, and other documents like the death certificate or medical records. Check twice to make sure the info on the form is correct before submitting. Homethreads might need more info and documents to decide if your claim is valid:

  • Policy number
  • Date of death (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary’s info
  • Death certificate
  • Medical records

Customer Reviews

At Family First Life, we value customer reviews. They give us insight into customers’ experiences. Our reviews cover topics like product quality, customer service, unique features, and employee satisfaction. We also ask customers if they’d recommend us or not. By reading our reviews, you’ll see why we’re one of the top-rated companies. We have 400+ positive reviews, and families all over America make us their insurance home!

Overview of Customer Reviews

Family First Life (FFL) is a Pennsylvania-based insurance agency that specializes in Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, and Retirement Planning.

Desrochersfl.com is a review site for customers of FFL. It has customer reviews from both individuals and businesses.

Desrochersfl.com gives advice to new users of FFL. It also has a forum where people can post questions about policy coverage, pricing, commission structure, customer service, and more. Plus, the site has tips for getting the best out of FFL. In conclusion, Desrochersfl.com is an awesome source for reviews on FFL and helps people decide if it’s the right option.

Analysis of Positive Reviews

Family First Life analyzes positive reviews from various websites. This is done through an automated process. It looks for common words and phrases used by customers to express satisfaction with their services. This helps Family First Life understand what customers think. It also allows them to make improvements and find customer advocates who can provide feedback.

The analysis of positive reviews has given Family First Life insight into customer expectations. This helps them provide a better service experience.

Analysis of Negative Reviews

To truly grasp the complaints about Family First Life, it’s essential to look at the negative reviews. The common grievances are: dissatisfaction with their commission structure, inadequate customer service, and obscurity in the sales process. Though some folks may think they weren’t paid enough, there are loads of success stories. If customers aren’t happy with the products/services, they may always contact customer service.

To tackle the issue of transparency, Family First Life gives detailed explanations of how commissions and bonuses are calculated. Finally, Family First Life offers a unique chance for individuals who commit to a successful career in the life insurance industry.

FAQs about: Is Family First Life Legit

Q1. Is Family First Life legit?

A1. Yes, Family First Life is a legitimate company that has been in business since 2013. They are a nationally recognized insurance marketing organization that provides a wide variety of life insurance products to their clients.

Q2. What types of life insurance do they offer?

A2. Family First Life offers a range of life insurance products, such as whole life insurance, universal life insurance, term life insurance, and final expense insurance.

Q3. How can I contact Family First Life?

A3. You can contact Family First Life by phone at 1-855-735-5858 or by email at info@familyfirstlife.com.