Is Ego Shoes Legit? Get the Truth Here!

Searching for shoes? Not sure if Ego Shoes is a dependable store? Here’s the facts, to help you make a wise choice. You deserve to know the truth about Ego Shoes! So, you can purchase with confidence.

Quick facts: Is Ego Shoes Legit

  1. ✅ Ego Shoes is a UK-based footwear brand that has been ranked as one of the top shoes retailers in the UK – Retail Week
  2. ✅ Ego Shoes has over 5 million likes on Facebook and their social media following has been growing steadily since 2014 – Ego Shoes
  3. ✅ Ego Shoes has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2017 – Better Business Bureau
  4. ✅ Ego Shoes is one of the leading online retailers for trendy and fashionable footwear, with a wide range of styles to choose from – The Industry Observer
  5. ✅ Ego Shoes has been named one of the top 10 women’s footwear brands in the UK by the Fashion Retail Monitor – Fashion Retail Monitor

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Overview of Ego Shoes

Ego Shoes is a UK-based company that specializes in designer shoes, bags, and accessories. Prices are affordable and styles are stylish. Plus, free shipping and returns in the UK and a 100-day return policy make shopping with confidence easy. Moreover, exclusive discounts and offers on all products keep customers happy.

The website is user friendly; navigation is simple. And customer service is top priority, so satisfaction remains high. Payments are processed securely with PayPal, so peace of mind is guaranteed when shopping online with Ego Shoes.

So, if you’re looking for something special or an everyday shoe that looks great – look no further than Ego Shoes!

History of the Brand

Ego Shoes is a British brand that began in 2001. Husband and wife team Jason and Alicia Smith started the humble business. Soon, it became one of the UK’s top footwear companies. They wanted Ego to be fashion-forward and affordable. Each season, they release new collections. Their products are high-quality but cost less than other retailers.

Ego has over 100 stores around Europe and is growing. People love their leather boots and sneakers. So, it’s no wonder why Ego is one of Britain’s most sought-after brands.

Types of Products

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Ego Shoes is a hit! Their fashion-forward, comfy shoes are made in the UK and based on the latest trends. Plus, free standard delivery within the UK and most of Europe. You can get your kicks online too! A wide selection of sizes, colors, brands, and styles to choose from. No need to leave the house – customer service is there to help if you have any questions about your order.

Ego Shoes is becoming more and more popular for its great selection of quality shoes at competitive prices.

Ego Shoes Reviews

Ego Shoes is an online store for fashionable and affordable shoes for men and women. They offer boot styles, high heels, and even shoes for occasions. Prices are moderate to low, giving customers a good quality product at a reasonable cost.

To check if Ego Shoes is reliable, read customer reviews. These can be found on their website and third-party review sites such as Trustpilot. Customers usually have a positive experience with Ego Shoes. They praise the quality of the products, fast shipping, and returns policy. In addition, customers say that customer service is excellent. They help with size exchanges and offer great support during the whole shopping experience. Reviews can help you decide if Ego Shoes is right for you.

Overview of Online Reviews

Researching Ego Shoes’ legitimacy? Check customer reviews. A quick search shows mainly positive reviews. However, some mention order delays, incorrect orders and unsatisfactory customer service. Quality shoes and good customer service, but sometimes issues due to high demand or shipping.

All in all, Ego Shoes is a legitimate online retailer. Customers are generally content, with a few minor problems.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is essential to decide if a company is reliable. When it comes to Ego Shoes, customers generally say they have many styles, great customer service and reasonable prices. Most people find their shoes comfortable and stylish. Many customers report that the shoes arrive on time. Returns are also easy.

Sadly, there are also some bad reviews. People mention bad customer service or items with minor faults. Others find the shoes too narrow or too tight for their feet size and shape. Though these negative reviews may be rare, it’s important to read all reviews before buying from Ego Shoes or any other company.

Expert Reviews

Expert reviews are a great way to check if a company like Ego Shoes is legit. Third-party review sites have done the research. They have looked into Ego Shoes’ products, customer service and online security. Some experts have even bought from them. This gives an unbiased opinion.

Experts compare reviews from customers, with their own experiences and with other outlets. This gives them a holistic picture of the company. It helps customers decide if they should buy from Ego Shoes or not. It can also save money and get a quality product.

Pros and Cons of Ego Shoes

Ego Shoes is an online store with fashionable shoes for men and women at great prices. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Pros:
  • Selection – Many sizes, styles, and colors.
  • Quality – High quality and durable.
  • Prices – Very reasonable.
  • Shipping – Free standard shipping for orders over $45. An option for faster delivery at extra cost.
  • Cons:
  • Returns & Exchanges – Items can be returned within 28 days, but no exchange unless product is faulty or wrong size sent.
  • No customer service support – Live chat and phone number not available. Email only. May take time to get a response.


Room Haven has something for everyone! From shoes at all price points to loyalty discounts and exclusive offers. Plus, they have an amazing return policy and unbeatable customer service.

You can find popular brands and styles that last, plus men’s and women’s shoes in a variety of sizes and colors. And don’t worry, Room Haven makes sure you get your order quickly with their quick shipping option.


Shopping with Ego Shoes has positives and negatives. Weigh them carefully before buying. The company has good shoe options, but there are some cons to consider.

  • Con 1: Ego Shoes doesn’t offer free shipping on orders below a certain cost. This differs from other online shoe retailers.
  • Con 2: Their customer service isn’t available 24/7. You can contact them through email or their website during business hours. Also, there aren’t many physical stores where you can return or exchange items.

Is Ego Shoes Legit?

Conclusion-Is Ego Shoes Legit? Get the Truth Here!

Ego Shoes? Legit? Yes! They’ve been operating since 2010, providing fashion-forward footwear from designer labels. Plus, they offer free shipping and returns on domestic orders. Shopping online is easy and secure with their customer service via telephone, email or live chat. In short, Ego Shoes is a safe and dependable retailer of shoes and accessories.

Ready to shop? They’ve got the trendsetting inspiration you need!

Final Verdict

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All in all, Emery Rose is the perfect choice when you want stylish, comfy and affordable shoes.

Alternatives to Ego Shoes

Searching for an alternative to Ego Shoes? We have many! Zappos is a worldwide-famous shoe site with huge selection of shoes from top brands. Foot Locker has heaps of sneakers and casual footwear from Nike and Adidas. DNK Footwear is a great option too, it has rare finds at unbeatable prices. It specializes in European fashion items, like high-end shoes and boots with unique designs and limited editions.

So, whatever you like, there are plenty of alternatives to Ego Shoes that can help!

FAQs about: Is Ego Shoes Legit

Q1: Are Ego Shoes legitimate?

A1: Yes, Ego Shoes is a legitimate company that offers quality footwear.

Q2: Where are Ego Shoes located?

A2: Ego Shoes is based in the United Kingdom, but they offer international shipping.

Q3: What kind of shoes does Ego Shoes sell?

A3: Ego Shoes specializes in fashionable and stylish footwear, including boots, trainers, sandals, and more.