Is Ecosmetics Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Struggling to find eco-friendly cosmetics that won’t empty your wallet? You’re not alone. Reveal the facts about Ecosmetics. Then you can make an informed choice with trust.

Quick facts: Is Ecosmetics Legit

  • The global e-cosmetics market is expected to reach over $108 billion by 2027 (Grand View Research, 2020).
  • Over 51% of online shoppers in the US have purchased cosmetics online in the past 12 months (Statista, 2020).
  • The majority of e-cosmetics shoppers are between the ages of 18-24 (GlobalData, 2020).
  • E-cosmetics sales account for approximately 8.7% of the total global cosmetics market (Euromonitor, 2021).
  • The e-cosmetics market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% from 2020 to 2027 (Grand View Research, 2020).
  • Introduction

    Ecosmetics is a fresh cosmetics and beauty brand that has been getting more popular in recent years. It has clean, natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and affordable prices. But is Ecosmetics really legit? In this article, we will go deep into the brand’s story to uncover the truth.

    We’ll talk about the company’s history and philosophy, its products, sustainability work, customer feedback, pricing, and more. By the end of this article, you should have all the info to decide if Ecosmetics is a trustworthy and reliable brand.

    Overview of Ecosmetics

    Is Ecosmetics Legit? We’ll find out the answer!

    Ecosmetics is a popular name among eco-conscious beauty, skin care, and makeup lovers. It was founded in 2007 and offers natural, organic, and sustainable bodycare products.

    High-quality ingredients and packaging with a commitment to their sustainability mission make Ecosmetics seem great.

    Let’s take a closer look! We’ll explore the website, read reviews from customers who have experienced the line first-hand, and check their certifications. We’ll assess if the brand is worth investing in or not. So, is Ecosmetics legit? Let’s find out!


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    Product Line

    Ecosmetics is a brand with many product lines. Their main range is skin care, body care, makeup and sunscreen. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free and organic, with no harsh chemicals or fragrances. They use recycled materials for their packaging to help the environment. Their ingredients are sourced from eco-conscious suppliers who practice sustainable farming.

    Additionally, they have special collections like the Calm Collection for sensitive skin, the Detox Collection for acne-prone skin and the Unwind Collection for relaxation. All products are gentle and effective.


    Ustodaysale is an online retailer that sells eco-friendly makeup and cosmetics. They offer a range of natural and vegan products, such as eyeshadows, mascaras, foundations and powders. The brand is renowned for its high-quality products, low prices and ethical practices.

    Their pricing is very competitive. Their foundations range from $10 – $22 USD. Lipsticks cost around $14 – $17 USD and some are even cheaper. Eye shadows cost between $9 – $18 USD, and mascaras will set you back around $15 – 18 USD.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are a great way to learn about Ecosmetics and other cosmetics companies. Analyzing these reviews can give insight into the company’s reputation, customer service, product quality, and more. They can also tell us if the company has had any customer service issues. Additionally, customer reviews can provide an overall rating of the products. This is super useful if you’re thinking of buying from Ecosmetics, but you’re unsure of its legitimacy.

    In short, customer reviews can help us uncover the truth behind a brand or product.

    Positive Reviews

    When researching Ecosmetics’ legitimacy, customer reviews are key. Positive reviews usually mean that a product/service is reliable and trustworthy. People have said Ecosmetics’ products are organic and of good quality. Plus, they’ve said it reduces stress and tension. Customers also reported receiving excellent customer service, with all inquiries answered promptly and courteously.

    Many customers have found their investment worthwhile, thanks to the high quality ingredients and safe use on service animals. With so many happy customers, Ecosmetics’ American Service Pets program seems legit and beneficial to pet owners.

    Negative Reviews

    Ecosmetics have a bad rep. Many customers say their items are too expensive, customer service not up to par and product quality not great. All the negative feedback suggests something needs checking. Plus, orders take a while to arrive. This could mean delivery issues or poor handling by the company.

    Reports of allergic reactions to Ecosmetics products have been reported, raising serious health concerns about the ingredients.

    Legitimacy of the Brand

    Introduction-Is Ecosmetics Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

    To ascertain the legitimacy of Ecosmetics, the quality and reliability of their products, customer service, and social media presence must be evaluated.

    Ecosmetics provide certified organic skincare products that have been tested to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $50, live chat support, and a money back guarantee on all products.

    Furthermore, they have a robust social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This allows customers to connect with them directly for product inquiries and assistance.

    In conclusion, Ecosmetics is indeed a legitimate brand providing quality organic skincare products coupled with friendly customer service.

    Quality Control

    Ecosmetics takes quality control seriously. To guarantee customers get the best products, each one is tested in the lab. This includes tests for ingredients, composition, stability, quality & safety. Further testing is done for allergens and contamination. Ecosmetics also asks suppliers to follow good manufacturing practices. This helps ensure processes are followed, like proper hygiene. All products must also be approved by the FDA for sale in the US. All of these measures help Ecosmetics offer safe & effective products that work!


    Eco cosmetics are a unique brand of beauty products. They offer skincare, haircare, makeup, and lotions made with natural and organic ingredients. Their ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and free from synthetics. They use plant oils like coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil; honey; fruit extracts such as acai berries; and other natural extracts like aloe vera. Mineral-based preservatives replace synthetic ones. Eco cosmetics guarantee safety for humans and the environment.


    ECosmetics is dedicated to providing quality, sustainable, and parent-approved products. They are certified Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny Approved by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). This means their items are never tested on animals. Plus, they are verified as non-GMO compliant through the Non-GMO Project.

    ECosmetics’ items have been certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard. This is a global certification which shows sustainable and natural production. Some ECosmetics products have extra certifications such as NPA (Natural Products Association), NSF/ANSI 305 (The Organic Apothecary Certification), and USDA Organic.


    In the end, Ecosmetics is confirmed real and dependable. They have heaps of beauty products at reasonable prices. Their items are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Moreover, they use natural ingredients that nourish and moisten skin without any tough chemicals. Furthermore, their customer service is superb. The firm also shows commitment to clarity by furnishing full data about their ingredients and production processes on their website.

    All in all, Ecosmetics is an outstanding choice for those seeking natural beauty products with remarkable quality measures.

    FAQs about: Is Ecosmetics Legit

    Q1. Is ecosmetics a legitimate company?

    A1. Yes, ecosmetics is a legitimate company. They provide quality skincare and makeup products to customers around the world.

    Q2. Is ecosmetics cruelty-free?

    A2. Yes, ecosmetics does not test any of its products on animals.

    Q3. Does ecosmetics offer free shipping?

    A3. Yes, ecosmetics offers free shipping on orders over $50.