Is Drivetime Legit? The Truth Behind the Popular Car Buying Service

Thinking of Drivetime to buy your next car? Before you decide, it’s essential to be aware of the facts. Uncover if Drivetime is the right fit for you by reading this piece. Get the real scoop and make a smart choice!

Quick facts: Is Drivetime Legit

  • ✅ Drivetime is the leading used car retailer in the United States, with over 170 dealerships across the country (Drivetime).
  • ✅ Drivetime has received over 25,000 five-star reviews from their customers (Drivetime).
  • ✅ Drivetime is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • ✅ Drivetime’s goal is to provide their customers with quality used cars, along with a customer experience that exceeds expectations (Drivetime).
  • ✅ Drivetime has a 3-Day Return Policy that allows customers to return their vehicle within 3 days after purchase if they are not satisfied (Drivetime).

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Drivetime is an online car buying service. It’s easy and stress-free. Lots of new and used vehicles are available. Financing options fit customers’ needs. No haggle, no pressure shopping. It’s a popular choice for buying a vehicle.

This guide looks at Drivetime’s legitimacy. It covers reviews, dealer reputation, transparency and customer service. Also, it checks if the cars are reliable. All the facts help you make an informed decision when buying a car.

Overview of Drivetime

Drivetime is a well-known car-buying service. They offer used cars with no credit check. They have been in operation since 2002 and are based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company aims to give customers a top-notch car-buying experience. They provide no-hassle financing and quality vehicles. They also offer friendly customer service. Low down payments and flexible payment plans make it easy to finance a car. Customers can shop online or at one of the many Drivetime locations in the US. Plus, they provide a two-year/24000 mile warranty on their vehicles. Roadside assistance and loan protection plans are available too.

What is Drivetime?

Drivetime is a car-buying service operating in many US locations. Recently, it’s become more popular as people turn to online services. Drivetime provides customers access to pre-owned cars from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota. Customers can research vehicles online, plus get help from finance experts.


  • Extensive selection of well-maintained models at competitive prices.
  • Plus, financing options and flexible payment plans.
  • Also, some locations provide added perks like free inspections and extended warranties.


  • Lack of pricing transparency. Customers report extra fees.
  • Also, some customers get poor customer service in person or on the phone.

How does Drivetime work?

Drivetime is a car-buying service. Customers can shop for their next vehicle online. They can get pre-approved financing, and choose from several delivery options. Drivetime offers access to over 50,000 vehicles nationwide. Customers can use the website or mobile app to browse them. They can compare prices and features, and select the model they want.

An online application helps customers get pre-approved financing. Drivetime contacts them with an estimated funding amount and payment info. Customers can choose delivery. They enter their address, and Drivetime delivers their car in two business days. Alternatively, they can pick up the car from a Drivetime location.

After selecting the car and submitting payment info, customers complete the purchase on the spot or through a financing option:

  • Pick up the car from a Drivetime location.
  • Complete the purchase on the spot.
  • Complete the purchase through a financing option.

Pros and Cons

Drivetime has pros and cons to consider when deciding if it’s the right car buying service for you.

Pros include:

  • Variety of payment plans, such as installment loans, leasing, and renting.
  • Competitive interest rates compared to other services and banks.
  • Services like free delivery, service inspection, and extended warranties.

Cons include:

  • Limited inventory selection compared to larger dealerships.
  • Wide range in age and condition of vehicles.
  • Potential hidden fees or charges in certain financing agreements.


Drivetime is a well-known car buying service. They boast of top-notch vehicles with quality assurance. Plus, all cars are inspected and serviced before sale. Their inspection process guarantees customers get reliable cars.

Moreover, Drivetime has an in-house finance team ready to help customers get approved for a loan. Low down payments, flexible terms, a 1-Year/12,000-mile limited warranty, no haggle prices, and road assistance with every purchase are some of the benefits. They even offer advice on financing and vehicle maintenance.

All these advantages make Drivetime an excellent option for people who want to buy a dependable car at a great price with peace of mind.


Drivetime is seen as a legit car buying service. But there are some downsides. They don’t offer discounts or loyalty programs, making their prices higher than other sellers. Plus, their customer service reputations aren’t always good. People often wait too long to get an answer when calling.

  • If you buy with them, you must get all repairs done at one of their shops.
  • Their inventory isn’t as extensive as other car buying services or dealers.

Customer Reviews

Alternatives to Pinecone Research-Is Drivetime Legit? The Truth Behind the Popular Car Buying Service

Customer reviews are great for researching a company or product. Drivetime, a car buying service, is no exception. People share their experiences with this service. Reviews range from glowing praise to criticism. Knowing what others have experienced can help you decide if Drivetime is suitable for your purchase.

It’s important to read customer reviews of Drivetime. They can show if you can trust the company and what kind of service you can expect. They may also show areas where the process could be improved for customers:

  • Can you trust the company?
  • What kind of service can you expect?
  • Areas where the process could be improved?

Positive Reviews

Drivetime’s success has been boosted by positive reviews. Customers praised the knowledgeable sales people and how easy it is to find a car within budget. Low cost of ownership is also praised – cars come with free maintenance, warranties, financing and access to discounts.

Plus, customer service is top notch with helpful advice on financing, warranties and servicing. The website is user-friendly, making it simple to find what you need. With so many glowing reviews, it’s no wonder Drivetime has become more popular in recent years!

Negative Reviews

Researching Drivetime? You may find many negative reviews. Not all may be true, but it’s still worth considering. They can be split into two categories: customer service, and financing deals.

Customers have reported long wait times for responses or resolutions from Drivetime. Miscommunication between staff, lack of follow-up, and not getting updates are common complaints.

Financing is causing concern too. Possible unethical practices like high interest rates and hidden fees linked to loans from Drivetime. Unsatisfaction too, with what are seen as inadequate warranties (or none at all) on vehicles bought through the company.


Drivetime is a legit car buying service. It has been around since 2002. It offers consumers a convenient way to buy used cars with low monthly payments and often no down payment. They have an extensive selection of vehicles in their inventory. Plus, they have financing options that don’t need credit. And they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

However, there are drawbacks. Their cars aren’t always checked for safety. So it’s essential to check for risks before buying. Additionally, be sure to read the fine print before agreeing to terms and conditions. Despite this, Drivetime is still a great choice for those seeking an easy car buying service with flexible financing options.

FAQs about: Is Drivetime Legit

Q: Is DriveTime Legit?

A: Yes, DriveTime is a legitimate car dealership and financing company. DriveTime has been in business for nearly 20 years and has a good reputation for providing customers with quality cars and financing solutions.

Q: How Does DriveTime Finance Cars?

A: DriveTime provides financing for its customers through its in-house finance program. The program offers customers the flexibility to choose a payment plan that works best for their budget and credit history.

Q: Does DriveTime Offer Used Cars?

A: Yes, DriveTime offers a wide selection of used cars in a variety of makes and models. All cars sold by DriveTime come with a limited warranty and are inspected and serviced according to industry standards.