Is Displate a Legitimate Way to Buy Wall Art?

Want to liven-up your place with wall art? You could be questioning if ordering artwork through Displate is a reliable choice. This article will assist you in analyzing the positives and negatives of this fashionable platform – and figure out if it’s suitable for you.

Quick facts: Is Displate Legit

  • ✅ Displate has received over 130,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot, making it one of the most trusted brands on the platform – Trustpilot
  • ✅ Displate’s metal posters are made with up to 80% recycled materials and are printed using a patented process called Sublimation – Displate
  • ✅ Displate recently hit an impressive milestone of selling over 10 million products, helping to spread art across the world – Displate
  • ✅ Displate is trusted by over 40,000 companies, including some of the world’s leading brands – Displate
  • ✅ Displate has a 4.8/5 stars rating on average across over 1,400 individual reviews on the Better Business Bureau website – Better Business Bureau

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Displate makes buying wall art & decor a breeze! Their website offers thousands of curated, high-quality prints. Custom prints are also available! Design your own unique artwork & have it printed to your exact specifications.

Displate offers competitive prices for premium products. Plus, they provide top-notch customer service & secure payment options. So if you’re seeking a legit way to purchase wall art & decor, Displate is worth considering!

What is Displate?

Displate is an online marketplace with amazing artwork. Get museum-quality art prints on metal plates, with different sizes and finishes. All artworks are made by independent artists from around the globe. Displate also offers giclée prints and murals.

Decorate your home or office with unique flair, while supporting independent artists. Their warehouse in Poland offers free shipping for orders over $75. Get the perfect look for your space easily and affordably!

How Does Displate Work?

Displate is an online platform that delivers unique wall art to buyers. It’s made by a global community of talented artists and digital visionaries. Displate’s mission? To provide inspiring artwork from creators to people’s homes.

It works like any other digital shopping platform. Buyers can pick out pieces they like then select size, edition, and options like framing or magnetic mount. Payment is made, Displate prints and sends the artwork to the buyer’s doorstep.

All prints use high-quality metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and more. The artwork is vibrant, with colors that stay crisp for years. No additional maintenance or cleaning required!

Pros and Cons of Displate

What are the Cons of Paxful? -Is Displate a Legitimate Way to Buy Wall Art?

Displate is an online store selling wall art. It has a great selection of vibrant, high-quality prints made from recycled metals. Prices range from $39 to $319 USD, depending on size and material.


  • Lots of design options.
  • Prices are affordable.
  • Easy checkout process.
  • Customizable with text or logos.


  • No returns or exchanges.
  • Customer service can be unreliable in certain regions due to website traffic volume.


Gift Express is a legit way to buy wall art. It offers high-quality prints of various sizes, from 11×14 inches to 44×80 inches. Perfect for home, office, or any other interior décor! The prints come with a Ready-to-Hang Mounting Kit.

Genres and styles vary –

  • abstract
  • landscape
  • photography
  • botanical
  • vintage/retro
  • black and white images
  • cartoons & illustrations

and more. Customize your wall art with float frames and matting too. Shipping is fast and affordable. Plus, each purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee policy. No worries if you’re not happy with your order!


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So, Pinecone Research isn’t a great fit for those starting out or wanting weekly payments.

Is Displate Legitimate?

Displate is a legit way to buy wall art. It’s been producing metal posters from original designs of 200,000+ independent artists since 2013. Its metal posters are printed on top-notch magnetic steel sheets and shipped worldwide with secure delivery methods.

As well, Displate is eco-friendly – it recycles its metal prints to decrease its carbon footprint. Plus, it donates up to 15% of its profits to humanitarian causes. It’s clear that Displate is a legit and responsible biz in the art industry.

Alternatives to Displate

Displate is a great option for wall art. Alternatively, and Society6 have posters and framed prints. Looking for something unique? Check out and for metal prints and vinyl decals. ArtPal is also an option if you want affordable artwork from independent artists.

Lastly, there are local galleries with wall art not found elsewhere – support your community!


To sum it up, Displate is a legit option for buying wall art. It brings artwork from all over the globe in different designs and prices. The prints are of good quality and the magnets make putting them up simple, without causing any damage or leaving a trace. Plus, Displate offers advantages such as discounts for bulk orders, loyalty programs and green production processes that are eco-friendly.

All-in-all, Displate is a fantastic choice if you want quality wall art fast and convenient.

FAQs about: Is Displate Legit

Q1: Is Displate a legit business?

A1: Yes, Displate is a legitimate business. It is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell art prints. Displate has been in business since 2014 and has a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot.

Q2: Does Displate have a money-back guarantee?

A2: Yes, Displate offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can purchase with complete confidence. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Q3: Does Displate ship internationally?

A3: Yes, Displate ships to over 200 countries worldwide. All orders are shipped with a tracking number and you can track your order in real time.