Is Boxlunch Legit? Unpacking the Facts.

Think of shopping at Boxlunch but not sure if it’s the real deal? Chill, we’ve got it sorted! In this article, you’ll find all the facts you need to decide. No more doubts!

Quick facts: Is Boxlunch Legit

  • ✅ BoxLunch carries over 900+ licensed brands and products (Refinery29)
  • ✅ BoxLunch has donated more than $7.5 million to charity (BoxLunch)
  • ✅ BoxLunch experienced a 40% increase in online sales in 2020 (RetailDrive)
  • ✅ BoxLunch had a 70% increase in online conversions in 2020 (RetailDrive)
  • ✅ BoxLunch has partnered with over 25 charitable organizations (BoxLunch)
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    Is BoxLunch legit? Yes, absolutely! BoxLunch was founded in 2015 and is a sister company of Hot Topic. It offers quality products and its founders have over 30 years of experience. Great customer reviews prove the store’s credibility. Trust Pilot has hundreds of five-star ratings for it. BoxLunch is reliable for apparel needs. Styles are unique and responsibly sourced, and prices are competitive. Something for everyone at this online shop!

    What is Boxlunch?

    BoxLunch is an online gift and novelty retailer based in Los Angeles, California. They have a huge selection of items related to pop culture. This includes apparel, collectibles, home décor, and accessories. Hot Topic formed BoxLunch in 2017. It was created as a way to help people in need.

    Every time someone spends $10 at BoxLunch, they donate a meal through their partnership with Feeding America. This has grown into the “Do Good” movement. It encourages customers to buy items from BoxLunch to help fight hunger in America. Plus, all of their items are shipped free when you order online. So, it’s more affordable to do good while shopping for yourself or others.

    Overview of Boxlunch

    Boxlunch is an online retailer selling clothes, home goods, accessories, and collectibles. It was founded in 2015, as a part of Hot Topic. It is well-known for its licensed products from properties such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Disney.

    Free shipping is provided on orders over $50, and returns are accepted under certain conditions. For every $10 spent, Boxlunch donates one meal to those in need. The company is focused on creating a better world through corporate social responsibility and demonstrating how purchases can make a difference.

    Products Offered

    Boxlunch is an online store that offers a wide range of products for shoppers. Apparel, accessories, tech gadgets, home decor, mugs & glassware– it has it all! You can find products from top brands like Marvel, Nintendo, Disney, Adidas and Levi’s.

    Prices vary depending on the item bought. Some may be more expensive than traditional retail stores and some may be cheaper. Boxlunch keeps up with trends and has exclusive designs that you won’t find elsewhere. So shop away and find something new and exciting!

    Is Boxlunch Legit?

    Yes, BoxLunch is legit! It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and respected customer reviews. It was founded in 2015 and is part of Hot Topic Inc., a well-known retail store dating back to 1988. It offers a wide range of products such as apparel, accessories, home goods, and more from major brands. Plus, when you shop at BoxLunch, you can support Feeding America. For every $10 spent, a meal will be donated to someone in need. So yes – BoxLunch is legit!

    Company Background

    BoxLunch is a US retailer that sells licensed outerwear, accessories, home goods, and apparel. It began in 2015 and is owned by Hot Topic. Its first physical shop was at Brea Mall in Brea, California. Now, there are 85+ stores across the USA.

    On the BoxLunch website you can find hundreds of exclusive items from brands and franchises such as Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and more.

    The mission of BoxLunch is to make a positive change in the world through products that are fun and stylish. With their partner Feeding America, they donate one meal for every $10 spent in their stores or website. They have donated over 35 million meals since 2018.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews can tell us if a company is legit. Boxlunch has been running since 2017, but some people are unsure if their products are real. Looking at their reviews, they have a solid 4-star rating from over 2,000 ratings.

    Most customers say the quality of the products and customer service is great. However, some have complained about shipping delays and lack of certain items. Despite this, most customers have good experiences with Boxlunch and would recommend it to others.

    Overall, based on reviews, Boxlunch seems like a legitimate business with good products and friendly service.

    BBB Rating

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates businesses to help consumers know how reliable they are. BoxLunch has an A+ rating from the BBB; this demonstrates a commitment to their customers.

    The BBB looks at 16 criteria when evaluating businesses. These include:

    • Length of time in business
    • Complaint volume
    • Type of business
    • Transparency
    • Advertising review
    • Licensing & government actions
    • Resolution of customer complaints
    • Keeping commitments to the BBB
    • Background information from sources.

    BoxLunch has been successful in all these areas, giving them the A+ rating.



    The facts prove that Boxlunch is real. Sources have checked their legitimacy. They have certification from outside companies too. Plus, customers get quality products with return options. Data safety is guaranteed for customers. Thus, customers can shop at Boxlunch with no worries. It’s an authentic store with great products and service.

    FAQs about: Is Boxlunch Legit

    Q: Is BoxLunch a legitimate company?
    A: Yes, BoxLunch is a legitimate company. BoxLunch is a specialty retailer offering a curated selection of licensed and non-licensed merchandise.

    Q: Does BoxLunch have a return policy?
    A: Yes, BoxLunch has a return policy. Unused, unwashed, and undamaged items can be returned for a refund within 60 days of purchase.

    Q: Does BoxLunch offer free shipping?
    A: Yes, BoxLunch offers free shipping on orders over $50.