Is BooksRun Legit? Uncovering the Truth about this Bookselling Service

Do you like reading books? Are you trying to find a secure way to resell them? Well, BooksRun might be the answer. Take a closer look at this bookselling service and see if it can be trusted for buying and selling books.

Quick facts: Is Booksrun Legit

  • BooksRun is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Better Business Bureau
  • BooksRun offers free shipping on all orders over $35 – BooksRun
  • BooksRun has had over 10 million orders since its inception in 2011 – BooksRun
  • BooksRun was featured in Forbes Magazine as a growing online textbook rental service – Forbes Magazine
  • BooksRun has a customer satisfaction rating of 97% – TrustPilot

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BooksRun is a bookselling service online. It offers customers ways to buy, rent, or sell books, like textbooks. It is one of many companies that have been created in recent years to take advantage of the big market for textbooks.

But, BooksRun has made a good name for itself. It’s known for its customer service, prices, and selection of titles.

Now we will look at BooksRun without bias. We’ll talk about the kinds of books they have, prices, payment methods, shipping options, return policies, customer reviews, and more. After reading this, you’ll be able to decide if BooksRun is a good choice for you when buying or selling books.

What is BooksRun?

BooksRun is an online bookselling service that launched in 2014. It’s now one of the most popular in the United States. On the website, customers search by title, author or ISBN. You can find used textbooks at discounted prices, new and collectible titles from independent sellers. There are no commissions or fees on sales—the seller gets the full sale price.

People ask if BooksRun is legit. But their customers are satisfied and saving money when buying used textbooks on their platform. They also offer an affiliate program which pays 7% commission when someone clicks through your referral link and buys something.

What services does BooksRun offer?

BooksRun is an online reseller of used books and textbooks. Students can buy new and used textbooks, or rent them. They can also sell their own used books back to the company.

BooksRun has physical and digital books for sale or rental. Customers get personalized service from BooksRun, with emails, texts and phone calls keeping them up-to-date on their orders. Plus, students can get discounts on select titles and check out sales on BooksRun’s website.

Pros and Cons


  • BooksRun is cost-effective. They charge 15% of the total sale price plus $1.
  • Delivery times are fast, and the user experience is easy.


  • Few payment options, such as PayPal and direct bank transfers.
  • Limited customer service – no phone support or live chat.

Pros of using BooksRun

BooksRun is an amazing bookselling service. It offers users the chance to purchase, sell, and trade new and used books. The website makes it easy and convenient to sell books. With quick and secure payment and fast shipping, buyers can save up to 90% off retail prices. Plus, BooksRun has awesome customer support that responds quickly.

They also have a free marketplace where people can post their books for sale. Finally, BooksRun guarantees books are in excellent condition before they get shipped out.

Cons of using BooksRun

Before using BooksRun for selling or buying books, it is good to consider potential cons:

  • Book quality and condition is not guaranteed by BooksRun, as it is an intermediary.
  • Response times for customer service (via email/phone) can be slow.
  • Customers have reported price discrepancies.
  • BooksRun charges a processing fee on each transaction, which may reduce seller profit.


Reviews are essential for any online service, such as BooksRun. They give customers an idea of the quality of the service. They can show details that are not obvious.

For BooksRun, there are plentiful reviews on both the website and on the internet. Most reviews are positive, with customers praising the wide selection of books, low prices, quick shipping and helpful customer support. Some customers have experienced problems with slow shipping or incorrect orders. Therefore, it is wise to read all reviews before deciding whether to use the service.

Customer reviews from trusted sources

Customer reviews can help you understand BooksRun’s services. We’ve gathered reviews from trusted sources like TrustPilot, SiteJabber and the BBB. These records give an idea about customer experiences with BooksRun. Topics include pricing, customer service response times, shipping accuracy and more.

If you’re thinking of using BooksRun, these reviews may help you make the right decision.

Reviews from independent reviewers

To see if BooksRun is trustworthy, it’s helpful to read independent reviews. These are posts written by people who used the service, so they can tell you what they experienced. Look for good and bad comments on websites like Goodreads, Amazon, and Yelp.

Positive comments could mention things like “fast delivery” or “great customer service”. If there are negative comments, they might say things like “slow shipping” or “poor communication”. This can help you decide if you want to trust BooksRun.


What is Check BooksRun Legit? Uncovering the Truth about this Bookselling Service

BooksRun lets you sell textbooks and unwanted books to buyers worldwide. It sets prices based on the book’s condition and market demand. It’s easy – pick a book from their library, enter its condition, and get an estimate. Accept or decline the offer. If accepted, they’ll provide a free shipping label and instructions. Payment is issued after delivery, usually within 5-9 days.

Payment methods include major credit cards, PayPal and cash. The exact amount you’ll earn depends on the condition. BooksRun guarantees fair pricing for both buyers and sellers! With them, you’ll get the best price, no matter if you’re buying or selling used books.

How much does BooksRun cost?

BooksRun is a bookselling service since 2011. Buy and sell used books online at the same price as Amazon or other online stores. Discounts, free US shipping, and two million book selection. Also, an eBay-style marketplace option with international sellers. Trade existing books for ones you want – great way to save! Plus, an editor’s choice section with handpicked titles.

Potential downside: some items may not be authentic. Prices can fluctuate so make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

What payment methods does BooksRun accept?

BooksRun offers a range of payment options! Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and eChecks. All these methods makes it easy for customers to buy their books quickly and securely. No fuss!


Thus, BooksRun is a reliable service for those who wish to sell textbooks and other books. Its user interface is straightforward, which makes it simple for vendors to list their books and monitor every sale. The company also has competitive prices for buyers and sellers, permitting them to take advantage of discounts when available.

Additionally, BooksRun puts in the effort to keep their customers’ security with data encryption and safe payment options. Consequently, individuals looking for a credible bookselling service can use BooksRun without worrying about scams or frauds.

Is BooksRun a legitimate service?

BooksRun is an online bookselling service that lets people purchase and sell used books. It offers buyers a simple way to access discounted books and helps sellers get rid of their extra inventory.

Safety and security are always important when it comes to online services. People want to be sure they won’t be cheated or otherwise put at risk when they use a third-party service. Therefore, they often ask, “Is BooksRun legit?” The answer is a definite “Yes!

BooksRun is completely legitimate. It has a great history of successful transactions and satisfied customers. The site has implemented advanced security protocols like SSL encryption for added protection. And, the company offers many payment options, such as credit card payments and PayPal, so customers know their data is secure during the transaction process.

Final thoughts on BooksRun

BooksRun is ideal for those seeking to swiftly and simply sell used textbooks. It has various advantages, such as free shipping, no extra fees, and an uncomplicated buying process. Nevertheless, it has some negatives to consider before signing up. For instance, the payment schedules may be slower than other services’. In addition, the customer service department may not be so responsive.

Despite these cons, BooksRun is still useful for college students who want to offload textbooks and earn money. If they use it correctly, with knowledge of its drawbacks and how it functions, they can have a more convenient and rewarding experience than other bookselling services.

FAQs about: Is Booksrun Legit

Q1: Is Booksrun legit?

A1: Yes, Booksrun is a legitimate platform that allows students to buy and sell textbooks at discounted prices.

Q2: How does Booksrun work?

A2: Booksrun is a platform that allows students to buy and sell textbooks at discounted prices. Students can search for the textbooks they need, make an offer, and purchase the items. Booksrun also provides an online marketplace for students to sell their old textbooks.

Q3: Why should I use Booksrun?

A3: Booksrun offers great discounts on textbooks, and the platform is easy and convenient to use. Plus, it is a secure way to buy and sell textbooks, so you can rest assured that your transactions will be safe and secure.