Is Backstage Legit? Your Guide to Finding Out!

Is Backstage legit? Or is it a scam? Are you worried about safety? Let’s answer those questions! We’ll give you the facts – so you can decide for yourself. You have the right to know the truth.

Quick facts: Is Backstage Legit

  • ✅ Backstage has been the industry standard for casting since 1960 (Backstage Website)
  • ✅ Backstage has cast over 8 million actors since its founding (Backstage Website)
  • ✅ Backstage is used by major networks and production companies to cast their projects (Backstage Website)
  • ✅ Over 1 million actors have registered with Backstage (Backstage Website)
  • ✅ Backstage was acquired by Viacom in 2016 (Variety)
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    What is Backstage?

    Backstage is a casting and audition platform designed to connect actors and performers with employers and filmmakers. It was founded in 1961 by a theater producer and an actor, aiming to make the job-hunting process easier. Now, it’s the biggest casting platform on the internet, covering all types of performance-based projects. TV, film, theatre, modelling and commercial jobs are all included.

    It’s free for actors to search roles and submit applications via Backstage. The site also offers resources like advice from casting directors, auditions close by and industry trends. These make it simple for aspiring performers to gain insight into their work and connect with industry professionals. Plus, its pay services offer one-to-one guidance from top agents, tailored to your individual needs.

    Overview of Backstage

    Backstage is a free platform that helps actors, models, singers and dancers in the entertainment industry network. It has been around since the 1960s, helping talent find roles in film, TV, theatre, commercials and more.

    It offers professional services, like casting directors getting access to talent profiles worldwide. Backstage’s database of casting notices makes the audition process faster by helping employers find the best candidates. It’s up to you to decide if Backstage is legit and the right choice for you.

    Types of Jobs Available

    Biblio is the perfect platform for freelancers! Here, you can find jobs, collaborate with remote teams, and show off your portfolio. Search for roles that match your skills and expertise, from high-paid freelance work to short-term contracts.

    Creatives can find paid graphic design positions or open software engineering roles. Writers can apply for copywriting or proofreading part-time gigs. Many roles are available remotely, meaning you can work from wherever you are in the world – no need to travel! You can also join teams for long-term projects or contract roles. This is a great chance to get professional experience and make strong connections with employers globally.

    Is Backstage Legit?

    Backstage is a well-known online platform for actors, models, and other creative professionals to get castings and auditions posted by top casting directors, agents, and photographers.

    To determine if Backstage is legit or not, it’s important to look at reviews from other actors who have used the platform and feedback from artists who have been hired through Backstage.

    The best way to check if Backstage is legit is to read reviews from actual users, like on Trust Pilot. Most of these reviews are extremely positive and suggest that the platform provides genuine opportunities. Moreover, many industry experts use the platform often and have had great experiences when casting – such as those in major film projects.

    In conclusion, with so many positive reviews and success stories connected to Backstage, there’s no reason to doubt its legitimacy.

    Checking the Website

    Researching Backstage’s legitimacy? Check their website. Airycloth’s is professional. It has a modern, clean design. Navigation is clear. Find info about them and their services quickly. Plus, a contact page and up-to-date social media links.

    Airycloth’s website is a great sign they are legitimate. If unsure, check out their website first. A great place to start.

    Reviews and Testimonials

    Reviews and testimonials can tell us if Backstage is legit. They show us what other people think, from a neutral point of view. We get to know about customer service levels, and the overall experience.

    But, reviews may not be accurate. Some people post fake reviews, for their own benefit. So, it’s important to take reviews with a grain of salt. Check for timestamps and look at more than one source.

    Also, stay updated on any changes in the field. This could affect a user’s review of Backstage:

    • Check for timestamps.
    • Look at more than one source.
    • Stay updated on changes.

    Checking the Company’s Reputation

    Researching a company’s legitimacy is key. Check customer reviews on forums like Reddit and social media. Visit Trustpilot and Google Reviews for feedback. Do a Google search for any news reports. Contact former employees to get an honest opinion. Doing this research helps decide if a company is reliable. Don’t commit time and money until you know.

    • Check customer reviews on forums like Reddit and social media.
    • Visit Trustpilot and Google Reviews for feedback.
    • Do a Google search for any news reports.
    • Contact former employees to get an honest opinion.

    How to Use Backstage

    Backstage is an online platform that connects performers with casting professionals. Actors, singers, dancers, and other performance professionals can create a profile to be seen.

    To get the best out of Backstage, actors must have a full profile. They need to include all performance experience, headshots, video reels, and even specialized skills. They can also add resumes for employers to learn more about them.

    Backstage provides networking tools for performers. This helps them chat with other actors and stay in touch with contacts. This can help them find the right gigs. With a good profile and connections, Backstage can assist in finding legitimate performance opportunities!

    Creating a Profile

    To get started on Backstage, you sign up through email or social media. Create your profile by giving info about yourself and uploading photos, headshots and other media. Pick categories that reflect your talents. Finally, save your profile.

    After that, you can search roles. With an account and profile, you’ll get notifications when new roles match your skillset, or employers contact you.

    Finding and Applying for Jobs

    Backstage is an amazing resource to help aspiring actors. It offers straightforward job searching and applying. You can filter jobs by location, genre, timeframe, and more. Plus, you can search for open calls from big casting directors. When you find a job that interests you, click the apply button!

    Backstage also has audition sessions and seminars with industry pros. They can provide guidance on developing your craft and breaking into the business. You can also read interviews with working actors. They share insight on their craft and career paths.

    Plus, Backstage’s job opportunities cover:

    • Theater
    • Film & TV
    • Comedy
    • Voice Over/Animation Casting
    • Music Videos/Indies/Shorts
    • Commercial Audition Notices

    This makes it a great resource to help you succeed in the competitive entertainment industry.

    Following Up

    When considering TripAdvisor reviews, remember that anybody can post one. These can be fake or untrue. To check the accuracy, look further. Search online, check out the business, ask friends and family, or contact the business directly. If a review seems too good (or bad) – it likely is.

    Taking this extra step will help you decide if you can trust TripAdvisor for your next purchase.

    Pros and Cons of Using Backstage


    Backstage is a well-known platform for actors, models, and creatives. It grants them a simple way to apply for jobs and link with casting agents and directors. On Backstage, one can come across auditions for TV shows, movies, theater productions, commercials, voice-overs, music videos, and more.

    Pros of using Backstage include:

    • access to a wide range of roles in the entertainment industry,
    • tools for keeping track of applications,
    • networking advice from experienced professionals, and
    • affordable subscription plans.

    Cons of using Backstage include:

    • relatively high subscription fees,
    • issues with payments not going through,
    • extra fees charged after job audition acceptance, and
    • competition against hundreds or thousands of others for an audition or job offer.


    Instant gaming is a great way to get into the world of video games! Convenient, cost-effective, and with a wide variety of titles. But, there are some drawbacks to consider.

    Pros to instant gaming include the ability to play on multiple platforms and devices. Console or mobile, you have options! Plus, many titles are free or discounted. Perfect for those who don’t want to commit long-term or invest too much upfront. No technical skills required either – many games can be downloaded and played without setup.


    Backstage is an online retailer, but there are some cons to consider:

    • Shipping is free, but orders take up to 10 business days.
    • Expedited delivery may cost extra.
    • Returns come with a $10 restocking fee, regardless of the reason. This can add up with a larger order.
    • International shoppers have limited options. Not all items can be shipped internationally, and those that can have expensive fees.

    Alternatives to Backstage

    Searching for an alternative to Backstage? Look no further! Take Casting Frontier, for example. It’s a membership-based platform that often hosts large-budget projects. You pay a one-time fee and a monthly subscription cost.

    Breakdown Express is another great option. It offers plenty of opportunities and free membership for actors who want to submit online auditions.

    Too Legit is amazing too. It lets actors promote their work and search for jobs with vetted casting directors.

    Lastly, Actors Access has a digital platform that gives actors access to audition notices from many casting directors in one place.

    All these websites have user-friendly platforms that can help any actor get the job they deserve!

    Other Job Sites

    Backstage isn’t your only option! Sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are great for finding opportunities in any field.

    • LinkedIn offers networking; connect to pros in your industry and stay informed.
    • Indeed collects job postings from many sources.
    • Glassdoor has info about working for different companies, so you can make informed decisions about where to apply.

    All these sites can help guide your career and grow your network.

    Networking Events

    Networking events are great for learning more about a company, especially if you’re job or internship hunting. Such events like industry conferences, meetups, and panels can give valuable knowledge of the company culture and employee dynamic. You can meet with Backstage representatives, gain understanding of their product offerings, and make links in the industry. Even if you’re unfamiliar with your city or want to connect with similar professionals, attending these events is an amazing way to do so.

    Remember to be courteous; be professional in your conversations, dress appropriately, and maintain good manners. With this advice, networking events are an awesome way to get info and make links with Backstage.

    Social Media Platforms

    Social media is a great way to check if a business is legit. Many companies, even “legit” ones, use it for marketing. Updates, offers and customer reviews can be found there. It helps understand what people think about Backstage and its services.

    Search for “Backstage Reviews” on Facebook or Twitter to get an idea of how customers feel. Recent posts are especially useful. Reddit or other internet forums can provide more in-depth discussions. Consider both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced picture of Backstage’s legitimacy.

    FAQs about: Is Backstage Legit

    Q1: Is Backstage a legitimate platform?

    A1: Yes, Backstage is a legitimate platform for finding auditions, jobs, and other opportunities in the entertainment industry.

    Q2: What kind of opportunities does Backstage offer?

    A2: Backstage offers a wide range of opportunities for actors, models, musicians, dancers, and other creative professionals. You can find auditions for films, television shows, commercials, theater, and other projects. You can also find jobs in production, casting, and other areas of the entertainment industry.

    Q3: Is Backstage free to use?

    A3: Yes, Backstage is free to use. However, there are paid subscription options that offer more features and access to additional auditions and jobs.