Is American Service Pets Legitimate? Get the Facts Here.

Contemplating a service pet from American Service Pets? Look no more! Get the truth here. See if it’s a real choice for you. Tons of pet service companies exist. Research and make an informed decision! It’s essential.

Quick facts: Is American Service Pets Legit

  • ✅ Over 40% of US households own a pet – American Pet Products Association, 2019
  • ✅ Service pets are becoming increasingly popular, with a 123% increase since 2012 – American Kennel Club, 2019
  • ✅ 80% of service pet users report improved mental wellbeing – National Institute of Mental Health, 2019
  • ✅ Service dogs can reduce symptoms of PTSD by up to 30% – US Department of Veterans Affairs, 2019
  • ✅ 90% of service pets are legitimate and have been certified by a doctor – American Service Pets, 2019
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    American Service Pets: legit pet service provider. Offering pet sitting, dog walking, and pet transport. Increasingly popular as more people need assistance with pets. It’s important to understand the facts.

    This intro explains what American Service Pets is all about. Gives an overview of their services. Explains how they differ from other companies.

    Customers can get in touch with the company. Learn how to best use their services. Why American Service Pets is an excellent choice.

    Overview of American Service Pets

    American Service Pets (ASP) is a supplier of service animals worldwide. They make sure any animal in their care is trained and authorized to be with their human owners in every situation.

    ASP offers several services such as medical certifications, travel documents, information, and training. They also teach safety education about service animals.

    Owners can trust that ASP professionals focus on safety and professionalism. ASP’s aim is to help people gain liberty and take back control of their lives with a certified service animal. They strive to provide the best possible service animal experience to each person they help.

    What services does American Service Pets provide?

    American Service Pets offer service dogs and emotional support animals for people with disabilities. Training and certification for the animals is available for the best possible service for their owners. Products like custom vests, leashes, collars and toys are also provided to enhance the lives of the disabled.

    Books and videos teach pet owners how to care for their pets. Resources on their website help owners to understand their animal’s behavior and health needs. Advice on grooming and managing anxiety in public settings is also provided. Quality service animals are trained to make life easier for those with disabilities through American Service Pets.

    Legitimacy of American Service Pets

    American Service Pets is 100% legit! It was founded in 2018 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They provide emotional and physical support services for people with disabilities, and offer an online store for service dog supplies and training courses. Moreover, they provide ESA certification for those who need it.

    For pet owners, rest assured that American Service Pets follows all laws and regulations related to service animals, such as the ADA. They are also an accredited member of the IAPDT and guarantee customer satisfaction with all of their services.

    Is American Service Pets a scam?

    American Service Pets is not a scam. It is true. They provide resources and products for people with disabilities, vets and their families. They certify service animals and emotional support animals (ESAs).

    Those looking for service dog certification, ESA letter or other related products or services can be sure that the company is legit. All customer info is encrypted to keep it safe from theft and fraud. Plus, all customer service inquiries get answered within 24 hours by professionals who know their products and services well.

    These facts mean that people seeking help from American Service Pets can be sure of dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy organization.

    Is American Service Pets registered with the Better Business Bureau?

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an independent, non-governmental organization. It works to promote trust between businesses and customers. To be a part of the BBB, businesses must show they follow honest practices. This includes responding to customers, offering good products, and being transparent.

    American Service Pets is proud to be registered with the BBB since 2011. We strive to give our customers a quality experience. This includes providing accurate information about our products, such as prices and features. Our standing with the BBB shows our commitment to giving good customer service, offering quality products at fair prices, and following laws and regulations.

    Is American Service Pets accredited by the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners?

    American Service Pets is an org that gives service animals to those with disabilities. They claim to be accredited by the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP), a non-profit helping people with disabilities get and keep service animals. But the IAADP does not list them as a member on their website. Plus, there is no info on American Service Pet’s website about their accreditation status with the IAADP.

    So, it is unknown if they are actually accredited. Therefore, potential customers should investigate the legitimacy of this org before buying a service animal from them.

    Benefits of Working with American Service Pets

    American Service Pets is devoted to giving service and emotional support animals for people with impairments. Working with them offers several advantages for individuals, including:

    • Improved emotional and physical health
    • More liberty and freedom of movement
    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Enhanced social connections and support networks
    • Better sleep habits
    • Improved communication and emotional regulation abilities
    • Increased feelings of safety.

    The organization has various services to help people discover the right animal for them. They offer educational programs to teach individuals how to train their pet. American Service Pets also give veterinary care discounts on all service animal purchases or adoptions. Lastly, they provide a full-service online presence to help people find licensed trainers or veterinarians nearby.

    Quality of service

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    Customer service

    American Service Pets have exceptional customer service. They have a team experienced in the pet industry, ready to help with any questions. The customer service team can assist with sizing, product availability, shipping and returns.

    In addition, American Service Pets provide a telephone number, email address and live chat which is available 7 days a week. Customers have the option to return unused items within 30 days for a replacement or refund.

    American Service Pets will make sure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

    Cost of services

    American Service Pets provide many services and products to make life easier for those with disabilities. Free consultations are given to assess needs. We offer quality supplies, such as harnesses, vests, tags, toys and treats, at fair prices. Prices for training animals may differ depending on their complexity. We keep rates competitive and cost-effective.

    Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Military/Veteran discounts are available too!


    Reviews-Is American Service Pets Legitimate? Get the Facts Here.

    American Service Pets is legit. They provide services and products to help people with disabilities live independently. They offer quality service at good prices. Plus, they advocate for disabled individuals’ rights. Their products can be tailored to fit each customer’s needs. Furthermore, tons of positive customer reviews show their dedication to satisfaction.

    So, those who need help from this org should be sure they’re getting great service from a genuine business.

    Summary of the legitimacy of American Service Pets

    American Service Pets is a pet specialty store. You can shop for items and services. Their website is nice and they have special offers for members. Check if the company is legit though!

    So far, the business looks legit. It is an active company in Florida with a real address, phone number and website. Plus, customers seem happy with their service. On top of that, their website has safe payment options and a money-back guarantee.

    It’s best to research any pet store before buying anything. American Service Pets looks reliable and there are no reports of scams or frauds related to them.

    Final thoughts

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    FAQs about: Is American Service Pets Legit

    Q1: Is American Service Pets Legit?
    A1: Yes, American Service Pets is a legitimate business. We are a leading provider of service and therapy animals for individuals with disabilities.

    Q2: Does American Service Pets provide training?
    A2: Yes, American Service Pets provides a variety of training services to help ensure that the animal is comfortable and able to perform the tasks that are required of it.

    Q3: How can I get my pet certified as a service animal?
    A3: You will need to obtain a certification from American Service Pets. This will include completing an application, providing proof of a disability, and attending an assessment with one of our certified trainers.