Is AllCasting Legit? An Honest Review

Thinking of joining AllCasting? Not sure if it’s the right move? Read on! Get an honest review of the platform. Make a well-informed choice. Learn more about the benefits and see if it’s right for you.

Quick facts: Is Allcasting Legit

  • ✅ Allcasting has been in business for over a decade, and their database of actors, models and talent consists of over 2 million profiles (
  • ✅ Allcasting has helped to cast for over 20,000 projects, ranging from major motion pictures to local productions (
  • ✅ Every month, over 5,000 new actors, models and talent join Allcasting’s database (
  • ✅ Allcasting’s talent database is constantly updated and verified, ensuring accuracy in the information provided (
  • ✅ Allcasting has received over 8,000 positive reviews from users, with an approval rating of 98% (

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AllCasting is an online casting platform. It offers actors, models, & influencers jobs in the entertainment industry. The website has a lot of different jobs from student films to Hollywood blockbusters. It also gives advice & support for job searches & updates for new opportunities.

This review will look into AllCasting & see if it is legit. We’ll go over the registration process, fees, services, safety protocols, customer feedback & give our verdict:

  • Registration Process
  • Fees
  • Services
  • Safety Protocols
  • Customer Feedback
  • Verdict

Overview of AllCasting

AllCasting is an amazing platform, connecting casting directors, filmmakers, and talent. It allows users to build a casting profile, link it to social media and review job opportunities, like film, tv, print and commercial roles. Plus, AllCasting allows users to create portfolios of their work, these can be shared with industry professionals.

The platform also provides lots of tools to help find the best talent for a project, and saves users money by using resources from AllCasting’s network. AllCasting has been featured in media outlets like The New York Times and Variety Magazine. It’s even won awards, including being a finalist in the SXSW accelerator program and winning first place at pitch competition Show-up/Startup Weekend LA.

According to the AllCasting website, hundreds of thousands of projects have been filled through their service. Reviews from customers give AllCasting an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It provides users with access to top-notch talent, saving time and money in the process.

What is AllCasting?

AllCasting is the go-to platform for actors, writers, and models. It’s free for actors, and it showcases a variety of auditions. Get cast in roles from all over the globe! Create a profile to show your talent.

Additionally, you can follow the progress of applications in real-time. You can even “self-tape” yourself acting out scenes. Submit the footage directly to the casting director or producer. This feature lets those without a studio set-up or casting location, have a chance to be selected for a role.

How does AllCasting Work?

AllCasting is a platform for actors, models, musicians, and dancers to connect with casting directors and producers. It was founded in 2009 and used by top names in entertainment.

When you sign up, you can create a profile with photos, videos, reels, resumes, and more. You can submit yourself to auditions and job postings.

AllCasting’s network of casting directors and producers, plus their job board with hundreds of casting notices daily, is available to you. Search for theatre productions, films, commercials, or print jobs.

Apply to an audition or job listing and your profile will be viewable to casting directors who need your type. Receive notifications when there is a match and quickly submit yourself before other actors.

Pros and Cons of AllCasting

AllCasting is an online platform that connects talent to casting directors, with the goal of securing job opportunities. When assessing AllCasting, one should consider both its pros and cons.

The largest benefit of AllCasting is its broad network of casting professionals and talent seekers. It links over 40,000 actors and models with over 1,100 casting directors. This provides ample chances for actors to secure work and build their portfolios. Furthermore, AllCasting presents various projects with pliant payment arrangements for talents like commercials and digital content production, aiding lower budget productions succeed.

On the flip side, a few drawbacks when using AllCasting are the fees involved. There are registration fees and also service-related charges that can accumulate quickly if not monitored. Also, many have reported receiving scam messages from fraudulent recruiters who possibly hacked into their accounts, which can leave users vulnerable to further exploitation if not addressed fast by AllCasting’s support team.


AllCasting has some great advantages!

  • For instance, it offers state-of-the-art online audition software. This makes it easy for actors and casting directors to communicate.
  • Plus, AllCasting’s fast turnaround times make it easier for actors to apply for roles.
  • Likewise, the platform has a variety of roles to choose from – from feature films to TV shows. And there are lots of different types of auditions too!
  • Finally, AllCasting works with professional casting directors to guarantee quality service.


AllCasting is legit, but has some issues. It has a small customer service team and slow replies. There’s a fee every time you apply for work, which can be pricey if you’re applying for many roles. Also, AllCasting pays lower than other sites. This can make it hard to make a living. Some users reported their stuff lost in the system after submitting.

AllCasting isn’t a scam, but there are better options with more reliable services and pay.

AllCasting Review

Conclusion-Is AllCasting Legit? An Honest Review

AllCasting is a top player in the casting and talent scouting game. An extensive network of talent agents, casting directors, and production companies are looking for the best talent and AllCasting stands out. They’ve created successful projects for some of the biggest brands, networks, and studios nationwide.

The AllCasting process is easy and clear. After you sign up with AllCasting, you can start looking for jobs that fit your skills and interests. You can narrow down the search by location, budget range, genre, gender preference etc. When you’ve found a job you like, apply and wait for responses from employers or casting directors.

AllCasting has great customer support to help if you have any problems or questions. Prices are competitive compared to other casting websites – they usually charge between $25 – $45 each month, depending on the membership package. AllCasting is legit!


AllCasting offers two packages to casting directors. Both come with a free trial.

  • The basic package is $10/month. It includes access to casting notices, responding to notices on behalf of actors/actresses, and basic support.
  • The professional package is $15/month. It has extra features like searching talent on AllCasting database, custom branding, advanced reporting tools, etc. Plus, you get industry-specific services such as discounts on ProTools & iTunes Connect.

AllCasting also works with indie filmmakers to offer discounts on their services. The pricing is competitive compared to other casting companies.

User Experience

User experience is a term used to describe how users feel about a product or service. To get an honest review of AllCasting’s user experience, it’s important to consider both positive and negative feedback. Generally, most customers have had a good experience with the AllCasting platform. They praise features like its easy onboarding process and intuitive design. Moreover, customer service seems to be well-received with quick response times and helpful answers when needed.

All in all, AllCasting has been able to build a great user experience by providing services, easy access to customer service agents, and regular updates that ensure their platform is current and meets industry standards.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important factor to consider when deciding if a service provider is legit. AllCasting has got it covered. They give 24/7 live chat customer support. Plus, they have support staff ready to answer any questions about the audition process. This shows AllCasting really cares about their clients’ experience.

Also, the website has an extensive FAQ section. This can help with any questions that the customer support team cannot answer. All in all, AllCasting has awesome customer service and is completely legitimate!


AllCasting is a legit platform for actors and actresses to find casting and audition opportunities. It has lots of different auditions and casting calls. It also gives feedback to those who are successful in the audition process. It’s an ideal place to start a professional acting career.

  • The site is easy to use and lets you find and apply for casting calls quickly.
  • Plus, the online community of pros can give great advice and resources to those starting out.
  • AllCasting is reliable and perfect for anyone wanting to begin their acting career.

FAQs about: Is Allcasting Legit

Q: Is AllCasting Legit?

A: Yes, AllCasting is a legitimate casting and auditioning platform, with thousands of acting jobs and gigs posted by real casting directors and talent scouts.

Q: How long has AllCasting been in business?

A: AllCasting has been in business since 2015, helping actors and models to find their next big break.

Q: How much does it cost to use AllCasting?

A: AllCasting is free to sign up and use. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs.