Is 855 Area Code a Legitimate Phone Number?

Got a call from an 855 area code? Puzzled if it’s real or a hoax? This article reveals the facts and shows how to protect yourself from phone fraud.

Quick facts: Is 855 Area Code Legit

  • ✅ 855 area code is a toll-free number originating in North America (Source: What is a Toll-Free Number?,
  • ✅ 855 area codes are used for many types of businesses, including customer service numbers, sales lines and technical support numbers (Source: What is an 855 Phone Number?, Google Voice)
  • ✅ 855 area codes are compatible with VoIP and traditional phone services (Source: What is an 855 Phone Number?, Google Voice)
  • ✅ 855 area codes are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to remember and can provide businesses with a professional image (Source: 855 Phone Numbers the Professional Choice,
  • ✅ 855 area codes are legitimate and are used by businesses of all sizes worldwide (Source: What is an 855 Phone Number?, Google Voice)

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The 855 area code was introduced in 2000. It’s used in North America and other countries. It’s a valid phone number, allowing people in that region to call. However, scammers may pretend to call from banks or government organizations. So, when you get a call from this area code, be careful. Don’t give out any personal or financial information without checking who it is first.

What is 855 Area Code?

The 855 area code is located in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. It was created in October 2000, as an overlay for codes 217, 219, 224, 234, 312, 331, and 612. It is used for landline and mobile phones.

However, beware of scammers who use the 855 prefix to hide their identity. If you receive a call from an unknown number with 855, it is best to hang up or contact the business or organization directly.

History of 855 Area Code

The area code 855 was created as a “toll-free” number in the United States. It’s a legitimate area code. The US toll-free exchange was introduced in 2000 for businesses and individuals. 855 is still active today. Companies use it for customer service.

But, it can be used to scam you. So, verify any phone number before sharing financial or sensitive info. Anyone can use an 855 number. It means verifying who’s calling is even more important.

Where is 855 Area Code Located?

The 855 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It’s also known as an 800 number. This code covers the US and some of Canada’s provinces.

It was introduced in 2000. Before that, only 800 codes were available. Now, companies can choose from 844, 866, and 855 to manage local and international traffic. It’s a great way to offer a toll-free customer service line.

Is 855 Area Code a Legitimate Phone Number?

The 855 area code is a legit telephone number. It was first introduced in July 2000 as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This assigns three-digit numbers for areas and exchanges in the USA and Canada. 855 is one of the toll-free numbers. This means calls from a US or Canadian landline are free. It’s also possible to dial 855 numbers from any country outside North America, but the calls may have additional costs.

The 855 area code can be used by businesses and individuals. Though it’s more popular with companies that offer customer service or technical support. 855 numbers are becoming more popular due to their flexibility and availability. They can also be connected to virtual phone systems that let businesses manage their incoming calls with features like auto attendants, voicemail systems, call forwarding and more.

Are 855 Numbers Toll-Free?

855 numbers are toll-free in North America. They are part of the 844, 833 and 822 area code family. These numbers connect to physical exchanges in cities. When callers use an 855, they do not pay for calls. This makes them great for customers hoping to contact a business without spending money.

It is essential to remember that scammers may also use 855 numbers. So, be sure to check who’s calling before giving out any personal info.

Is 855 Area Code a Scam?

ACF Wholesale is a real wholesaler with discounted prices. But their 855 area code phone number has caused some worry. 855 is a real area code, yet it’s also used by scammers and spammers, so caution is needed.

The benefits of ACF Wholesale are:

  • competitive prices
  • many products
  • 24/7 customer service

Customers can call 855 for assistance or to report problems with their purchases.

The downfalls of ACF Wholesale include non-traditional payment methods like wire transfers or checks, not just credit cards. People should be aware of any suspicious activity connected to 855, as it could be a scammer. So, customers should still be careful when dealing with businesses from this area code, even if they are legitimate wholesalers like ACF Wholesale.

How to Avoid 855 Area Code Scams

Introduction-Is 855 Area Code a Legitimate Phone Number?

The 855 area code is a common one in the US. It’s used for toll-free numbers and real phone numbers. But, scammers misuse it by assigning it to fake numbers. So, it’s important to be aware of how scammers use 855 area code.

When you get a call from this area code, ask questions – who are they and why are they calling? If they don’t answer or get evasive, it’s probably a scammer. Additionally, if you get an email or text with this area code, delete it right away. Such messages could include links to malware or malicious websites. Lastly, if you receive an unexpected invoice with the 855 number, contact someone in your organization before paying it – it’s probably a scammer.

Avoid Unsolicited Calls

Avoiding calls from area code 855 can be tricky, as many scammers use this number due to its U.S. origin. To stay safe, register your numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. This will block most unsolicited calls.

If you receive a call from an unknown 855 number, don’t answer it or share any information. Search for the number online first. Download a call blocker app to screen unknown numbers before they reach you. This way you can block suspicious 855 numbers and protect yourself from malicious actors.

Do Not Give Out Personal Information

Do not share your personal details like name, address, social security number or credit/debit details when researching if a website or phone number is legit. It is wise to check out a company first. Remember, real companies will never ask for sensitive info over the phone. If they do, it’s likely a scam. Report it immediately.

If uncertain about the legitimacy of a website or caller, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance in figuring out if 855 area code and are legit before giving out any private info.

Use Caller ID

Caller ID is the best way to make sure a 855 Area Code call is real. Caller ID can’t confirm who’s calling but if the number is on there, it’s valid. If 855 Area Code appears after you answer and you don’t know who it is, don’t pick up.

Contact Kroll Monitoring if you’re unsure. They’ll check if the number is legit. Kroll Monitoring reviews customers’ calls to make sure they’re talking to real people, not robots or scammers. Customers can trust any 855 area code numbers on their phone are legitimate contacts.


To wrap up, 855 area code is a legitimate contact number. This toll-free prefix is used by American and Canadian companies. It was introduced in the year 2000 and has since then become a favorite for businesses that need a quick and dependable way of communicating with their customers.

Overall, 855 area code is an excellent addition to any business’s phone system. It offers a convenient way to reach out to customers while also guaranteeing reliability and trustworthiness. When customers call an 855 number, they can be certain they are calling a legitimate business.

FAQs about: Is 855 Area Code Legit

Q1: Is 855 area code a real area code?
A1: Yes, 855 is a real area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It is an area code shared by multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

Q2: Is 855 a toll-free area code?
A2: No, 855 is not a toll-free area code. Calls to this area code may require you to pay long-distance charges depending on your carrier and plan.

Q3: What countries use 855 area code?
A3: 855 is used in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.